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How to Japanese Tea Ceremony

How to Japanese Tea Ceremony

Today I’m going to HiSUi TOKYO Which is a multi-art school in traditional
Japanese culture Though they specialise in Kimono dressing,
calligraphy and swordsmanship I was here with my good pal Warren To experience and learn about the traditional
art of the Japanese tea ceremony Also know as ‘Sadou’ Drinking tea started in Japan around 1200
years ago As tea is full of vitamins and nutrition As the tea is a little bitter, traditionally
sweets would be eaten before the serving of the tea The tea utensils were then brought into the
tea room and we were taught the names one by one We were then shown step by step, how to prepare
the tea That was delicious, thank you Then it was our turn to try it out Try this Just a moment please What could possibly go wrong, it’s not that
complicated, right? Nope That’s how it’s done! Oh, well placed Oooh, that’s a bit too much Warren! Wonderful Not quite, Warren… Great pouring technique! That’s not bad! Quickly, up down, up down Umm, whisking well But can Warren do any better? Oooh Ooooh Warren! Such technique, such grace! Such finesse!!! Hmmm, turned Well played Thoroughly That wasn’t so hard was it? It’s delicious thank you Thank you very much for today’s lesson You’re welcome Arigatou Gozaimasu All in all there is a lot of information about Japanese tea ceremony and this video has only just scratched the
surface If you want to know more about Japanese tea
ceremony I would highly recommend looking it up because
it’s very interesting I thoroughly hope you enjoyed this peek into
the World of Sadou Thoroughly I want to say a big thank you to HiSUi TOKYO
for letting us film and also you can check out their website in
the description below and thanks to Warren for being my tea ceremony
buddy! I’ll see y’all next time and mata ne!! It’s very interesting, so interesting, so
good READ ABOUT IT Thoroughly

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  1. Noice video mate !
    I wished the noice! edit would be more resembling with the original though 🙂

    That being said, where on earth is Stu ?

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one confused about where Stu is.
    So having so lovingly made tea for each other, does it mean you're now going steady?

  3. During my visit when I was younger, my host sister and I attended one at her school. It really is a cool experience! The tea is delicious as well. Question! Did your feet ever fall asleep during the ceremony? Mine always did no matter how often I sat with my legs bent under me. xD

  4. your one of my favorite youtuber! really enjoy your videos. I sent you an email with a "where is stu" hopefully I'll make it in a video.

    Are these tea ceremony in English as well? I am planning a trip to Japan and would love to go to one.

  5. Looking to hire a EXPERT in the Japanese Tea Ceremony to conduct a demonstration at my festival on August 23rd in Bethesda, Maryland. Please contact me via email, [email protected], or by phone, (858) 735-9855, if you or anyone you know offers this service. Thank you.

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