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Honouring ceremony for NATO military personnel, NATO Summit in Warsaw, 08 JUL 2016

Honouring ceremony for NATO military personnel, NATO Summit in Warsaw, 08 JUL 2016

Today, we come together at the time of
increased uncertainty, we see challenges of security in many forms and from many
places. But the NATO Alliance is here to ensure that our people are safe, that our
countries are secured, and that our values are preserved. This is what NATO
has done for almost 70 years And as the challenges we face
change and evolve so too does NATO. Here in Warsaw we will take important
decisions that will shape our security for many years to come.
We will strengthen our deterrence and defense to protect our countries against
attacks from any direction and we will strengthen our ability to project
stability beyond our borders. At this moment men and women from our
armed forces are on duty often standing in harm’s way to ensure our
safety. So it is right that we begin this Summit by honouring them. It is a
privilege that we are joined today by representatives of the Armed Forces of
all 28 NATO allies and of Montenegro which is on track to become the 29th
member of our Alliance. So if you all could please stand. Dear friends, you are here today
to represent your brothers and sisters-in-arms. The very best that your
countries have to offer. Our men and women in uniform serve around the world,
on the ground from Afghanistan to Kosovo, at sea from the North Atlantic to the
Mediterranean, and in air from the Baltics to Turkey. I want to express my
gratitude to all those who serve under the NATO flag and to thank you on behalf
of the nearly 1 billion people who rely on you to keep them safe. You put your
lives on the line so that we may all live in peace and security.
I also want to thank your families and all those who stand by you and support
you. Men and women of the Armed Forces we value your professionalism,
we admire your courage and we honour your service. NATO is the greatest
Alliance in the world because of you. So now please join me in a moment of
silence to honour those who have fallen and those who have suffered injuries,
seen and unseen in the course of their duties.

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  1. Polish soldiers gave salute using 2 fingers (not 5, whole hand), it's very characteristics and hast tradition since XVIII century (very interesting story).

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