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Hong Kong Handover   Sunset Farewell Ceremony & Parade

Hong Kong Handover Sunset Farewell Ceremony & Parade

The Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines, The Band of the Scots Guards & The Band of the Black Watch 〈British Grenadiers〉 〈Standard of St. George〉 〈”Morning” from Peer Gynt Suite No1 Op46〉 by Grieg 〈4th Movement, Symphony No 9 Op95 (From the New World)〉 by Dvorák 〈Scotland the Brave〉 The Pipes and Drums of the Black Watch & The Pipes and Drums of the Royal Gurkha Rifles 〈Far o’er the sea〉 〈The Bonnie Lass o’ Fyvie〉 〈”Ode to Joy” from 4th Movement, Symphony No 9 Op125〉 by Beethoven 〈Heart of Oak〉 〈Highland Laddie〉 〈Royal Air Force March Past〉 〈Evening Hymn〉 〈Sunset〉 〈The Immortal Memory〉 〈Auld Lang Syne〉 〈Rhyme of my heart〉

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  1. 45:07 I cannot imagine how the girl felt about the handover. She seemed very depressed. If I was a student back then, I would have been very confused and sad about the handover

  2. Congratulations on HK’s successful decolonisation which other countries like Australia, Canada, NZ, US have not achieved and are all craving for it.

  3. Kudos to the Brits. They are the world's best for military music and precision marching. Now for a little historical accuracy. The handover was more of a "return to the Motherland" for Hong Kong. The original treaty of "perpetuity" could not hold up since it was imposed on the old Empress by force of arms. Don't overlook the awful fate imposed on native Chinese by Imperial Britain's introduction of the curse of opium to China. The "new territories", i.e. that stretch of mainland across the harbor from Hong Kong was in fact a 99 year lease which ended in '97. However Hong Kong (the island itself) could not survive on its own as most of its electricity, water and food come from the mainland. Therefore it was practical to return both portions of the colony to the PRC simultaneously. Nonetheless it was a British class act in the way they handled the withdrawal. Now we have just two more such occasions to look forward to: Scotland and Ireland, hopefully within the next 20-30 years. I have made many many trips to Hong Kong over the years and always found it a fascinating place – China and not yet China.

  4. As an Australian I CRY EVERYTIME

  5. Actually china was capable to take hk back fr british at any time before this day, it was just about to follow the mutual agreement.

  6. Before people talk about the loss of Hong Kong, it's worth remembering that the colony of HK came into existence after the Opium Wars of the 1840's to the 1860's.

    When the Chinese government of the time tried to prevent the British merchants from importing opium into China, the British government backed the British merchants and sent gunboats to attack a sovereign country that was simply trying to prevent it's population from becoming addicted to opium.

    The Japanese invasion of Hong Kong in 1941, and the return of the British in 1945 to occupy a territory that they had failed to defend (even though by that time China and the UK were both members of the main allied nations of the US, USSR, the UK, China and France, it's a surprise that the British didn't return the territory to its ally, as a symbol of respect and trust).

    Another thing is that the population of HK had no right to enter the UK, even though they were supposed to be British subjects, they were abandoned by the UK government and they were not considered to be worthy of democracy by the British authorities.

    In other words, the British didn't 'discover' Hong Kong, the British didn't bother to defend the place against the Japanese and they didn't think that it was necessary for the population of the territory to have any real say in their own lives and their own futures, nor did the British government treat the people of HK as equal subjects of the UK.

    Some non Chinese people like to think that China has turned Hong Kong into a more restrictive and less free place than it was previously, but to pretend that it was a great place and a beacon of freedom and liberty and justice is far from the truth.

  7. 25:58 ‘We have no doubt Hong Kong people will run Hong Kong, as the joint declaration promises…’
    OHHHHH the irony… sadly the British don’t know that promises don’t stick when made to communists & liars… if only we can flick the switch and make this line come true.

  8. On this date, June 30, 22 years ago, in 1997, British rule in Hong Kong reached its last day.

    Hong Kong island was annexed by the UK in 1842 and Kowloon was added in 1860. The surrounding New Territories, which made up most of the remaining area of the colony, were leased from China on July 1, 1898 for 99 years. It was agreed in 1984 that when the lease ended in 1997, they would be returned to China, including the annexed parts of the colony. So the entire colony would return to China at midnight on June 30, 1997. However, it would be treated as a special administrative region which could keep its democratic system for another 50 years until July 1, 2047. 

    British rule had turned a fishing village into a modern financial empire. The Portuguese returned neighbouring Macao to China two years later in 1999. It is also part of the special administrative region.

  9. A snake that swallow a porcupine
    Will not survive.
    The seeds of democracy for China
    Lie in the people of Hong Kong
    And is the legacy of Britain.
    Bravo to all in Hong Kong who
    Will not be intimidated.

  10. 山碰不见山,人会遇见人。一个时代的落幕,日不落帝国已经落魄。神秘的东方力量正在觉醒,身为中国人,我感到万分自豪,见证了屈辱被抚平,见证一个新时代的到来。

  11. I think seeing the flags the same size and height reflected how Britain saw its territories. Equals, democratic and free. China insisted on creating an authoritarian law to ensure the SAR flag is always smaller and lower than the Chinese flag. Really shows the regime change even from the early days.

  12. 如果戴卓爾夫人仲在生嘅話, 都應該後悔將香港供手相讓畀一個會不守諾言嘅極權國家

  13. British barracks are now occupied by the PLA garrison but it is very nice to see some fine pipe and drum bands and British style military bands still exist , police , fire service and so on . been to HK in 1988 ,1991 ,2011 ,and 2017 , its a GREAT place

  14. why do the people of hongkong loves britain but hates china..? whats the huge difference between china and britain?

  15. Some great British fighting units in this. The RAF, The Royal Marines,The Royal Navy,The Gurkhas and the legendary Black Watch Regiment.

  16. I hope that the people of Hong Kong one day rejoin the UK or become a democratic independent country apart of the cpmmonwealth

  17. Good to know that these clowns are forever gone from China for good!
    Ethernal Glory for Chairman Mao!
    Long live the People's Liberation Army!
    Long live the People's Republic of China!

  18. There is no finer fighting infantry man than the men of the Black Watch. They are warrior poets!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Scotland my land. Alba gu bràth! 💙

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