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  1. I was raised in church too growing up. I love it, though! I don't know what happened, I just eventually stopped going. I want to go back.

  2. Thumbs up if u like to help someone get help in this Christ centered addiction recovery program. I ll be glad to help you get you a spot at this life changing one of lifetime residential program free of charge in South florida Fort Lauderdale, call this number today 954 763 7787, ask for Edward, i can help bring you into this recovery program, say you found me at a youtube video testimony

  3. If 2 or more pray and come to an agreement its very powerful! Pls pray for me im trying to fight these demons of drugs pray for me!

  4. GLORY TO GOD!!!

  5. I needed to hear this ❤️ God I’m so broken 💔💔but I KNOW you hear me! I know your still God! I will continue to bless your name 🙏🏽

  6. Rapist father Michael Patrick Kobe. He molested and raped me when I was seventeen. After I graduated high school in Kansas I went to stay with him for the summer as my mom lost her job so I went to Wisconsin to stay with him. One night he forced me to get on the bed I was seventeen and he raped me. I was seventeen. I drive to Florida after that to live with my grandma but the piece of shit followed me however luckily the cops found him arrested him and threw him in jail for violating protection order but when he got out of jail he came and found me and raped me again. Where is the fucking justice. I was 19 years old and he would give me alcohol and then pretend I was another woman l. When I finally got the courage to tell someone several years later it was too late. The justice system is fucked, my life is ruined, and I will never give god the satisfaction of knowing he can put me threw complete hell on earth and I will still place my faith in him. I believe in God but I do not believe he is worthy of my love

  7. Your real you don't pull no punches no BS as far as I could tell and i love that. God bless you and thank you for being honest. I believe people can identify with other people when they're honest about their relationship with the Lord 🙏🙌

  8. I want it also. I wanna live for Jesus full time… I m still dealing with my addiction though. And i know time is running short. God bless you and all of us

  9. Wow wow wow, what a powerful story I was crying after the first couple of seconds, I know exactly what she is talking about wen u see someone filled with the holy spirit and hav God in the life amazing journey 👍

  10. Your testimony is so great I know how you fill l so I'm leaving everything to the Lord to help me I was a drug addict now I I am clean I was in detox and I told people about the Lord they told me to shut up and didn't want to hear it everything in my life is a mess after I became a drug addict me and my Sun and we got into fights all the time he is still a drug addict and he hates me it's horrible the way things are so messed up now at least I'm playing thank to the Lord I pray to him to take the drugs away so I couldn't get them and he did praise the Lord he has all the glory

  11. Thank you for your testimony. It has been a confirmation of what I have to allow God to teach me. He is teaching me that HE is my peace, my joy, my Provider, my best friend, my Abba. I was betrayed in a way and by a person who I trusted and love with all my heart. I was blindsided. I was in a world I no longer knew or understood but thank God I had Jesus. He took me up and has been carrying me. I am still broken but I am healing through the power, strength, love, compassion, mercy and GRACE of JESUS. HE IS ALL I EVER HAD AND IS ALL I EVER NEED.

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