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  1. To further explain, the ceremony and reception are two separate reservations. The ceremony location is only reserved for one hour and then its used for other events throughout the day. | Well thank goodness I decided to ask that question!

  2. I think adopting first would be best. I've heard that they feel more integrated into the family that way. But I think with you as a mom they would be happy either way~~

  3. You mentioned in the video you guys are considering adopting a child, do you know what country you plan adopting your baby from? China, Korea, US?

  4. I'm such a romantic, just seeing the rings I got emotional omg T.T lol
    and Im glad everything is ok now, missing your wedding would be such a story for your grandchildren lmao
    I ALSO WANT TO HAVE 1 KID NATURALLY AND ADOPT ONE!! Im so happy u guys also want to adopt!
    also, I really wish you the best! Estoy orando para que todo salga bien en su matrimonio! Les deseo todo lo mejor!!^^ love u guys!!

  5. Im so happy for y'all, i wish you's the best !stay healthy too ! does yongka plan to put videos of choreography's from K.A academy on youtube in the future ?

  6. Dios me encantan sus videos, no te preocupes todo ya esta bien gracias a Dios que si pudiste cambiar la hora, tuviste suerte me alegro que todo este bien, me alegro por ustedes dos por su decisión de los bebés ♡ los anillos estaban hermosos me encantaron se ven tan lindos y elegantes y sencillos ♡♡♡ lo ame. Tengo una pregunta… Donde se ven viviendo en el futuro todavía en China o que? .. saludos desde República Dominicana, los quiero mucho y les deseo lo mejor a los dos.

  7. Aww I’m so happy you both were able to easily move the wedding time. Now you can breathe easier ㅋㅋ you both are so adorable ❤️ 💍 🎊

  8. Omg prima no lo puedo creer, gracias a Dios que te distes cuenta , me alegro mucho q todo te quedo divino en tu boda.

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