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How Boss Wants To Marry Me| Cut ep 3 – First Kiss (Engsub)

How Boss Wants To Marry Me| Cut ep 3 – First Kiss (Engsub)

Who told you so? I guess so You like cleanliness, no smoking You don’t even like women Who said I wasn’t interested in women? Maybe not? I am happy to use these actions to prove to you.

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  1. Not gonna lie the first time I checked ASH ISLAND PARANOIA I checked just the audio so I honestly thought that SIK-K just dropped a new joint

  2. Woodz aka
    Is a member of the South Korean/Chinese boy group UNIQ
    He was one of the rappers

    He can speak English, Korean, Portuguese,Chinese
    and Tagalog
    He use to train to be a footballer at a football school back in Brazil and then became a kpop idol

    He went solo back in 2016 as a rapper with the alias LUIZY and now he's changed his name to his producer name woodz and is a R&B singer

    UNIQ hasn't disbanded yet but they have been of the Sean since 2015 as the majority of members are in China doing solo promotions and acting
    SOUNGYOUN recently joined the new PRODUCE 101 SHOW which makes me assume that UNIQ is gonna disband soon cause why would you put a established artist on a show aimed towards young trainees and also the winning group this year will promote for 5 years so if he does end up winning the show then UNIQ would be long gone after hes finished promoting

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