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Girls Getaway Celebration with Jill Whelan | Princess Cruises

Girls Getaway Celebration with Jill Whelan | Princess Cruises

We decided that since
some of my favorite girls on the planet were here on this cruise
and we were together, that we were gonna celebrate togetherness. This was a girls getaway,
just as much as it was a family getaway. You know, it’s just a fact,
we girls, we like our girl time, and every once in a while, there’s nothing better
than getting away from the kids and getting away from the husbands. My perfect day with my girlfriends
on a cruise can include any number of things. I like to wake up and head to the gym
and go for a jog on the running track. Next up, we head to the sanctuary
and take over a cabana for some sun, reading, and relaxation. Add champagne,
and it’s a perfect afternoon. We stop by the Lotus Spa
for more pampering. Manicures. So, all of us gals
got to sit together, feeling like princesses… In Santorini, fish pedicures where you put your feet
into the fish tanks. Shrieking sounds of laughter
come out of my sister. The guys were always around when we were getting these
mani-pedis and having our girls day. There was plenty of stuff for them to do. I think they did some whiskey tasting, basketball,
all kinds of stuff that guys like. But we really got into
all the stuff that girls like. -I like it.
-I like it. [Jill] Every time we go somewhere,
we–we look at each other and go, “We can’t believe we’re in Rome, we can’t believe we’re in Capri, we’ve got to pinch ourselves,
we’re in Greece.” Opa!
-Cheers. [Jill] One of the greatest girl getaway
experiences that we’ve had is wine tasting in Santorini. There’s so much shopping in Florence,
I mean, the leather… These are very well made. The bags that I found… [Jill] I think we each left
a good amount of money with those vendors in Florence. Well, that’s kind of cute, too. -This looks kind of cute, right?
-Yeah. So, whether you’re with
your girlfriends for a week, a couple of days, or just two hours, I still consider it a girls getaway.

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  1. hey wait for me beautiful ladies I want to join you too, jokes apart! I will try princess cruises surely will

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