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How to make wedding dress – Spring Bride2016!

How to make wedding dress – Spring Bride2016!

hello guys meet my naked bride! as you can see the spring is coming I believe there’s many girls would like to have a lovely spring wedding I’m very inspired by this lovely season so I made two wedding dresses for my new design collection today I’m gonna show you guys how to make your own wedding gown which not only has your own style but also within the budget what you gonna basically need is first, we are going to cut the paper pattern fold the fabric and place the paper pattern on it then cut the basic shape out now we are going to make the bottom of the dress I want it to be the mermaid tail so I make peplums since we don’t put peplum on the waist so it only needs to match the width of the bottom dress you can try it several times until it fits I make two so it looks more cute so now we need to sew the peplum on the dress do not sew the wrong side like I always did now it’s the time to place zipper on it we need to place the zipper in the middle of the dress I do want my dress to be a little bit backless but since my zipper is kind of long which is 40cm so I can not show too much skin I made a simple little V neck on the back and then place the zipper in the middle

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