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Holy Family School, 2019 Winner, Excellence in Engaging

Holy Family School, 2019 Winner, Excellence in Engaging

[Drumming noise] In terms of Holy Family the strength of our school has always been our community In the last four and a half years we’ve probably heard their voice more We’ve taken the time out to really collect
student voice and parent voice Initially we interviewed our former students When they went to college they didn’t feel as equal as their pālagi peers They said ‘we knew the answers but we weren’t able to articulate ourselves as well’ Traditional professional development hasn’t worked for our Māori and Pacific learners in New Zealand so we knew we had to do something different and again go back to our community and trust in the rich resource that they have so this has seen us bring in many different people from our community ‘One of the main reasons why we’re separated is because of digital technology we don’t have time to sit down and have dinner with each other or breakfast with each other and its tearing us apart’ The Family So’otaga came about after looking at what
we could do to have a significant impact on our students and the lives of our families So’otaga is a Samoan word that means connection The program sets up three connections, one is between home and school Two is between home and the child’s learning so really focused on the parent knowing the next learning steps the parent knowing how they can help with that learning and the third connection is between now, students
learning now and what they want to achieve when they leave year 13 Our facilitators that run the So’otaga program they are our community, they are our families, they’ve been brought up in Porirua It immediately gives our parents that ‘Oh they get it they understand it, they’re part of our community’ We invited Metua the organiser, to come to our house and see this is their routine at home this is when they sit down and do the homework and all that Holy Family School teaching and
learning and values and mission is an example of a big approach to tackle the issue of mismatch mismatch of the teaching culture, the classroom culture and the home culture from mismatch to being in a match The school runs workshops so we have fun family evenings like barbecue or we might have a game It just gives people time to be able to interact with the other parents and share what they’re going through We have a four year old
program every Friday afternoon called Tama Ikiiki Tama Ikiiki in Niuean means ‘little treasures’ We have some older students who act as ambassadors We do a lot of playing and we also have to ask the kids a few questions What I learned about my buddy Mota is that she likes feeding people with the fake food My daughter that’s now transitioning to school one of the reasons why she looks forward to come is because her cultural values have been recognised in the curriculum of this school [Singing] ‘Talofa, talofa, talofa lava. O lou igoa o Peni’ ‘Hi everyone, Ignatious loves dinosaurs and he’s real energetic so if you guys see him round just give him a high-five’ The school’s pretty much just a family I definitely feel welcome when I’m here
especially, you know walking through the corridors teachers always say hello ‘I felt queasy when I descended down the elevator’ Over the past few years we’ve had significant
academic achievement increases averaging in 2015 about 45 to 50 percent of our students would be at or above standard now averaging 65% of our students ‘Now because you’ve used descended then we don’t need to use down because what does descend mean?’ ‘It’s to move downwards’ That’s all come off the back of listening to our
parents, listening to our community and employing teachers who are the right fit for our school and they have that passion to make a difference for our learners [Singing] He just loves coming to school, he just can’t wait to put on his uniform [Singing]

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