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HOW to MARRY a CHINESE WOMAN? GET a Chinese WIFE Chinese girl dating a Foreigner Shenzhen China

HOW to MARRY a CHINESE WOMAN? GET a Chinese WIFE Chinese girl dating a Foreigner Shenzhen China

A morning in China, coming out of my house in the cold. All these women are on their way to work. Shenzhen is filled with working ladies they all came out of my building. I’m on my way to Tai-Chi. The construction is still going, so noisy it’s annoying. But anyway, nothing I can do. A lot of women in Shenzhen Wow, a lot of women actually. Hey isn’t it funny, they all came here to grab a cab and so did I. All of them are alone, they all live alone in their apartments. Well, I’m not that positive they live alone but that building where I live is mostly for single people not married ones. I love these types of taxis, just look at it. Look, another girl waiting for a cab. Guess what you guys this is quite sad, they’re talking about how many women come to the park alone everyday looking for a boyfriend she says she has a house, car, money and she is all independent but can’t seem to find a boyfriend she says she is 44 years old Mar you need to escape from Shenzhen. Shenzhen is an amazing place to develop profesionally but that’s it! What do you guys think? That this lady has several women neighbors that come to this park they put their adds and look for men, but they don’t find any at 44. While in Shenzhen there are many many beautiful, young, smart women Very beautiful. Incredible. In China they call them Sheng nv Guys, we’re talking and this is super interesting They say that there are certain types of women who have like 38 years old who have a house in China they have a job and a car and that they’re looking for someone because they’re left out. They say they want a man who is taller than them like I think we all do and well in better shape than they are. But she says, really funny, that ok the man must have a house also so they can’t like use both houses but they think it’s unfair if they have a house and he doesn’t. And then the other woman said: Well I have some friends in which she had a house and he didn’t but still they live together, he went over to her house. But many women don’t accept that. It’s like I have more than you so why should I invite you over to my house you should have a house also. They say “Well you can’t use both houses that’s ridiculous”. It’s funny but this is the problem that women live nowadays in China. I think I can also relate to this I’m not going to call it problem per se in this social situation that exists in which here in Shenzhen many women came migrating from many provinces looking for a job specially because it’s so close to Hong Kong so that makes it easier to find a man with money. Like me Just kidding! I came here for the job. But still I can look here and there. It’s funny but the conditions that women have here are the woman is saying “As long as he has a house it’s ok.” I love it. And we the young ones are like “Do you know how much a house is? There are not cheap houses anymore nowadays.” Having a house is extremely well. Houses here are like I live in an appartment one bedroom only, its 40 mt. square and it’s selling for like $440,288 dollars. I mean just imagine like the lady says “As long as he has a house it’s ok” I mean a house for two people to live or to fit in a family it’s around $20 million mexican peso. It’s not that simple. And we’re like “Come on lady, it’s hard, we’re not in your century anymore.” Most people nowadays, young generations can’t afford to buy a house they have to get loans and then they owe a lot of money and in China houses are very expensive, it’s a big issue in here economically speaking. Women’s conditions here are they must have a house and have a car. It’s not that simple. Now it turns out that if men do have it, they want him to have more. Even though I don’t know how they can live in two houses, but oh well… I guess they say “I’ll sell mine” or something like that. I live in a rented apartment buying a house in China would be… wow. Anyway, this is what women live here and it is interesting because like I tell you, I have my friends like my friend Kelly, I think you guys have seen her, she is so pretty and she is 26 years old. I’ve been her friend for almost 3 years and she hasn’t had a serious relationship she has gone out with some guys but then they dump her. Two dates and then they disappear. Like I’ve said in previous videos they take you out and then I don’t know what happens but they don’t invite you anymore. That’s what happens. I have another friend also who is really pretty, great body a really nice girl Jessi I think some of you already know her too. Same thing. I’ve known her for 3 years, we met in yoga class and she hasn’t had a serious relationship in all this time. I was the one who did have a serious thing, my Chinese ex-boyfriend we didn’t last long, only like 6 months or so and things were serious, I went home to visit his family you know, to give one more step into the relationship but we broke up, many of you ask me why we broke up I don’t think he was the guy for me. We broke up, I’m quite happy now, the breakup didn’t hurt or anything. I mean we had a great time, it’s not like I was super happy to break it up. The teacher is coming to yell at me because I’m in here filming. He is going to say “Mar you are not coming here to study Tai-Chi, just to gossip in your phone.” Well I’ll tell you more about it later on but my point was just like my friends, there are many other women and we always say we’re going out to meet some guys and yeah you know here they mean going to a restaurant, a bar, movies all these places to try and get noticed. People are really busy I mean if you’re working a lot go from home to work, it’s really hard to find someone ’cause people here don’t look at each other on the streets it’s not like Mexico or another country where you walk by and they’re like “Oh look at her.” Nope. Here it’s not that common to meet a person on the streets. On your way to work or back. And well, this is what it is. I’m going to get together with my friends to talk more about this situation so that they can tell you from their point of view of Chinese women living in China around 25 to 35 years old, I have many friends in the market who are older than 30 who are really pretty, smart, they have money and their business in the market but don’t have a boyfriend. And that’s how it is The lady here says that in this park she has previously put out some videos about some advertisements some advertisements have really strict requirements of women who are around 38, 44 or so who want him to have a salary of many thousands a month to have a house, a car. I thought people who came over to the park were more simple and just put an advertisement looking for a man and that’s it but no, they don’t settle for that. And here we are laughing with the lady What man, successful and rich enough is going to be here in this park looking for a woman of 40 years old I don’t mean to be rude with the age thing but I mean come on the moment he rides his Porsche around the streets of Shenzhen he is easily spotted by many young and beautiful ladies. I don’t know, the lady was saying that this whole thing is kind of unrealistic for people to come here and have such high standards after they have that age and I mean yeah, they have their own money but I mean come on be a little more realistic to the situation. It doesn’t make sense I mean, I’m this many years old I have this much money and I want this, and nothing less. Nothing less. Anyway. It’s something that it’s something that it’s kind of funny in a way but it’s a serious matter because there are many people who are not going to get married or are not going to have a family and be all alone. I live in an apartment which is kind of like a studio and it’s only for one person and in that building many of the apartments are for one person only I mean, next to me, thousands of women not thousands, maybe hundreds of women who are single, they go to work, earn money they travel. In my WeChat in the Chinese social media many women appear that they go give their own luxuries travel, massages, shopping, everything all alone. And they don’t find anybody because their requirements are higher and it’s complicated and they don’t lower their standards and they stay single like that, years go by. What do you guys think? I think it’s really different, you guys please comment. Me in Mexico, actually it’s been around 10 years that I don’t live there so I wouldn’t really know but my experience was that there they don’t if a woman wants love then she goes with something that is good and that’s it, it’s not like here they want gold all wrapped up yeah, it’s quite unreal and impressive I mean it’s great that you give high value for yourself but I don’t know I think it’s something weird. Please give me your opinion, I know you guys live in many parts of the world and it would be interesting to see how the situation is in your countries. To the women older than 30, who are still single, what does society say about them expectations, what do men think? If you’re a man what are your thoughts? Gotta go.

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  1. Today, Chinese women face immense pressure to get married before they turn 27. In many Chinese cities, so called marriage markets are a common sight, where parents go to post and match personal ads. A number of brave Chinese women have finally stood up to speak their mind against society’s labels and their parents' pressures. But nowadays hundreds of independent women, have really high standards to meet, and therefore a lot of them will end up single.







  2. I live in England. I am 61 years old. I have dated a mainland Chinese lady. When she was on a visit to England. I own a sports car & property. She was visiting Manchester & London. I used public transport to go on dates with her in the cities. Not using my car. If I used my sports car it attracts gold diggers. I would not want a woman who wants me for only what I have. I believe Chinese mainland ladies are in the main materialistic. They like designer wear. I have Head sports Equipment But I actually use it. It is when a Chinese lady goes into Selfridges or Harrods & wants Chanel handbags.

  3. I know these kind of women. Very common. Their demand for high standards to be satisfied might be difficult or impossible. There are only few rich men that are younger and can satisfy those requirements. For ordinary men to satisfy those high standards will take so many years of good education and hard work. When these men reach those high standards they will probably be in ages of 47 to 55 years old. While men who belong to rich families that can meet those high standards are probably married few years after college graduation. These high standards might be difficult to meet but they are just fair. I knew some women of this kind. They need to search in older age than them. These women will have to try harder and be at the right places. They need to compete with younger pretty women by using their credentials, ability ,educational background where they have the edge over younger women who are just starting to climb ladder of success. Older rich men with good credentials might choose them because of potentials to reach higher level of success.

  4. American women should learn from the Chinese women. Here in USA professional women with a master college degree making good salary don't mind marrying men who are high school dropout and unemployed and refused to pay for child support for his children for his three ex wives from three different marriages. Chinese women understand that in order to be highly educated you have to give all your time and study hard instead of partying and taking cocaine. In order to buy a $500,000 shelter over your head you have to work hard instead be unemployed and have kids with different people living on welfare. That is why they understand it is not wise to marry men who don't share the same work ethic and goals in life like them. Relationship like that don't last. It's better to stay single than to marry down. Marry down will only drag you down and destroy all that you have worked so hard for all your life. American women please take note from Chinese women. Stop being the victims and stop making babies that your partner can't provide for financially.

  5. hola me intereso tu video me encantaria conocer una chica china bonita! podrias decirme a donde visitar cuando vaya para aya?

  6. Leftover Chinese women and leftover american women should get married to each other. All the american men are sick of american women and going mgtow. Come on ladies, it't not against the law when two women marry now. Just don't do it in China. Do it in America.

  7. Hello from Miami, Florida USA! Great video and thank you for sharing. I am seeking a Chinese woman for serious relationship and more. I have WeChat, a Professional career, a home, a car, know 3 languages (English, Spanish, and French) and highly educated. Let me know! Gracias y tenga un buen dia!

  8. By the way Marcarib, I may plan a trip to Shenzhen this year and would love your company. I have WeChat and may plan a trip there on or after August of this year. Thank you and have a blessed day! JC

  9. The problem with attractive American women, they have become spoiled and too materialistic. I suspect Chinese women are much the same, but if it is true there are so many that are truly looking for a long-term relationship with American men, if they are attractive, they only need to come to the US and tape a man of their choosing on the shoulder. Just keep in mind, wealthy and very attractive American men are Like the women, they would rather play the field than to plant a life garden. The best date site is No, I am not a member, but it is a site that doesn't charge you to find someone. Best wishes to all.

  10. China has so much more men than women so this problem sounds crazy. I guess some women only care about money and that is the problem.

  11. Intel Services slowly finding out that China uses chinese women attached to (stupid) white men to spy, steal western secrets and advance its influence in the West.

  12. Intel Services slowly finding out that China uses chinese women attached to (stupid) white men to spy, steal western secrets and advance its influence in the West.

  13. i think a couple or relation like a bicycle weels if any one is missing (male or female) its not work properly.So we must have relation we can not see how he or she looks or either he or she rich and have car or house. Because if we see these things in our future partner we spoil our life golden time and when we found her or him we lost a lot of time of life 🙁 . and some of them people wait for partner till last breath and they become unlucky and died single 🙁 .So i suggest you all my loving mankind persons go and chose your partners and make your life bicycle complete and run it with mutual understanding. Regards Asad if any one want to contact me to take advice for life happiness here's my whats App number +923400100095. I want to surve you all because i need your's prayers

  14. It’s quite simple:
    1. They work too much and don’t have much time for private life. In the past work life was an addition to private life. Nowadays it’s opposite.
    2. They have delusional mind, unrealistic expectations and materialistic approach to life and other people.
    3. Guys see that a chick is interested in his assets only and a big part of them doesn’t consider establishing any relationship with that sort of girl … even if a guy has a great job, a business and cash flow.
    4. Guys also have expectations from chicks and there are many average chicks who are not definitely like Melanie Trump but have their life expectations as high as Himalayas.
    5. There is a lot of people with various anxieties and this can be also a big problem. If you’re too anxious about relations or marriage, bad emotions, suffering etc., then it will be all difficult to establish some true and mature relationship.
    6. Relating to the 1st point – some chicks appear as not too family-oriented so can be rejected by guys who wanna have their own family and who want to see the same need with someone.

  15. Woman end up alone n sad cuz they want to n because wen the opportunity comes to actually be with someone they dont take it seriously

  16. But doesn't matter i know spanish to most woman r ridiculous they look for the perfect someone n that doesnt exist n they look for only $$$$$$$ why look at all if ur gomna look for perfect Rich man lol or perfect knight lol fairy tale crap woman need to be realistic not saying to lower there standards n expectation s but they should atleast try looking for someone for them because they want like n desire them not wat they have .u know

  17. Sad, seems everyone is looking for the prince or princess to take care of them. Instead of being with someone who is fun and enjoys life and you enjoy being around and just want to be happy. That is really all that matters! I think you are cute. 😉

  18. I have always wanted to date or be with a Chinese girl or a girl from any Asian background. Most seem very independent and educated only looking for the high quality males. Educated, successful, inspiring etc.. that’s a lot to go up against

  19. try to marry with Indian men…Indian marital culture is awesome…believe me…u can trust on him …blindly …for whole life

  20. Hello my name is Peter I'm 46 years old devorced with no kids and looking for a long term relationship with a nice Asian lady I do live in downtown Hamilton Ontario Canada

  21. Hi sweet lady I'm true man from Kuwait and I full of love I can give you all kind of love you need and more if you want me pls give me your phone number to starting love with you ok my phone number is 0096594448641whatts me ok bye

  22. 20,000,000 pesos for a typical home?!!! That's insane.. being roughly $1,000,000 usd, here in u.s.a. you could literally purchase 10, nice 2-3 bedroom houses with your own yard & garage.

    Hmm.. I've always appreciated Chinese culture & I seem to have fallen more attracted to Chinese women as I reach the later years of my 20's. I would very much like to meet a lovely woman over there. I have much love & security to give.

    Anyways, fantastic video!! You have a wonderful smile 🙂 Cheers!

  23. Chinese woman are still brought up as boys and made to work like donkeys. Then they go to dating sites, and lose all their money. I am from England and think Chinese women are beautiful. Tell them all to come to England.

  24. Chinese women are living with Cinderella mentality waiting for a billionaire with Brad Pitt looks… but Billionaires only wants to be playboy for life ..

  25. Sounds like there's a reason that so many women are apparently single in a country where there are more men than women…

  26. pues yo mido 1.79 peso 200 libras blanco ojos color miel color de pelo castallo rubio bigote abultado donde y como podre conseguire una mujer china

  27. Well, it’s simple. It’s in the very nature of women to look for good genes and a provider. And provider is always supposed to mean someone who can provide MORE THAN WHAT THEY ALREADY HAVE. Therefore, even if they try to go with a guy who is not as well off as their standards, they are not going to find him attractive. It’s a curse in disguise what women empowerment in career has brought them.

  28. Two problems I see, workaholics and having lots of money are the standards. Overall poersonality and character wealth didn't make the list. No wonder the these ladies spoken of are by themselves. If they wait too long the enhanced woman-bots made in labs will hit the market and the organic Chinese women will really struggle to find a man. I suppose they'll opt to date a man-bot, huh?

  29. Despite how unrealistic Chinese women are with their expectations as opposed to Americans and other western countries, China does have one of the lowest divorce rates in the world.

  30. creo k esa mujeres chinos..con plata se quedan sola!!….dio mio…k tengan demasiado requisitos!! Ese me parece una locura…saludos de paiusos bajos……y si tengo una amiga en Shenzhen…pero ella no es tan rica…y solo 3 anos menos que yo…suerte con tu canal..J

  31. Women tend to marry equal or up the ladder rarely down the ladder and for men, they will marry down the ladder, it is common.

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