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Husband Cheats On Wife Of 10 Years Because Of A Bad Argument (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Husband Cheats On Wife Of 10 Years Because Of A Bad Argument (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please, be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Lema v. Scott and Anderson.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. Ms. Lema. JUDGE LAKE: You admit to
making a huge mistake, and hope it doesn’t affect
your baby, Christina. You had an affair
with Mr. Anderson, who’s married… (AUDIENCE GASPS) And believe, he’s your daughter’s father. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Anderson,
you say your whole life
is on the line and your marriage. And you’re hoping you’re
not the father today. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: All right. So, Ms. Lema, tell us
how you got yourself, into this mess. Yes, Your Honor.
It all started from a
Facebook message when Mr. Anderson was
messaging me on Facebook. So, we started being
friends online for about
a year and a half. Then out of the blue one day
he called me and said,
“Let’s go out for dinner.” So I was like,
“Okay, well, I’m not doing
anything, so why not?” We went out for dinner
and we got a hotel room
that night. We had sex. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Your Honor.
Your Honor. Just one moment, ma’am. He… We were planning
to go on a trip. So I couldn’t make the trip,
so I got on Facebook, and told him,
“I’m sorry, baby.
I couldn’t make the trip.” And a few minutes later,
Mrs. Anderson, you know, she inboxed me and say like,
“Who are you?” So, I’m like, you know,
“I’m his girlfriend of
a year. So, who are you?” She was like, “Well,
I’m his wife of 10 years.” JUDGE LAKE: Really? Yes. So before this, did you
know he was married? No. I did not he was married.
He didn’t show any signs
of marriage or anything. Mr. Anderson,
was this true? I’m just sorry, Your Honor.
I just want to say, I’m sorry to my wife
and my family, my kids. JUDGE LAKE: I believe
you are sorry. Your Honor,
it was a big mistake. And I really want
my marriage and I want
my marriage to work. Um, but… JUDGE LAKE: And I see
your wife next to you
and I feel her pain. You know, me and my wife,
we had a bad argument and, you know, I just… I decided to go out and
take Ms. Lema out one night. And me and her
went out to the hotel. I brought her roses
and we had sex that night. JUDGE LAKE: So, just
this night or… Numerous nights. Is Ms. Lema’s assertion
that this went on… She told your wife she was
your girlfriend for a year. MR. ANDERSON: Well… JUDGE LAKE: That’s not
one night. JUDGE LAKE: Was it one night
or was it a year? It was one night. I haven’t… You know, I haven’t heard
from her in months. You know, and then she comes
telling me that, you know, she’s pregnant
and she’s having a baby. Then she says
she wanted to be my baby
and all that type of stuff. I told her, “Look, I love my wife,
I love my family, my kids.” “I just want to move on.
Get this thing behind me.” MR. ANDERSON: And, uh… JUDGE LAKE: So… Let me be clear, you say this only happened,
this one night. MR. ANDERSON: Just one night. One night.
It was a one-night stand… JUDGE LAKE: You never
saw her again. Never saw her again. Ms. Lema? LEMA: That’s wrong,
Your Honor. That’s wrong. How often would you
see Mr. Anderson? We’ve seen each other for
two years, every weekend,
Saturdays and Sundays… (AUDIENCE GASPS) Was it strange to you
that you only saw him on
Saturdays and Sundays, or you thought
he was working
during the week? I really ’cause
I went to his house
numerous times, but… JUDGE LAKE: You went…
Wait. Excuse me! (AUDIENCE GASPS) You went to his house
numerous times? Yes, I have. Yes. I went to his numerous
times and I told her
what was in her house and I described it
to her. Oh, my God! JUDGE LAKE: Hold on. Mr. Anderson, where was
your family when you would
take this woman to your home? (SIGHS) They… You know, my son
was probably playing, and my kids were
probably playing sports
or something like that. You know. JUDGE LAKE: So? Now, your story
is coming around. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You’re admitting
that this continued
past just one night. Oh, my God! JUDGE LAKE: That’s a yes? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Now, Mr. Anderson, I’m gonna remind you,
you are in court and you need to tell the truth. JUDGE LAKE: It’s time for you
to lay it on the line. If you really love your wife, (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) and your marriage,
the way you say you do, and your family
because you got this
young woman over here describing your furniture
and that’s a problem
to any woman. I’m mad for her. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) MR. ANDERSON: She’s just
looking for some money.
She’s looking for a cash-out. LEMA: That’s not the case.
That’s not the case at all. JUDGE LAKE: Well, if she’s
looking for a cash-out,
you gave her the directions because you led her
right to your treasure. And that’s your family. You did. Yeah. So, you become pregnant? LEMA: Yes. And when you find out
you’re pregnant,
who do you tell? I went to Mr. Anderson
at first, I went to his family
at first. I couldn’t contact him,
so I went to his family, and I got rejected by them. So, I was like, well, you know
they’re really hurting me… So, I was just like,
let me move to
the other person that I had sex with
during that time… JUDGE LAKE: Oh, hold on. Let me understand this.
So, you did sleep
with another man during the window
of conception
during that time. Correct. And you were sleeping with
both men without protection? LEMA: Correct! So, how did you finally
get in touch with him? LEMA: Well, I got in touch
with him like later, like, we met up
and we had sex again (AUDIENCE GASPS) when I was around
four months pregnant. JUDGE LAKE: (SIGHING) Okay. MR. ANDERSON: No, Your Honor. That didn’t happen. MS. ANDERSON: Oh, my god. She disappeared and I haven’t
heard from her in months. So, when she was
four months pregnant, you
didn’t meet up with her? (SIGHS) Um… Mr. Anderson, just
tell the truth now. Just tell the truth. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I mean, really, did you know
Ms. Lema was pregnant? I didn’t know. But,
we did sleep around
a couple of times. So you met up with her again
when she was pregnant, and you did sleep
with her again? Um… I’ll take that as a yes. Ms. Anderson, you are
Mr. Anderson’s wife? Yes. Thank you for enduring
very difficult testimony. I know that was hard
for you to hear. Yes, it was, Your Honor. Has the testimony
you heard today, been different from the
understanding you’ve had? Yes, Your Honor. Please explain. Once we messaged each other, I asked for her phone
number ’cause I wanna
talk on the phone. You understand? JUDGE LAKE: Yes. And when she was telling me
the things she was telling me, my whole world,
it just caved in like… “Are you serious?
That’s my husband.” ‘Cause you have built
a lot together. MS. ANDERSON: A lot. You have. A business. We’ve been
through a lot, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And children? And just to hear… Five! (AUDIENCE GASPS) Come on. I’m like… At what point did you hear
there was potentially a baby? She told me it was a baby. I asked him. Clearly, he lied to me because when I confronted him
about it the first time, he told me they
had sex one time. It should’ve been no time. It should’ve been
no times. Even after you found out
that he was married, you should’ve
left him alone. Okay. You’re right. You should’ve
left him alone. Come on. What kind
of woman are you?
Who does that? Now you got a baby. Not only that,
you don’t even know
who the baby daddy is? We’re gonna find out
today though. Really? Really? Really? Huh! Okay. MS. ANDERSON: Oh, my God! This hurts really bad.
And I’m trying to keep it
together for my children. But it really, really
hurts just to know that
there could be another baby. And my family,
like, come on! JUDGE LAKE: And truthfully,
your marriage is on the line
because of this. MS. ANDERSON: My marriage is
past on the line. I don’t… I can’t… And then he’s
sitting up here… First, he said it was
one time, now it’s
numerous of times. You understand,
I knew it when she told me
what was in my house that it was
numerous of times.
And he kept lying. It hurts really, really bad. It hurts really, really… I’m sorry. I’m sorry. No. Sorry doesn’t fix this.
Sorry doesn’t fix this. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Anderson.
Have you ever seen the baby? No, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: Never? MS. ANDERSON: Are you sure? I’m positive. You lie about
everything else. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: There’s still
another man, you admit you were sleeping
with during this time that could be your
daughter’s father. Yes. Jerome, I think
we should meet him. Please escort him in. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Oh, wow! Typical. Go right up next to the
judge at the witness stand. Thank you for joining
us, sir. State your
name for the court. Cameron Scott. Mr. Scott, thank you
for being here. Ms. Lema has told us
she was also in a sexual
relationship with you, during the time, she was
in a sexual relationship
with Mr. Anderson. So you could possibly
be this child’s father. JUDGE LAKE: Are you clear
on that? Yes, Your Honor. What was the situation? Well, the situation was,
when I first met Mrs. Lema, we met at a gas station. Come February,
I took her flowers
to her job site, took her to eat
on Valentine’s day. And then in March,
we had sexual intercourse. All right. And when did you
find out she was pregnant? I found out about
three months later. She was already about
two and a half,
three months pregnant when she told me that
she was pregnant… And she told you herself? Yes, Your Honor. And when she told you, did you think,
this is my baby? At first I did until she
started telling me about, Mr. Anderson. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, she told you
about Mr. Anderson? Yes, she told me that there is a possibility that I
may or may not be the father. JUDGE LAKE: Okay,
so she was honest. Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: And so, at that
point, you did what? Did you support her
through the pregnancy? Were you there at
doctor’s appointments? Yes, Your Honor.
I was there throughout
the pregnancy… LEMA: He was not there. I reject, Your Honor. I reject. You object? You can reject the statement. I object that. Object to,
but that’s all right. You better go ahead
and practice you some law. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE LAKE: Go ahead. He didn’t go to any
doctor’s appointments
or anything like that. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. As far as feeding me when
I was hungry and stuff.
Yes, he was there. JUDGE LAKE: So, he… And that’s a very important
part of being pregnant
we know. JUDGE LAKE: Was Mr. Anderson
involved at all? No, he wasn’t there. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. And these
are the only two men you were
sleeping with, at that time? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Have you met the baby? SCOTT: Yes, Your Honor. You have! JUDGE LAKE: Do you come
visit her regularly? No. JUDGE LAKE: Why? Because I had doubt
in my mind that she may or may not
be mine, Your Honor. When you spend time with her,
and you look at her,
do you see a resemblance? Yes, I do. JUDGE LAKE: You do?
You think she looks like you? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Lema, when you
look at your child, do you feel like,
she looks like
one man or the other? LEMA: Mr. Anderson has
a child, that she looks
exactly like her, like the way her eyes is… JUDGE LAKE: You know what
his kids look like? Yes. (AUDIENCE GASPS) She’s been around
my children?
Are you serious? JUDGE LAKE: Wait a minute.
When? Are you serious? Sometimes, you know
he’ll come meet me
with the kids, with them. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Yes. JUDGE LAKE: How old
are your children? Oh, my God!
I have a 12-year-old,
I have a 10-year-old. I have a eight-year-old,
seven-year-old and a
five-year-old, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Anderson? MS. ANDERSON: Are you serious? Are you serious? JUDGE LAKE: How would
she think her daughter looks like
some of your children
if she’s never seen them? She must’ve been
passing by and stalkin’. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Stuff like that. MS. ANDERSON: Oh, my God! Passing by? Listen, I don’t want to
do this at the expense
of Ms. Anderson’s feelings, but since this is
a point of contention, explain to the court how
did you see his children? You say numerous occasions,
how did you see them? He bring the kids around me,
like, when we meet up, or something when
he give me money,
like he’ll bring the kids. MS. ANDERSON: Give her money?
Are you serious? Yeah. Are you serious? That is not true. That’s how
you feel? JUDGE LAKE: He’d bring
the kids with him? LEMA: Yes. That’s how you feel? JUDGE LAKE: And who
did they think you were? I’m not sure who
they thought I was. MS. ANDERSON: That’s
how you feel? Who is she?
The auntie? MR. ANDERSON: That’s
not true, baby. MS. ANDERSON: Who is she,
your cousin? MS. ANDERSON: Wow! JUDGE LAKE: What are your
hopes today, Ms. Lema? Do you want this
to be your child’s father? Or do you want this
to be your child’s father? Who do you want? LEMA: I want Mr. Anderson
to be my child’s father.
He is more stable… You want the baby dad
to be the baby’s dad
and it’s not him. It’s not him.
It’s not him. It’s not him. We’ll see today. Get it together. We’ll see today. Girl, get your life. LEMA: Okay. Now what she’s trying
to get is your life. MS. ANDERSON: She won’t
get this life. And this is what
the problem is? She won’t get
her a life. LEMA: No. JUDGE LAKE: What we
need to do here is figure out the truth
because Mr. Anderson, you have gotten yourself into… I mean,
this is beyond a mess,
this is a nightmare. Your bad judgment
has gotten… MS. ANDERSON: Bad judgment. JUDGE LAKE: This is
just a shame. Ugh. JUDGE LAKE: And the only way
to move forward is
to get the results. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Jerome? MS. ANDERSON: I hope
you’re praying. I hope you’re
praying. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. JUDGE LAKE: Jerome? Why don’t you take a stand
right in the middle
of the aisleway. We don’t want… We know this can be emotional.
Let’s all just try to… Keep calm. In the case of
Lema v. Scott/Anderson.
As to whether Mr. Scott is the father of
one-year-old Christina. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Scott? You are not her father. (AUDIENCE GASPS) (LEMA SOBBING) JUDGE LAKE: Pertaining to
whether Mr. Anderson Is the father of
one-year-old Christina. Mr. Anderson? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You are not her father. (AUDIENCE GASPS) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Oh, my gosh! Come on!
Oh, my God! JUDGE LAKE: Plaintiffs lie.
Defendants lie. DNA does not lie. Mr. Anderson? When I read the result, I could see the relief
you felt. I felt the relief as well, but it wasn’t for you. It was for your wife. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You know you need
to be ashamed. I don’t know what
you’re gonna say, or
what you’re gonna do or how you’re gonna begin
again with this woman
that you call your wife. Ma’am, Ms. Anderson. I give you
a lot of credit today. I can’t say if I stood
there in your position that I could even keep as much composure
as you did today. It’s hard, but… I mean, I feel
bad for the child. Absolutely. MS. ANDERSON: ‘Cause it’s not her fault that
her mom is loose. But I’m happy I don’t
have to deal with that. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Scott.
Unfortunately, your
doubts were confirmed. Now, Ms. Lema, I want you to work through whatever was in your mind,
and in your heart and
in your spirit at that time that would make you
be in this position. And you can do it
for your daughter. Remember, you don’t
want her to be in the
position you’re in now. Take care of that
beautiful little girl. LEMA: I will. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)

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