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Guy Carbonneau mic’d up for Bell Centre ceremony

Guy Carbonneau mic’d up for Bell Centre ceremony

Guy, on behalf of the Montreal Canadiens, it’s an honor to present you with this commemorative photo. Oh, wow.
-It’s you with Wayne Gretzky. Thank you very much.
-You’re in the Hall of Fame now. Thank you very much. Thank you. Bravo! [applause] Super. It’s really nice. You even have blood. Yeah, I know. That’s right. I’m not sure if it was him who hit me, but that’s ok. Congratulations, Guy.
-Thank you very much. [Video tribute playing in the background] Ladies and gentlemen, number 21, Guy Carbonneau! Please turn your attention to the top of the Bell Centre in section 406 where Guy officially becomes the 59th member of the Canadiens family to see his face in the team’s Ring of Honor. There we go.
-All right man, congratulations. Thank you very much. Well deserved man.
-I appreciate it. Congrats. Nice to see you again. Congrats Guy.
-Thank you. Guy Carbonneau! Love ya. Congrats. Thank you, Guy!

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