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I Read My Cheating Fiance’s Texts Instead Of My Vows On Wedding Day

I Read My Cheating Fiance’s Texts Instead Of My Vows On Wedding Day

– Hello everybody, I’m Daniel and I’m 20-years-old. I’ll tell you the story about how I caught my fiancée doing something dirty behind my back. Some people might say I went too far with my revenge, but… Did I? You see, I was always a hopeless romantic. I fall in love easily and do these big romantic gestures. I go above and beyond to make my girlfriend happy but I always get my heart broken. I decided that I’ll never let myself fall so deeply for anyone…until I met HER. I’d love to tell you this great fairytale story but that’s not how it ends, at least not for both of us. We were college freshmen when we met. It was the middle of the school year, I was sitting in class when a new student walked into class. She was wearing skinny jeans and an oversized “Pulp Fiction” t-shirt. You know, one of those cool gamer girls. I looked back just for a second, our eyes met and she gave me this provocative half-smile. I was immediately hooked. But I had no idea how to approach someone like her. A couple of days later, I was walking down the street and I saw that there was a new Tarantino movie showing in the cinema. Instantly, I remembered that she was wearing a t-shirt with a still from his movie and decided – this is how I’m gonna ask her out. So, next day before class, I put two tickets on the desk she usually sat on and left a note saying, “Wanna go? Daniel.” Class was starting soon and I was getting nervous. Why would I think that she’d go out with me? I was thinking about turning around and taking those tickets back, but I felt a gentle tap on my back. I turned around as she handed me one ticket and winked. It really looked like a movie moment. The next evening, we went to the movies. I don’t even remember much about that movie as I was watching her half the time. The movie was coming to an end, I worked up the courage and took her hand. And that’s how our love story started. Movies became our thing, we even had nicknames for each other: Pumpkin and HoneyBunny, from her favorite film. My friends loved her. Every one of them would joke about how in the world is she dating me. But I trusted her and I felt insanely lucky. So lucky, that after only five months, I decided to propose to her. I know we were young and all but I’ve searched for the perfect girl and I finally found her. I got her this beautiful ring, took her to one of those drive-in movie theaters, and when the end credits were rolling, I took out the ring and asked her. She looked confused at first and I thought to myself, “Oh my God, I ruined it. She will get scared away by my stupid romantic heart”. But after a second, she took the ring, put it on her finger and said, “Looks pretty cool”. That was her badass way of saying yes. I was beyond happy. After all my heartbreaks, I finally found the most amazing girl. Well, or so I thought. Turns out, my romantic heart got me in trouble… again. Our parents went crazy when we told them we’re getting married, but we didn’t care. We planned a small ceremony in the woods, started counting the days to it. But this perfect picture got destroyed pretty soon. It was a month before our wedding. My friends and I were planning to watch a movie on Friday night so I invited her, too. But last minute I got her text saying that her grandpa was seriously ill so her parents wanted the whole family together. She was really close to her family so I didn’t question it. Soon after, I got a message from another friend, Henry, saying that he caught a cold. As it was only my guy friends, they decided that we will make it into my bachelor party. So, after the movie, we went to this cool new place that had just opened. But just before going in, I saw something that just blew my mind. Henry and Lucy were sitting together, holding hands, staring into each other’s eyes. I felt my blood boiling. My friends tried to calm me down. One of them said that this might not be that big of a deal. You know, maybe they’re planning something for the wedding. Or they met by accident. Maybe there was some kind of explanation? I decided to go home and texted her to come to my place as soon as she’s done with her family. Lucy came by, we sat down in my living room, I was picking a movie to watch and trying to make conversation. I asked, “So, how was your evening?” She smiled like nothing happened and just said, “Great”. I was looking at her face at the edge of the screen, trying to understand if she’s lying or not. I picked out a movie and as I was turning it on, she went to the toilet. Now I know it’s not right and all, but she left her phone and I decided to check. And there it was, a message from Henry – “Till next time, HoneyBunny”. I really had to hold myself from smashing that phone then and there. Here I was, planning our future together, while she was cheating with one of my best friends. I had no idea what I’m gonna do, but this time, I won’t let some girl walk all over me. Our wedding was approaching and I came up with the perfect plan to teach her a lesson. We were planning this amazing evening, but she had no idea I had another plan in the back of my mind. So, it was our wedding day. The guests were gathering around in the park and I was waiting for her to arrive. The car pulled up and she got out of the car. I won’t lie, she looked so beautiful that for a second, I thought – maybe I have it in my heart to forgive her? But I looked at Henry and saw him smiling and watching her walk towards me in her wedding dress. No, she deserves everything she gets. Lucy stood in front of me. The music stopped playing, it was time to read our vows. She was already tearing up, expecting me to read the most beautiful words to her. I took out my phone, opened the screenshots of her messages with Henry and started reading it out loud. “Come over. I want you,” I read while everybody was watching me trying to grasp the situation. “You could teach him a thing or two”. It took everyone a moment to understand what was going on but as soon as I read, “Tell Daniel you have to prepare for an exam or something,” everybody caught on. Lucy was trembling, her sarcastic and provocative smile was gone from her face. She started to mumble something, but I didn’t want to listen to her anymore. I turned to our guests, apologizing for wasting their time and walked away. I have no idea exactly what happened after I left but my friends heard that Lucy went crazy. She dropped to the ground, sobbing. Her father gave her a big speech about responsibility and how he was so disappointed in her. A couple of days after our “wedding”, I saw her typing something to me but every time she would delete everything. I haven’t seen her or Henry since. And I’m not sorry about how it all went down. I can’t let girls treat me like dirt. At least for now, I’ve decided to focus on getting through college, learning to stand up for myself, and love myself before I start falling for someone else.

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  1. Yeah, Lucy was a slut and your “friend” Henry should be ashamed for taking his best friend’s girlfriend away from him. That was greedy and selfish of him to do that and for Lucy for not being faithful to you. You deserve a girl that’s not a slut and won’t cheat on you

  2. I am so proud of you for telling every one what a hoer that she is, what a bitch marring you as she was cheating on you with your ex best friend not cool man not cool. I am so glad that every one even her parents knows what a hoer that she is. I am very glad that you didn't marry such a total horrible evil selfish bitch like her your to good for a bitch like her. I hope that one day your meet a nice cool girl who isn't a hoer to be your future partner, not a hoer like your ex girlfriend? She can ride in hell for all I care with that jerk of a friend too. I think that your right you have to be proud of you before you love someone else and don't ever forgive a girl for cheating on you, its totally not w it big time, they do it again and again and you be the one stock madding other men's kids from her if you do forgive her, so don't big time and you will end up getting aid and HIV from her from all the men that she having sex with. Have a great future and good on you man

  3. Hi I’m really sad because I have lots loads of subscribers i know it’s stupid but IT WOULD MEAN the world to me if you subscribed if
    You subscribe to me I will subscribe to you if you think about it we’re helping each other 😂😂

  4. Wow that was a good story and well I got that story too but not in wedding I'm a girl so my bf was cheating I faund out in his phone too so first he was like I can explain,but I told him to shut up I'm always kind hearted so I always trusted him I always forgive little things or bigger but ofc I couldn't forgive that to him so I have a little bit same story as u

  5. Good lesson don’t let a girl let you treat like if your nothing get your revenge (no violence) just like how Daniel did

  6. Nothings better then a good old fake story with bad animation that’s money hungry and totally isn’t original and clearly took barely any time to make! 😄😍🙏

  7. Yeah my parents always says to me dont ever fall in love at 16 or youll be heart broken cause they might cheat on u and you'll get sad and will never be happy cause of what happened to u

  8. Good for you for standing up for yourself and not letting a cheating, lying douchebag in your life. You don't need that crazy prostitute in your life killing and destroy your happiness and joy leaving you with depression and sadness. God bless you and your friends and family and your future mate and children in Jesus name amen! May you find love and happiness in your life. 🤗🙂☺👏👐❤🙌🙏🏽

  9. Grow the fuck up Daniel.
    The world doesn't owe you anything!
    Get over yourself you little self absorbed, self righteous narcissistic little shit.

    Also, proposing to someone after 5 months…JEEZ!

  10. Who thought it was the other story that did this but the bride read the texts and she was cheated on because I thought this was it XD

  11. Every like for this comment is how many times his girlfriend and friend get bitten by a pack of wolves 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺

  12. Are you serious? They took a real article and switched it around:

  13. ok, at least he didn't throw her, and henry down on to the ground, and told her what a loser that her, and henry was, lmao, what a stand up guy.

  14. Damn it’s so sad how the few guys in this world like him get treated like crap and the f boys r the ones everyone wants 💀

  15. Is it just me or every time people tell a love story about their partner cheating their partner always leaves their phone behind 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  16. This story was actually similar to a movie because one guy was about to get married to his "girlfriend" witch she was cheating on him with his best friend and when he found out he made photo copies of them when he said "look under your seats" he exposed the fiend right in front of the crowd and just left the church like a badass I don't know what movie it's from but that scene is just badass

  17. Everyone comment something random under this comment (so in a week or two imma change it so no one knows what’s going on in the replies xD)

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