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How Boss Want To Marry Me| Cut ep 9 (Engsub)

How Boss Want To Marry Me| Cut ep 9 (Engsub)

the day I had an accident You brought me here YiZhou bro That day when I saw you You are unconscious I took you to the hospital How to have time to go to another place? This place is very murky Or are we going home? Don’t hurry, just listen Your wife came to find me Hope can make you forget everything about a woman named XiaLin Your wife said that XiaLin was the one who ruined her family happiness This is a very famous psychologist in Guangdong She is also a hypnotist The day I had an accident You brought me to find her No, i didn’t YiZhou, you must believe me How can I do things that hurt you? In my food there is a sedative You said you didn’t hurt me? You cheated the hypnotist Makes her lock up my 2-year memories You said you didn’t hurt me? AnRan Why did you become such a person? Why did I become such a person? I am so cruel because of you Because of me? That’s right All this is done by me because if there is no XiaLin Whether you do not love me We will at least be the same as before I had forgotten XiaLin then Why do you still put sedative into the soup? Because I was afraid You remember her You love her again You are my sister I watched you grow up But now I don’t recognize you But I didn’t want to be your sister So we can only be strangers YiZhou, NO YiZhou I cannot accept your marriage and XiaLin Can you stay with me? Cannot You really want to give up our feelings? Because of her? Not because of her AnRan. You did wrong Because of our past feelings So I didn’t investigate this But if you don’t understand it I’m not sure I will keep my promise YiZhou Don’t leave me alone

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  1. Thank you for the eng subbing…I really appreciate it..I search this drama everywhere because most of the channel are not subs well..

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