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Gorgeous wedding, crazy after party | Boston wedding video

Gorgeous wedding, crazy after party | Boston wedding video

I remember the first time we said, “I love
you,” to each other. I was on my way to work one morning, and I
was like, “Bye, have a good day, love you.” Then I realized I just said that and my gut
reaction was to run into oncoming traffic. And I chased after her and at the moment I
told her that I loved her, too, and it stopped traffic in the middle of Sixth Ave. I saw that he was behind me and he was like,
“I love you, too.” I guess the rest is history. Thank you very much for joining us today,
I know you come from many, many different areas, from Italy, from California, and Texas,
and Florida, and Israel. Four years and nine months ago Jenny Sperling
bounded down the stairs in her usual effervescent way and said, “Mom, Max Mitnick, do you remember
him?” Maxim, together with Jenny’s brothers are
part of legendary, undefeated Wayland wrestling team. Who knew that when we were celebrating our
boys’ victory at State Championship, that it’d be the beginning of many celebrations
yet to come? Max, wrestling captain and star of the team. Jenny was scorekeeper? Team manager? Oh my God. Does this mean we’re married now? No. Not yet. Not yet. Max and I went to high school together. He wrestled with both of my brothers and I
was the wrestling manager, the team manager. I always thought she was very pretty, but
she was always Mike’s little sister and I didn’t want to go there. I remember one time we were doing a wrestling
meet and he had his bracket and he asked, “Can I see who I’m wrestling against?” I was like, “Okay,” and I was going to look
through it and he’s like, “My name’s Max Mitnick.” I was like, “We’ve literally gone to school
together for seven years, I know who you are.” It’s actually how Max and Jenny exchanged
their first words. Max was on the wrestling team and Jenny was
the manager. Max strides to the scoreboard to check in
and goes, “Max Mitnick, checking in.” Jenny looks up and goes, “I know.” You know, most people would be pretty shaken
by that, but Max walks to the center of the mat, pins the guy, and asks Jenny out on a
date… nine years later. Behold, you are consecrated to me as my husband. You are consecrated to me as my wife in the
heritage of Moses and Israel. I now pronounce you husband and wife. Mazel tov. So to you Max, the man we’ve come to love
and trust, to our precious and beautiful Jenny, who has always given us such great joy, and
to your life together, may it be long, happy, and fruitful. To Jenny and Max.

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  1. Amazing. Very nicely captured & edited…story beautifully told.
    Can you message me and let me know if & when are you going to do next workshop, I just started my own wedding film business and I am interested in attending your next workshop

  2. I’m going to a wedding on the 18th of december then staying over night xx All I have been watching is wedding after party’s! I love weddings so much can’t wait until it’s my special day! ( when I get married)

  3. Hello, I'm thinking if it works for you well use adapter for use canon lenses in Sony? witch adapter you use? and if you take photos with this camera or just video? I'm afraid maybe to little MP for use as Camera for wedding photos?

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