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  1. "Dang.. how hard is it to be married to me?" 😂😂 You guys have such a great dynamic. It's so encouraging to see the diversity of content and views that's popping up on YouTube lately, it was the much needed boost that helped me create my own channel! 💚💚

  2. I never thought that I would be a wife so this entire thing is a role that I never thought I would have lol. Would I marry a creative? Probably not, it can be a lil more unstable than I am comfortable with. Awesome video!

  3. 6:57 I think the world needs more people that are slaves to their ideas and always thinking. The world needs less robots, less creative stifling, just less of what society considers "normal."
    Point is I'd rather be a slave to myself than an slave to a corporate fat cat.

  4. Why hallease say “yea u are” after me hallease said his job title I can’t , lmao virgos we stay turned on by productivity 😂😂

  5. 25:25 Recruiters are no good pieces of @%$& Especially when they spout off about getting college paid for. I never once got a chance to use my GI Bill, and only after 12 years, did I find out that a soldier only gets 3 years of tuition assistance, not paid for, assistance in the form of reimbursements. Not even enough for a Bachelors degree. And I was pretty much on the verge of homicide on a daily basis… Basic and AIT was fun, but the humiliation didn't stop a graduation. The Bush Era military was a $%*^@#$ nightmare…
    Sorry, I just had to put in that 2 cents.

  6. I never realized how protective I am of my creations. I hate when he tells me what to do, even when he's right. Realistically, I get to float in the clouds because my partner has his feet firmly planted asking me how much that will cost. Also… children.

  7. I think creatives includes digital mediums and platforms ( like podcasters or graphic designers) artist can sometimes be bound by classist educational structures. Like performance art or sculpture.

    I design clothing but don't always feel comfortable calling myself an artist and I know its because that class barrier makes me feel like I don't deserve to call myself an artist ( which is straight sensitive artist shit🤣).

    I agree with equating creative with God, but that's why I love it. It's who I am and apart of my walk with God. 😊

  8. The beauty of the openness of this conversation! Thank you both so much for sharing. The pure love in Mr. Hallease wanting to do whatever he could to support you in your creative journey is admirable. Love you guys!

  9. Peace and blessings to my Royal Queen good morning thank you for replying back to my comment I appreciate you and the support bless you and your family

  10. I'm 50 and have been 28 years. That thing where you say something and then someone else says the same thing and it's received, that definitely a marriage thing.

  11. The creative vs artist term definition was so interesting because I’d never thought of the inherent tension btwn them! Most of the time I hear debates around the term influencer as YouTuber falls out of favor (mostly because YouTube’s ad practices has made it so lots of people cannot subsist on YouTube alone and must spread out other platforms, also the collapse of Vine definitely showed the precarity of being a one-platform creator).

    I think the biggest difference to me is that artist is more old school and suggests more “traditional” ways of doing art. Creative is for all the incorporeal Internet things people do: videos (not all people who make videos do so as solo YouTubers like PBS or Buzzfeed for example), webshows podcasts, webcomics, etc. and suggests a versatility that artists DO have but doesn’t come built-in to the word. It’s expected for creatives to do a variety of things or be on a variety of social platforms because it’s the Internet. An artist has far more precedent and also institutional/outside support as there are way more grants or legitimate professions to go into.

  12. I love HMAY and Beleaf In Fatherhood. It was cool to see your clip on their podcast. 💕

    5:50 you mention that you don’t identify as a youtuber because you can’t sustain on it full time. Did you consider yourself a video producer or a digital storyteller when you weren’t doing those things full time?

    If I am a mechanic who only does car repair on weekends, and I’m a cashier Mon- Friday. Am I not a mechanic because I can’t sustain myself with that income alone? I was introduced to you, and follow you on multiple YouTube platforms. You were invited to YouTube black. You have a successful, growing channel. Why aren’t you a youtuber?

    Not an attack! 😂 Just wondering.

  13. "Would you marry an artist?" .. It's too late to be asking me that question. I feel Chris on his point of view. It's a lot of pressure to maintain stability for the team. On the other hand, I do feel like a patron of the arts whether it works out financially for us or not.

  14. I feel that using the term "creative" vs. artist automatically denotes multihyphenate or a broad sense of workmanship. Artist seems too vague to me.

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