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  1. * watches and at one part realizes that demon ppl wouldcsay something * Where are the 12 y/os the demon ones, (why i wrote this and where is the point of this comment plz ban me from internet ok, bye im not rude i just jdk wtf i am doing)

  2. I'm glad I watched this….I learned your only have lonely person talking to us and the rest is the dankest of memes….oh you meme lord!

  3. One time on my orchestra was on our way to a performance and, we stoped to get McDonald's They had a huge McDonald's flag out front. We (mostly me) created a All Star Parody because I yelled out "SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME MCDONALD'S GONNA RULE ME!" in which someone followed up with "I AIN'T THE SHARPEST SHED IN THE TOOL" which wasn't all the creative cuz, he just switched two words around, anyway, someone replied with "THEY WERE LOOKIN KINDA DUMB WITH THEIR RED AND THEIR YELLOW IN THE SHAPE OF A 'M' ON THEIR FLAG" and then we had to stop cuz I was the only one on the bus who knew the rest of the lyrics and it was sad.

  4. Came for the Septiplier Away, stayed for the hilarious memes and RobertIDK.

    And the goddamn amazing music. Can't forget the music.

  5. I laughed so hard I got some… odd stares from people… that and a police car zoomed by.. probably about to get arrested for laughing so hard

  6. "This is a great video, are you having fun? Because I feel like *your nOT*"

    I feel so violated right now

  7. This wasn't pointless!!! It's to learn that ur FREAKING ADORABLE!!! We all love u rob.. Uhh.. Stay awesome! I'm stupid.. This was a pointless comment. Bye

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