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Idris Elba on DJing the Royal Wedding and Coachella

Idris Elba on DJing the Royal Wedding and Coachella

You produced this,
and you kind of came up with this whole idea. Mm-hmm. Are you writing it? Are you directing it? What else are you doing? No, I just created
it with a co-creator, and influenced the writing. I mean Charlie is
about a 40-year-old DJ, and I guess I’m
that 40-year-old DJ. So you DJed the royal
wedding, is that right? Yeah. That’s crazy. Yeah. That’s amazing. So Harry and I, we’ve
hung out a couple of times through his dad. His dad’s charity,
the Prince’s Trust, helped me out, as a young actor. And so I do a lot of work
with them, Harry and William, a few times. And Harry came to a couple
of parties that I DJed. And he was like, hey, man,
what are you doing on the date? And I was like, nothing. He goes, hmm, would
you DJ at my wedding? And I was like, is this a joke? Are you joking? And then he’s like, serious. That’s amazing. Yeah, it was great. Like you’re not busy enough. And you’re going
to DJ at Coachella? Yeah. I’m going to be there. That’s going to be wild. That’s going to be incredible. The outfits there–
you’ve been there, right? Have you seen the– I haven’t been. I haven’t been. Well, you should
see the outfits. Everyone who goes to
Coachella wears some kind of– That’s what I’m wearing. Is that what you’re wearing? [INTERPOSING VOICES] Well, that’s already been worn. Now you have to
find something else. Find something else. That is what happens. So we got you something to wear,
because you have to fit in. You can’t wear that. What? So we got you something to wear. Serious? Yeah. OK. Yep. Really? Yep. These are a little small. I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m going to– Yeah. [CHEERS] That’s good. That’s right. That’s right. Who’s in? [INAUDIBLE] [IMITATING TURNTABLE] Wow. OK. Turn Up Charlie–
yep, you look good. This is me at Coachella. I could dig that. That is you. I could dig that. Turn Up Charlie will
be available on Netflix starting March 15. What are you laughing at? Is it distracting? No, it’s fine. It’s totally fine. And no one’s going to
look in that area at all. At all. We’ll be right back.

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