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How Boss Want To Marry Me| Cut ep 13 (Engsub)

How Boss Want To Marry Me| Cut ep 13 (Engsub)

Subtitles made by Rinjin. MuMu Why are you still not going? Today, I don’t want to stay home alone I want to be close to you So why didn’t you say it earlier? I am afraid you are uncomfortable Afraid you will reject me MuMu, I only have you I will always be here for you Don’t move, I have something to say to you I thought carefully, life is short If I keep thinking about the past Hesitating and not deciding is a waste of time I still love you There is nothing more important than being with you Because an accident can happen at any time I don’t want to regret it Thank you, MuMu Thank you for agreeing to stay by my side Thanks for watching Please like and subscribe

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  1. I also like this scene. I now understand what they are actually saying! haha…Thanks ! your subs are incredible! I wish you could help improve the existing English-subbed episodes on other channels because they are mostly incomprehensible. ๐Ÿ˜€

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