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Husbands grazing, ignoring, and indifferent… [Hello Counselor Sub:ENG,THA/2018.07.23]

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  1. What a jerk he is. He just proved by himself that he is an assHXXX by saying out loud 'every men works hard to make a woman his and but it changes once the woman is his.' His tone is even too confident. This conception of relationship is just pathetic. Why did he marry her if he was gonna change like that? The wife is complaining about him 1. not earning enough money, 2. not coming home, and 3. not helping out for the baby. She is saying the truth! He does not give the money for family support but abandons her and the baby. Why is he so confident to say that he feels like being in a jail? How immature is he!? What's the purpose of the marriage and relationship? Like Young-Ja said, he is just blaming that the way she thought him was inappropriate, which was not, and using that excuse for his all indiscretion. Keeping his cheap is making him a loser and the relationship unfair. His trying to be dominant in the relationship is disgusting. I often hear guys complaining about women who avoid intimacy to show their dissatisfaction but here goes a man doing THAT thing. I feel so sad about the wife. I cannot help bagging her to get a divorce and leave the guy!

  2. Having children is a big responsibility, he wasn't ready for it , she got pregnant he felt like caught in the marriage trap, he is probably afraid of another unconsent pregnancy… parenthood should be planned not forced.

  3. Both parties suffer from a deep lack of communication. 75%+ of their problems would have been/be resolved if they just talked to each other. "Hey, what you said wasn't very nice. It hurt my feelings because…" "I don't appreciate it when you talk to me like that. Can you please…" Etc, etc. Both parties have faults, but the husband seriously needs to work on himself, desperately. His pride and stubbornness will be the end of him. He gets hurt by things said and done, but is unwilling to communicate it, then buries the anger and hurt until it turns into a poisonous ball of resentment that seeps into every aspect of their marriage. He explodes with anger and treats his family badly, yet can't understand why his wife isn't nicer to him. He wants her to be a certain way, but puts forth no effort to change his ways, placing the sole blame of the difficulties in their relationship on her. He refuses to acknowledge his faults and was not even remorseful about telling a significant lie or his other behaviors. When she apologizes he is unable to accept it. He does not want to forgive and would rather hold onto his anger than work it out. And this, all the while expecting his wife to magically know why he is the way he is. Let's not forget that he was also upset because he wasn't #1 in his life anymore and that he said he hated his own child- wtf. What kind of a father says that? I think he is punishing his wife for the way he feels, but won't make the effort to fix it. He is just a little kid who lacks serious maturity and needs to grow up.

  4. That actor and rapper….i forgot his name but he is so mad, he really thinks that guy is a prick, you can tell by his face. He is about to jump on that man.

  5. People are saying she is nasty for asking for money but in their culture that's quite common and they are raising a baby so of course he should contribute. Plus, at 15:50 – men do not have more pride, they are spoiled by a patriarchal society. That's the issue.

  6. Lessons to be learned:
    Don’t get pregnant by just anyone.
    Know the person you are marrying.

    Dude didn’t want to get married at that time. He just had to. And now you’re stuck. And I will never understand grown men with children still needing to be #1. It’s not about you anymore.

  7. A woman isn't her husband's property when they get married. That is what lots of men think, and that's why there are lots of divorces.

  8. How on earth did a dude like that get a beautiful girl like this. He needs to man up and stop being butthurt over her comment about him not earning enough. His wife is a blessing and he doesnt seem to realize that

  9. “She promised I’d always come first before the baby” that sentence tells you everything you need to know folks. What an immature man that he wants to be priority over his own child and wants her to do everything for him like he’s a child. These sorts of “man babies” will slowly suck the life out of you

  10. Their relationship started off on the wrong foot from day 1. Fake love and lies, then married only because of an unintended pregnancy. Who would wanna be with this selfish lier tbh?

  11. It is impossible..the husband has a fling. An ezperience man cannot survive for even 2 or 3 days without sex to his partner..he is releasing to another woman..that is the reason he is cold to his wife. stupid boar

  12. As someone who had a kid and gotten married in the first year I can say that it's the hardest year! When you become married and start living together your whole routine can become disrupted and then throwing a child into the mix messes it up even more. Men please realize you will become 2nd to a women's child because it's our instinct to take care of our child and also men don't forget that a small act of kindness to a women who has just given birth will go along way but women need to realize that yes your child does become 1st but don't forget about your man they need that small act of kindness too (tell them that they did a good job today and let them take a shower or eat first before nagging them about something and men do the same tell them they did a good job today and once you get a little rest take that baby and let her shower and eat because mostly likely she hasn't taken a shower in 3 days and has only eaten half pop tart that day…)
    They both are at fault they let their pride get in the way but he lied about a debt and then gets made that she complains about him needing to make more money and his pride gets hurt well… maybe don't lie about a debt that takes a lot out of your pay… babies are expensive.

  13. If he was so hurt because she "belittled him" by how much he earns to the point of neglecting his wife and child, why didn't he just say that he had a debt to pay and that he wouldn't make as much money? He lied to her about his financial status and he expects her to be gentle about it? Wow men pride really is a problem poor guy can't take criticism because she's assertive. Of course she'll be harsh she has been lied to.

  14. Bottom line, she needs to find a richer man. To men…watch out and never run out of money….look at this guy living the hell.

  15. She started to bad mouth her husband trying to make ends meet. He replied. Don’t bad mouth your family member who is trying to help. Not too hard. She is classical example of girl friend, but never wife. 2 types of women, one for fun, and other for future together, richer or poor. She forgot,the poor…

  16. Come home after 12 hours of work. First thing you hear is degrading and disrespectful treatment. That is a sign… get out of marriage and save the child from horrible childhood. Don't even bother replying to immaturity. This goes for both husband and wife. Both lacks serious maturity and intelligence. Seen those types, they deserve one another and yet common personality enough to be incapatible.

  17. Leave him. Get a divorce. You don't deserve a husband like him. It is clear that he resents you. You will be miserable of he continue to treat you like that. It is ok to be lonely than be miserable for the rest of your life

  18. For a man 2 things are taboo. Saying him he is not a man second he doesn't earn much. On these two things a man with self-esteem never compromises.

  19. It doesn’t matter if y’all have a kid together, divorce him. You don’t want to show your child a toxic relationship, if they keep this up it will ruin the child.

  20. They are both resentful for valid reasons and take it out on each other. She gave up a successful career to be a housewife and feels bitter, she looked down on him a lot because he was not as successful and he feels bitter. Dunno how they'll fix it, both have lots of pride…

  21. That man is a plain manipulator! Also he is a con man because he fooled her into marriage by hiding details about his debt. In plain words, she got scammed into marriage. I guess he planned to impregnate her so that she will be tied to him through marriage.

  22. why do i feel like most Korean men are like this ? sweet and caring when dating, like those korean guys you see in dramas, and then literally just turn into this kind of patriarchal husbands after marriage. Not all men are like that but just, why ?

  23. The way he said that he wants her to raise their son well sounds like a farewell and screams for consideration of divorce coming from him

  24. Some of you fans need to listen carefully. She never states that he denied her a career nor that he asked her not to work. That is a choice she made for herself. Quite honestly, the whole career thing is a non issue for me. Every time she worked, it seemed to be at a restaurant. That is not a career, but a job. She can easily get another one if she pleases. The issue is that she gave up the job in order to raise her newborn and never went back. That seems to have been a blow to her pride as a working girl but I don't see why she cannot simply go back to working somewhere else — at her parents' or cousin's restaurants again.

    Many times when you hurt someone's heart and hurt their pride, you can never go back. Finances is a very personal and sensitive issue. If she sees that he's doing his best by driving trucks all night and day to earn money for their family, yelling and carrying on about his salary when he was making over 150% of their minimum wage is inconsiderate; especially given that she was not working by choice herself. She admits that he did not act differently before that so that is obviously the root of their issues. Given what a blow that was to his pride as a man, a husband, and as a father, that was a huge misstep that they will have to work on. That comment caused resentment to build up in him towards her and as a result, she has begun to resent him for his decreasing affections.

    She also vents her frustrations by speaking harshly to him. They both want the other to act like they did when they were dating,

    Given what a blow that was to his pride as a man, a husband, and as a father, that was a huge misstep that they will have to work on. That comment caused resentment to build up in him towards her and as a result, she has begun to resent him for his decreasing affections. The issue with his hidden debt is also a big topic for this couple but counselling will help them gain the tools they need to work it out. Namely, communication skills.

    I don't think they are a bad couple. Some counseling, communication skills, and learning to be close to one another again with repair their marriage.

  25. He don't give her money to spend, don't give her time to rest, don't even help her with housecores and he become so mad when she's complaining.. whan an egoistic Man

  26. It seems that many comments here say that the woman was stupid and not wise enough to choose this man over career.
    Anyways, I can feel that this guy is so confident with his excuses by his accent. How could he be that arrogant? pathetic

  27. people in the comments talking about how petty and childish he is, and how two wrongs dont make a right, but if it was the other way around and he hurt her feelings he would have been labelled a jerk for hurting a woman smh

  28. Alot of this comments here are feminists…some of them voting for the women to divorce her husband…i believe that they didn't heard ab their child exist…if they actually get divorce it will cause the child a major problem since they're separated…also the husband acted weirdly to me…i would believe that man have two different personalities or just try to avoid his soft side to be shown…i think that man trying too hard to cover it when he expressing his feeling…

  29. Don’t be mean to him he cried and seems like a very cute and funny man watch till the end 😄 Hes a bit childish I think and can’t understand woman

  30. Don’t be mean to him he cried and seems like a very cute and funny man watch till the end 😄 Hes a bit childish I think and can’t understand woman

  31. I'm actually on his side, even as a woman I know how it's hard to earn money for my family… and I would be happy if they said nothing but good things instead of nagging that it's not enough

  32. ….너무 어리다…너무 어려….
    타인이 만나서 맞춰가는 과정이다..그래도 니 손을 잡고 가겠다…… 이 마음가짐으로 가는 것이 부부인것을….남친여친 관계도 아니고…그 사이에 아이까지 있는데…
    결혼하고 부모가 된다는건,
    자기자신의 어느정도를 포기해야 한다는 의미이기도 합니다..
    부부라는 건,
    그럼에도 불구하고- 라는 단어를 수천번수억번 되내이며 가지 않으면….안되는 것 같다고……….주제 넘은 몇 마디 남기고 갑니다.
    남자분이…..너무 어려요…나이가 아니라…

  33. This relationship might be difficult to rebuild !! I am so glad that hello counselor tried hard to keep the conversation going on the safe side ! I personally believe that the husband has yet to grow up … I feel his selfishness when he talks ! ( I did understand his worries though … the fact that his pride was hurt …. but he is selfish thinking only about his pride when he has done many wrong doings to his wife !! ) I did feel that the wife was a bit more mature but strict somehow ( she believes that speaking to her husband firmly is the only way left for him to listen to her … I mean that's understandable because even when she speaks to him romantically he rejects her … how is she supposed to treat him exactly ?! ) the wife is living in a confusion and is gradually getting depressed while the husband's stubbornness and shelfishness is preventing him from understanding his wife ! I hope it works out for them though !! They have to understand each other so that they could be both on the same boat and balance both sides of the boat !

  34. The biggest baby I think I've ever seen. He's never going to change and is literally so immature I hope she leaves him and he continues to sleep in his truck oops

  35. Thanks KBS, Hello Counsellor, MCs and all the concerned people, thank you for changing my mind about ever getting married….

  36. It's after she leaves him that he will finally realize how small minded he was and beg for her to come back. I don't see how this marriage will succeed when he finishes the taping by telling her to not bother him when he's sleeping, etc. What a shame, because this could've been a great opportunity to open up, be vulnerable&loving, and build a healthy habit of communicating gently to one another. He needs to grow up, let go of the old crap, and move forward with his wife. I hope she goes back to her successful career.

  37. The husband is an Ass, he is not a man. He is just one selfish man. He doesn't really love her and his kid, the way he talks and responded, he is saying if you don't like it then leave. He married her b/c she got pregnant, not because he wanted to and wanted a family. He's probably have a women in his stock to be honest, to admit that he takes phone numbers. Owning a business is not only for money, but so you can take care of your family. He just want money, not family.

  38. This is why communication is important in relationship. Don't keep it for too long or else ur relationship end up like this 👆. Look like that dude don't love her anymore.

  39. These millennials wanting to get a new car immediately when the old one has a dent in it instead of fixing it. There's always a reason why people behave the way they do, try to talk and understand before you throw the word divorce around so easily.

  40. In India, most of the families are very conservative that they don’t let their children have a love marriage. Only arranged marriage is allowed. And even if there is a love marriage, they say that it’s mainly the girl’s fault. So, what if I don’t get married at all? I can at least escape a loveless marriage. Sometimes arranged marriage can succeed too. My parents, my grandparents and everyone else from my family have had an arranged family. They live happily. But in this generation, I doubt it…

  41. I hope the woman gets her confidence back. The man should stop … He shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place considering how his mental age is not even 10.

  42. Idk i kind of feel for the guy too. He did a lot of wrong, but i can see why hes so butthurt after his wife unknowingly killing his pride. A woman is a mans everything, and the smallest thing his woman may say can either make or kill him. Thats why a wife is so important in marriage. They are the source of fuel and motivation that keeps a man going.

  43. He;s childish and doesn't know how to express himself. Rather than say how he feels, he's pettyl

    I bet he got that from his dad.

  44. So what if she got pregnant before getting pregnant? There are couples who have been together for years and when they got married everythings fall apart. There are no certainties in a relationship. Both just have to make it work. Don't let ego make the best out of you coz in the end it will fall apart.

  45. I already married for 3 husb treat me like his gf..hug me after shower..kiss my forehead before go to work..we always cuddle together in bed..talking..teasing..he always tell me..even both of us get old..he never get bored on me..I hope so..

  46. When he proudly says that he will give his costumer who likes him. He confirm that he likes to f*ck bitches around him.

  47. He is very immature. This is mostly his fault. What started this is his dishonesty about his debt. If he didn't have that debt, then he would be able to provide for their family. Since he has the debt he's been spending his money on it, and all along to her it appeared as if he was just spending it on himself. When in actuality he was paying off the debt that he's been keeping a secret from her. But instead of owning up to that he keeps blaming her for how distant he became. Yet, she still apologized when she found out that her words hurt him. He hasn't apologized once (at least not on the show). The only words he had for her were still condescending and cold. I like to believe in love, but in this case the best option for her is to get a divorce. Why? Because he's not sincere with his efforts to work through the mess he created. He's too prideful and has an incredibly sensitive ego.

  48. If I were this woman I would have left him for a long time! because I respect myself and I have dignity! And she’s pretty like girl! Get somebody better than this… 🤦🏻‍♀️

  49. He has to much pride. Like one said he needs to stop acting so macho. He has no idea what compromise means here. Every couple fights, but he’s going in it to win and be correct. He just doesn’t seem to understand that sure he got hurt but she is too. He’s too focused on what’s best for him over what’s best for the both of them

  50. This guy is an absolute creep. I've heard that it's a big issue in Asian countries where the man does whatever it takes to get the woman, but then reveals his true colors later and it turns out he's a selfish asshole. That's just dishonest plain and simple. That makes you a bad person. And to not reveal your debts to her because you don't think she'll marry you is also disgusting. You're taking away her ability to make an informed decision and you're doing it on purpose by being deceitful. The man's true colors are ugly.

  51. Mamy people blame the husband but I personally blame for both of them for saying things that upsets the other. They both need to work on it and talk

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