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Garrett Reveals Ex-Wife To Becca | The Bachelorette

Garrett Reveals Ex-Wife To Becca | The Bachelorette

It is the biggest, yeah Don’t have a handle on the scale of one to ten. Ah Today it was a ten it’s Crazy in here. Yes, Karen makes me feel amazing. He makes me feel like I can be me and we can just laugh We just have that excitement together. I feel so secure with Garrett. I trust him so completely Cheers today Cheers today and tonight and tonight he gets me I Just feel like I could see him at the end of this. I had the best day with you and this is gonna sound really weird but You remind me of my dad a little bit Okay Just because he was always So into the outdoors and to nature and I don’t know it’s like I’ve honestly never dated anyone like you with you I just feel like it’s so easy and natural. That’s awesome I feel really good around you and that means a lot for you to say that about your dad and I know your dad There’s no longer here, which is sad, but I definitely see something between us and my feelings from today have definitely grown And it just feels so good. Yeah. Yeah, and I know it’s not easy. I keep saying that this is reverse dating where You put everything out on the table right away I remember being on your side and saying everything and I’m like, this is so weird to be telling my past relationship stories and like felt weird and it’s not natural but You kind of have to do it to get to where we hopefully want to be at the end of this Mm-hmm So what were your past relationship anyone was the most recent one? Yeah, I mean I was in love once and it was right when I got out of college I was 23 years old we both like the adventure and After hanging out and exploring life together and going on all these adventures I grew to love that about her through the point of getting married to her and One thing led to another then we got divorced. Hmm How long were you guys together before you got engaged and got married we were together for a year and a half before we got engaged and then we’re engaged for a year, and then we got married and after two months of marriage we got divorced and I think that I fell in love with and got married to the wrong person There’s past relationship, here’s me a little bit if we were to get to the end of this would he be ready for me? and ready to commit or would he feel like he was being pressured to make a decision and Because of that I have all these questions of if it will work out Can it work out? What’s the biggest part about me that scares you? Well, here’s the thing. Every relationship is different. I don’t know this girl in your past relationship at all But what would she do? What would she do? It was like what what she’s saying? Yeah, so she was very Emotionally abusive she would take me down emotionally, and then she would build me back up So I was on like this rollercoaster ride what she was doing, which I didn’t realize was I was driving a wedge between me and my family and a lot of my close friends How Billy did you not notice that early on I did notice it there was some like red flags like that But I was like so in love and it was so hard to let go I wanted to fight and try to make it work out And I was I was embarrassed because no one in like my entire bloodline had ever been divorced before Thank you That’s also hard. Yeah That hurts my heart they had to go through that. I Sense the loyalty and the commitment and that’s what I wanted a partner I guess still for me. I Don’t know I mean It scares me that I don’t know If you would be ready at the end of this feel comfortable even moving forward in that big of a commitment I’ve had two years to like Hill and go through the process and everything. I’m looking for a partner in life. Just like you said 5050 when you share the same values and you just attack life and attack goals And I’m here to build a true strong connection and if it’s not there and I don’t feel that it’s right I’m not just staying in it to like be in it to be with you at the end I’m gonna be in it because The next time I say I love you is gonna lead to the person that I see spending the rest of my life So I’m here for you And for this do it. Yeah, I Feel that with you I’m glad that you felt comfortable enough to tell me everything because I know that it wasn’t easy and I’m not gonna lie it does Still really scare me But it would be unfair of me to judge you for that because all you were trying to do was make it work and have her back and be so loyal and committed and I see something in you That it just gives me so much hope Yeah, it does. It really does So Garrett You accept this rose, yes With carrot there’s really really strong feelings there and we needed today and tonight to get to the next place in our relationship Thank you. I did too. Yeah, but it’s not over. It’s just so surreal to Think that I’d be feeling so many things at this point. This is such a cool little city Yes, this feels amazing to get the rose from Beckett just because we had such an epic day and it just goes to show That she is ready to take the next step between us and she believes in me and she can’t see a future with me And it is amazing because I can’t see a future with her as well Who’s dancing Before you can blame to turn to Anna – because she’s gotta be another night, but the bull a shoe. So cool But give us food and making some noise and she walks in Then I never dance turned the tip in the band and taking her hand all man Listening to carranger smith helium that energy of the crowd and dancing and Garrett’s arms is like honestly Nothing I have to ever felt before Today has been the best day in my life that’s the first time that I felt this kind of love between someone and feels so Uncontrollably good inside me And I could imagine up in this getting down on one knee and proposing to her and make her my everyday Hero a drain it goes down ceman or you can blame it. Turns Anna to Subscribe to our channel for more of the highlights from Becca’s season of The Bachelorette 2018! You can also relive all the drama and romance from past Bachelor and Bachelorettes around the globe!

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  1. If he is truthful about his past relationship, then I think he's perfect for Becca. She's been through a lot with Arie and I think he'll get it.

  2. 50/50 why not 100/100. We give our all to our marriage, you don't give 50 and expecting half from your other half.

  3. Always so corny when they have some singer sing a generic, twangy, love song for two people who barely have gotten to talk yet.

  4. This gentleman looks genuine to me ,i hope he is what he looks like to me because I don't and won't enjoy seeing this pretty sweet girl being hurt again.

  5. She just believes everything he says how does she know if he is telling the truth no red flag with him lol

  6. I don't care for garret . He is a bigot period and on top of that he was married for only 2 months and claimed he is a victim and his wife has to be blamed 100%. Huge red flag . I tried to like him but I can't

  7. Not a fan of garret, I think everyone agreed that he was so honest and open with her but his story seems so one sided, I don’t trust him nor do I care for him very much. If Becca picks him that’s her choice but man I couldn’t root for them

  8. Smmm Idk you can't change your past. I wonder if we will hear the Ex wife side. The whole truth, we'll never know.

  9. Oh come on! I'm sure the prime wasn't all the ex. I'm sure he was abusive just as she was. That's my opinion. Well, good luck to her and hopefully it works out for Becca

  10. Is it me or do all the bachelor/bachelorette dates seem awkward, if not staged to a degree? And when they talk it's really nothing more than idle chit-chat. There is nothing of any depth. It's always the same regurgitated bullcrap. " this feels so good. I feel so close to you. I feel like I could really be with you. I didn't know I would feel this way but I do. Well this is really cool. This is fun"…. Uhhh….

  11. I have a theory. The reason why these relationships dont make it very far is because they arent drunk anymore. Cocktail parties and wine all day long makes for awesome tv and lots of passion. Then they sober up..

  12. What's the x wife's side of the story I would want to here both sides before I would question whether he is ready to marry again

  13. She has already made up her mind that she likes him and is crazy for him so it really didn't matter that he was divorced so quickly in his marriage.

  14. Why is it when people get divorced they always say it is the other person's fault and nothing that they did wrong. Big red flag with this guy if his marriage only lasted two months.

  15. This show is over at this point. She doesn't hold any other guy's hand like she holds his hand and it is obvious she has made up her mind and will pick him.

  16. I hope he didn't speak badly about his ex. Regardless of what happened between them he shouldn't have said that on national tv. Still gotta be a gentleman and show a little respect. Sad that Becca didn't see that

  17. The Leads on All of the Bachelorette Shows are way to Damaged/with Broken hearts from the past. Not distance past either. All of those bachelorettes seem to just take a man and not The man they want. Becca should pick Garrett if they break up bc it's her first choice.

  18. Answer: Garrett is NOT ready for a second marriage. Just watch the tape of his first wedding that was leaked (or sold) to the media recently. This guy as already had the big wedding and he blew it. He’s just trying to compensate for failure!

  19. He claims that she was knocking him down then building him up and separating him from his family.
    You TRASH your ex on National TV instead of just saying, "irreconcilable differences" and saying, "it just didn't work out and I wish her all the best".
    All these men who gossip and back bite are not really high in character. This makes Colton and Blake stand out much more. They can't be bothered with all of that nonsense whining like other contenders on here. Nothing worse than a whiney, cranky gossip boy. Get your emotional house in order and then show up for a Bachelor reality show

  20. Poor Garrett he was too young for marry. Men have to think about that at 32 -36 but he seems a nice guy
    funny and sweet i love the chemistry him and becca

  21. Look at Becca's reaction at 2:15 when he tells her that he's been married. A beautiful letdown! Becca made a better match with Arie than with Garrett.

  22. No1 u not supposed to say bad things about your Ex.Just because u want another woman to think u r the best.
    And your Ex was bad.
    It's too sides of every story in
    Your side your Ex side and the truth.

  23. Come on, emotionally abusive – lol after two months a divorce lol. She better call his ex and find the true story.

  24. Arie and Lauren are a better match and couple then these two. I hope the best for Becca because I like her but I don't think she is thinking logically here and following her sexual passion for this guy.

  25. Something about his story sounds a little bit rehearsed, but maybe not in a bad way. It almost sounds like he’s thought about it for a while to figure out the best way to state it concisely, almost as if he is in a counseling session and they ask him why he’s there. Like, there wasn’t much emotion in it, but it may be beause he’s just had to explain it a bunch of times and at this point it just feels like he’s telling another story. Also, I don’t like the way that Becca automaically questioned him instead of comforted him. Like, I do believe there is much room for questioning, but if the tables were turned and she or a woman contestant had said she was emotionally abused in her marriage, I don’t think immediate questioning would go over well. Does that make sense?

  26. How many people have divorced and remarried ,and have a great life?. Gerret is a great guy.Hope she picks him .

  27. Love these two,they went thru a break up ,both in different ways but they know what they want cant wait to see finale!♡♡♡♡♡Team GaRReTT♡♡♡♡♡

  28. Looks like beck is more into him than he is into her. They will not last, perhaps he will propose for the sake of fame and booking on shows on tv etc. Becca wouldn't joint the jojo n kaitlyn lucky boat of first impression rose guy being the one

  29. She's so boring…shallow and programmed behavior. He seems down to earth and I don't see how these two would have a lasting marriage…don't feel genuine chemistry.

  30. Becca and Garrett look so cute together!!! I hope she picks Garrett for sure. I can see their spark together…and they both have beautiful smiles!!!

  31. Seriously, Garrett was married for 18 months and gets divorced? That should be a big
    RED FLAG for Becca ! She's too dumb to see it, stupid woman. He's no catch.

  32. He sounds like he's describing my mom, and my mom and dads relationship. I honestly don't know how they are even still together, they wanted to make it work, but nothing has changed. Maybe it has to do with they're self esteem, or they just like the pain I don't know, I think it's for us, i get it, but I'd rather have them be happy. Like truly happy. It's so sad that some people don't choose that. I'll never get it.

  33. Me sit on couch meet talk to me please boyfriend Justin Rhodes girlfriend meeting tell him bachelor marriage walk help house and shopping and movies and casino and Kingston circus please please

  34. The red flag is isn’t that he was married, it’s that’s he’s not taking any accountability for his part in that falling apart…

  35. I don't under stand why people are saying Becca has made wrong choice because Garrett left his ex .Do we want him to stay single till death.He stay with her for almost 3yrs and we have people who can not even engage a woman for even a month in the real world. He engaged the ex when he was only 23yrs. I don't think we expect him to be single forever. Blake was talking about the mother's marriage on t.v. and we don't care, the show is between him and Becca. Leave Garrett alone and let him enjoy Becca. The married women who don't respect their husbands will be left alone. Garrett and Becca all the way..

  36. Anyone who has ever suffered narcissistic abuse will recognize Garrett's story. He was with in an emotionally unstable abusive woman and it must have been really hard for him to leave. And I celebrate his strength to share. Good for you Garrett.

  37. Becca is a very lucky woman! He is a gentleman and they are beautiful together ❤️❤️❤️ So happy they are together ❤️💗❤️

  38. His ex sounded like Meghan ….driving Prince up and down emotional….and then drive his family away from Harry …that's sound like this guy

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