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Hey Steve: Two Household Marriage?

Hey Steve: Two Household Marriage?

– So Steve, I recently just moved to L.A. about seven months ago. I left behind a three year relationship. We lived together, two separate bedrooms, because that’s what I wanted. I just can not be underneath
a guy 24 hours a day. So, now he wants to move to L.A. Now he’s talking marriage. He also wants kids and I
absolutely do not want kids. Not only that, I don’t even want to be in the same household. I want a two separate household marriage. – Wait, you want a what? – I want a two separate
household marriage. Don’t judge me, because… – I’m just listening. – OK. – I’m going to judge you in a minute. – Alright. – I just need to hear. – Alright, so… – Oh, the judging coming. I just need to hear all the facts. So you want a two household marriage? OK? – Correct. Um, he knows a little bit
that I don’t want the kids. He doesn’t know yet that I want the separate household marriage. So before he moves out here to L.A., I hadn’t told him yet. So I don’t know if he’s
going to go for it. So I’m asking you from a man’s standpoint, um, what do you think? – You want this judging now? – Yeah. – Why you all even talking about marriage? – OK, well why can’t have, I mean, what’s the problem with a two
separate household marriage? What is the problem with that? But who said that’s not a marriage? Who made that? Why you can not be in two separate places? – Why do we have a problem
with two household marriages? ‘Cause ain’t nobody in here married living in two households. – OK. – [Steve] Go ahead, go ahead. – No, OK, but everybody
also in the audience don’t live the same either. So, this is my life. So, I’m just asking. – Yeah, it’s your life baby. You can do what you want to do. I’m just, you said from
a male perspective. – Yeah. – You want me… …to marry you and go
live in another house. – [Female Guest] Right. – What you think I’m going to
be doing in this other house? – No, OK. – I’m just, I’m just, I’m just I’m just from the male perspective. – OK. I didn’t say. OK, but you can come over. (crowd laughs uproariously) – OK, let, OK, let me
ask you this question. – OK. – Why do you want to be married? – I don’t necessarily have to be married. – [Steve] OK. – I don’t, but he wants to, and I do love him. – OK, do you think a marriage can survive if you all live in two
households in the same city? – [Female Guest] Yes, I do, I do. – Who else feels that way? She feels that way. OK, watch this, I’m going to help you out. Stand up, ma’am. You think that could work? – Yes, I do. – OK now, just stop. I believe you, that’s OK. You ready? Are you married? – No. – OK. (crowd applauds jeeringly) – The only other person
in here that thinks what you said is a good idea is the other pretty lady that ain’t married. I’m just, OK, let me help you out. Ma’am, see the lady right
here with the black. Yes, go to her, right here You can stay seated, ma’am. Are you married, ma’am? – Yes, I am. – [Steve] How long you been married? – 40 years. (crowd cheers enthusiastically) – Let me ask you a question, ma’am. Would the man sitting next to you, would that happen to be your husband? – Absolutely. – Let me ask you something. Could you go into that house you all been living in for 40 years and tell him that you want a separate house? – Hell no! (crowd cheers supportively) – See, sometimes I just like to change “hey Steve” into “hey everybody.” Thank you, hey folks we’ll be right back. Hey, you made it to the end of this video. I got a lot more that
you’re going to enjoy, so just click to watch the next one. And make sure you subscribe to always know what’s happening.

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  1. I think she only trying to find a middle solution for her situation with her lover wants to get married whilst she wants to live individually. That’s all

  2. People are way too judgy. She may have gone through something horrible, this may be her trying her best and giving as much as she's capable of

  3. She wants to be single, that's all. She "loves" him, my ass. Anyone who truly loves the other person with all their soul, they would never want to live separate from their soulmate. It's just nonsense.

  4. if a guy asked Steve that question the audience would be heckling the guy because the assumption would be that he wasn't going to be faithful….. I'm not saying it would be a wrong assumption.
    why the hell would you want to be married and not live together? if you truly love someone you want to spend as much time together as possible. a marriage is a partnership and a union. it is like a train the engine and caboose are connected going the same direction and if you have kids they are like the cars in between and y'all go in the same direction.
    where do some people come up with this stuff???
    who wants 2 mortgages or rents unless you're a millionaire and have vacation homes???

  5. I wouldn't call this ignorance, no, I wouldn't, stupidness, yes, that's the adjective. Naught but stupidity and shortsightedness🙂I hope your senses find you, for you obviously ain't looking for em lady— offense given, you best take it, and live with it, by yourself, in that home of yours with a couple cats #single4life

  6. She should buy two townhouses – her on left him on the right – with a intercom connected to each others townhouse – and a door in the shared wall . Lol

  7. This chick is all kinds of messed up. She deserves whatever she gets. I learned the hard way that marriage is not a toy. If you play with marriage say goodbye to half your money, more than half the time with your children, and all of the misery, bitterness, and depression. If this man is smart he will never speak to this maniac again.

  8. Oh I see now ..I thank both lady's need to stay together in the same house.and see who will get marry first are just may be both girl should be together with no kids.

  9. It s possible unless she agrees on Polygamy like in Africa. The modern polygamy is having different household with different women.

  10. Buh why does she want to get MARRIED in the first place 🤷🏿‍♀️.

    She’s going to be single all her life if she really doesn’t talk to someone

  11. "I don't want kids, he wants kids." What more is there to discuss? Honestly many people choose to live somewhat separate lives and stay married. Why is Steve hung up on that and not the kids thing?

  12. i prefer separated badroom or room because i have some issue when i'm sleeping that i afraid my couple can't tolerance that, but is she ok with my issue one bad room it is

  13. She can do it if she wants she will regret it. It's stupid but people like her learn the hard way. She'll be crying when she finds out he has a whole other life in his house.

  14. Wow!! Haven't heard any stuff like this before…lady better stay single and just date someone who don't want to have you in their house nor have kids with you.

  15. Not everyone is the same not everyone marriage/relationship works the same
    Their are marriages that aren't normal in the traditional sense. She should just tell him what she wants if he loves her and respect her boundaries he'll accept that (he can move in the apartment or house next door) some ppl love their boundaries or have had things in their life happen that make them wary of ppl. A relationship is union of two wholes who are similar not the same. So they need to fine what can work for the two wholes to blend and coexist together

  16. I think it's as simple as she ain't ready for marriage and she doesn't want to lose him and is trying to compromise. Don't worry baby, if he really loves you he'll wait. Don't listen to people who say, "They won't wait forever." If the love is that strong between the both of you, it'll wait till both partners are ready for whatever life takes them.

  17. She sounds absolutely ridiculous. Why waste this mans time. Just be single or just date. What’s the purpose of getting married. If he sees this he needs to cut her loose and move on.

  18. He's doesn't know you want a two household marriage,he's already fixing to move cause you said yes to his proposal?That's when you're selfish,dishonest and clearly don't know what Love is.

  19. This lady is crazy!!! I've been married for 18 years and there is no way in hell I want to come to an empty house!! Marriage is love, companion ship and family!

  20. I am 25 and single the way I can't wait to meet a guy who will ask me to marry him and have kids, yoh this lady better be kidding 🙄🙄

  21. You go girl.
    I'm a man and i support your idea. Be yourself and define what work for you and him. Together tough!
    Don't let this brainwashed society pre decide what's good for you. Because they don't know you.
    This society we are living in is constrained by idiological BS set by a small group of people, who taught that for a marriage to be successful, both people should live under the same roof. This was way back the norm. Today people are waking up and dicide for themselves which norm they want to follow…
    So do your thing is my advice to you.

  22. I guarantee you the guy wouldn’t want a 2 household marriage.
    Why the heck would I want to marry you if you’re going to make me pay 2 different house payments? 😂

  23. I think I understand her point… she might need a military man who is not always around but 2 separate housing is not going to work

  24. We have a two household marriage. It's my most successful relationship. Previously Iwas married for 7 yrs. He spends each afternoon and evening with us weeknights after he gets home from work. We spend the weekends with him at his. He gets up at 4am for work each morning g so this allows him to be well rested. 5 children, baby number 6 on the way.

  25. Ma'am marriage is when two seperate people in God eyes become one in the flesh. It is a committment to forsake ALL others. Think about that. That word ALL means everyone except your partner. Yourself included. You see that means you put your partner before yourself and your partner puts you before themselves. Understand what Gods meaning of marriage is before you get into it. It's not just a verbal commitment.

  26. It's possible but there r ppl don't slp n same bed y get married I don't care 4 marriage but if u do u wanna b close I c how 2 Houses work but not long specially he don't no her plan

  27. See, the girl (who asked the question) is a perfect example of a delusional woman who wants to try and act as independent from a male as possible LOL. I personally think she’s taking the empowerment a bit too extreme now. She’s ignorant and out of her mind if she thinks that a 2 house hold marriage could realistically work. IN ADDITION, it’s also more affordable to have one house and share the costs when there are 2 incomes coming in under one roof. Not wanting kids is perfectly understandable. But the two household idea is beyond stupid.

  28. I’ve been happily married going on 12 years and when I needed some space while going through chemotherapy, my husband and I got 2 apartments in complexes next to each other. At first people thought it was weird, but as they saw us together they thought it was great. We still spent almost all of our time together and now we’ve been living in our first house for 3 years. A lot of divorced people joked that they would still be married if they had done what we did. It’s not for everyone, but it can work.

  29. maaaan the womans are crazy man its unbelievable literally every time that woman spoke about separate marriage i heard that meme "STOP GO FIND HELP" and it wasn't funny anymore i just heard it all the time and just watched her brain cells dying

  30. That woman is crazy, a two separate household marriage is not a marriage, shes wacked, let that guy go find him a real wife with a real marriage. She needs to stay single, a marriage like that won't last at all

  31. A marriage is between two people. Family, friends, and especially strangers have no say in how a couple should live their life. Two people define their marriage; the marriage does not define them. If living in two separate houses makes them both happy and keeps the flame burning bright, then that's what they should do.

  32. I agree with the girl it's already being done and it can work. Doesn't have to be called Marriage but it does work.

  33. 21st century women want to get married but don't want to be a wife. They want the wedding, the cake, the dress, the ring, the pictures, the party, the title, but they don't want the responsibilities, commitment or obligations of being married. The woman in this video brings nothing to a marriage other than liabilities. Once she asks for divorce down the road, and she most likely will, she'll end up with half of her husband's assets, including HIS house. No thanks. Marriage is an oppressive institution (against men) that should have been abolished long time ago. No wife, happy life.

  34. I can agree on separate bedrooms but separate house as a married couple? Heck no. Why can't she just be honest to him or most importantly herself that she is not ready to be married. To me it's a red flag.

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