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HITMAN 2 – November Roadmap 2019 (Anniversary Celebrations)

HITMAN 2 – November Roadmap 2019 (Anniversary Celebrations)

Hi! I’m Clemens. Community Developer here at IO Interactive. November marks the one year anniversary for HITMAN 2.
Therefore, we celebrate that by bringing you the most live content in a single
month than ever before. So, buckle up and get ready because *this* is November in
HITMAN 2. November 7: Legacy Escalations. The Bahadur Dexterity and The Teague Temptation. Two fan-favorite Escalations are coming. The Breaking and Entering
Challenge Pack. Become the infamous burglar in Whittleton Creek and commit
your greatest heist ever and get rewarded with the burglars dream tool; the ICA Titanium Crowbar. November 14: The Montague Audacity escalation. You’re
going underground in Colombia. Bring your hacking skills, steal the data
and get out. Legacy Challenge Packs: Master Fortune
Teller and The Art of Revenge. It’s time to hunt the streets of Marrakech as the famous fortune teller to unlock your favorite TAC-4 S/A Desert.
You’ll also need to travel to Hokkaido to get your sweet revenge… dressed in yellow. And when you’re victorious, you’ll unlock the Masamune Blake’s Endeavor Challenge
Pack: You’re going on a treasure hunt on the Isle of Sgail. Sneak in, steal the
filigree eggs and other gallery items. You even have to fiddle with a cannon to
unlock the Arkian Tuxedo. Legacy Escalations: The Arthin Occultation and The Szilassi Darkness Two awesome legacy escalations are coming your way. Legacy Challenge Packs: the Plumber’s
Apprentice and Master Sniper You’re not done in Sapienza just yet
because we need you to help the plumber in this beautiful coastal town and when
you’re successful, you’ll unlock the claw hammer. And *THAT* is quite a useful tool
but you’re also required to bring your sniper A-game to unlock the Jaeger 7
Covert. November 22: Legacy Elusive Target The Fixer. Xander Haverfoek has
stumbled back into Marrakesh once more so be ready; you’ve got one chance.
November 28 brings three awesome Escalations; the McCallister Ransack. Become
the Not-so-Known third member of the Wet Bandits. Steal items and leave the sink on when you leave the house. You know… your M.O. In the Quimby Quandary, you need
to steal briefcases and become the Phantom Menace of Sgail. The Bartholomew
Hornswoggle: Ahoy Matey! It’s time for a real treasure hunt. You need to find all
the pieces of the treasure map and then bring pirate havoc on the remote island. When you’re a successful pirate, you’ll unlock the Buccaneer. Yep, this is correct.
This is your very own pirate outfit. November will also have; IOI Monthly
Episode #9, a Game Update with all its goodness and of course Featured Contracts.
The November theme is ‘Special Occasions’ so jump on over to and
add your contribution now. Who knows you might get Featured. We celebrate the
hitman 2 anniversary with a bang [expensive fireworks sound effect] We’re talking 10 Featured Contracts, 8
Escalation Contracts, 6 Challenge Packs, 5 items to unlock, two suits to unlock and
a Legacy Elusive Target. So that’s a lot of things to do. So what are you still
doing here for? Go play some HITMAN 2! I’ll see you in December.

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  1. Damn I have to wait till 22nd to unlock my absolution suit 😬 , and pls let there be other ways to unlock the blood money suit and clsssic suit with gloves, I dont really care about the crazy pirate and other fantasy stuff but thats just me 😁

  2. I'm a bit disappointed that the Legacy Challenge Packs weren't updated and still require the kills to be targets. I really hated in H1 having to set up the Contracts for them (especially when some special requirements couldn't be tracked properly) and I haven't yet found the motivation to do them again in H2 (and I've completed every other Legacy challenges).

  3. This is going to one wild month! Thank you IOI for all your hard work and making Hitman the funnest it could be in a long time. And thank you for being so involved in the community or fanbase and providing us monthly new content, you guys are the best and I look forward to what else you guys will have in store for us.

  4. Was just playing hitman 2 but ok, ill play some more. Can't wait for December's gifts. I hope we get an Xmas mission in whittleton creek.

  5. You seem to be confused and not following the customer gouging schemes that EA, Bethesda, Activision-Blizzard, and Take-Two use.

  6. Awesome stuff as always, just a little disappointed at the lack of elusive targets in the hitman 2 maps, we're getting so many legacy ones.

  7. I've been waiting for another sword for forever, now all I need is the Ninja outfit which I know is just wishful thinking….

  8. Wow…. recycling old content? How about coming up with something new and actually introduce useful unlocks like a new or enhanced suppressed pistol? Cosmetic suits are lame, re-skinned items are lame… clearly all focus is on hitman 3. Please god don't make us re-unlock everything again through hitman 1&2 in hitman 3.

  9. @HITMAN any chance you guys go back to a Blood money type system in your next game? Look, I love the hitman franchise. I own every game, most of them I own on 2-3 platforms bc I love the franchise. But Hitman and Hitman 2 went too cartoony for me. Were suppose to be a Hitman who kills for money, then why can't we do Hits on people? Where's the money aspect of being a Hitman? Why can we not buy things with said money? Why is there no upgrades to weapons and equipment, for how good we played or be punished for massacring everyone? These aren't Hitman games anymore, there kill fests that don't reward you for being stealthy anymore. There disappointing. Why is there no hub world to inspect gear, put a camo on your guns, buy better parts for your guns. Even COD added that, and even the Borderlands franchise has a hub world. There are different types of qualities to gun parts. Some great, some just ok.

    Bring back a notoriety system, to add consequences for how you play. Something to make it feel like Hitman again, please! This is basically a E for everyone game at this point. Yes I know its not rated that, but lets be honest. I don't know how you have a rating higher than that. These games aren't violent, the killing his quick and easy. Not bloody and messy in real life. At least Blood Money some people who try to resist you fiber wiring them, if you didn't get exactly behind them. I can still go play Blood Money and have a blast. But these new games, I play and never return too. Seriously guys, I hope you fix this franchise before you do something that causes you guys to go under like so many other companies. I don't want that, but it's hard to support a company whose just slapping Hitman on the cover, and it feel nothing like a game from that franchise. It feels like a cell phone game, or a knock off Hitman game now.

  10. Why can we still not replay all those great elusive targets? Sure, you only have one shot at the leader board but why not allow us to freely play them afterwards? So much missing content!

  11. Gotta say as a series fan, I was skeptical of the episodic release rather than what I thought of as a "full" release. I was wrong and really like the fact 1+2 are so intertwined and receive updates so regularly. Still REALLY miss the notoriety of the older games, making silent assassin impact gameplay.

  12. This looks so awesome! Maybe with the katana unlockable we may get the ninja for every map as well, it can’t be weirder than the pirate outfit

  13. Why can't y'all give us a chance to unlock Hitman's signature 47 suit with gloves and also his Blood Money suit. Why not those IOI?

  14. I wish they make a challenge pack for Haven Island to unlock 3 bananas 🍌🍌🍌 I had alot fun with those banana peels. Imagine putting one on the fashion show stage in Paris…

  15. Happy Anniversary for you! We are gonna celebrate November with a lot of old stuff! Come on i paid almost $100 for the gold edition (pre ordered ) to have old elusive targets, old escalations, boring suits, weapons that we are never gonna use…. come on! Im not gonna be buying Hitman 3 for sure will be a waste of money!

  16. I'm so happy you guys are still putting out content and keeping this amazing game alive. I've loved every moment of it that I've played, and have only recently got the HITMAN 1 expansion and the expansion pass, and have loved all of that content as well. Thank you IOI for your amazing work and I look forward to future expansions and possible new maps!

  17. This is one of those games where the developers really put effort into their games. Also caring about both the player and the game, always updating it and making sure it’s fun for everyone. With other companies, they either fix bugs or just add useless cosmetics but with Hitman 2, it’s a game that continues to expand. Thank you IOI for the things you bring us and looking forward to 2020 and seeing what you got in-store.

  18. Make the old contracts available to be played again. I do not need the rewards, but locking people out of old contracts is plain stupid.

  19. hey everyone i made a petision and i beg everyone on my knees to help me get io notice this

    i've made a petision to ask IO return previous soundtracks to the third hitman game as customizable feeture, this game means a lot to me and i really want this feeture to be in the next game, i beg everyone on my knees to help 🙂

  20. Much love and respect from the community. Thank you for the wealth of content.

    If only other companies took from your example to deliver as you do.

  21. Celebrating a year of Hitman 2… focus on legacy stuff. I like that you put the older stuff in the game but there have been so few things added for the Hitman 2 locations im always surprised to see new content added for them. When I compare all the content on the locations the legacy locations are packed while some of the Hitman 2 locations are almost empty, and we are still expecting more legacy stuff.

  22. I got problem with PlayStation Store. I am buying an upgrade for Hitman 2, from free version to full version, but it is not working, no update, no download.

  23. stupider bots I have not met anywhere, the same routes. in 2 parts of on many maps need first to flee and kill buoyed by moment, but where I can know that to do if I first time on this map , and all the more not knowing habits victims

  24. I dont know what to say but its quite annoying. Again Legancy Stuff and Escalations.If you played them once they get annoying.There is no difference if they old or new both get annoying. Cosmetics that is what we get mostly…Where are new maps? I paid much money for a pass and I dont get anything for that money yet. Cosmetics are far not enough in my opinion. I was happy with the bank. That was it already. Wheres the good stuff you have made in Hitman 1? Espacilly I expexted much at the birthday of Hitman 2. The bank was a good start?

  25. Arrêtez de mettre une limite d'âge svp j'ai 15 ans et j'estime largement que je puisse quand même voir les nouveautés des mises à jours

  26. Message to the guys at IoI keep up the good work I've been playing this game since playstation (or was it ps2?) Either way not one of the hitmans ever let me down you guys are awesome every developer should aspire to be as caring with content and fans as you!

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