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#IHMCT college KOVALAM ONAM CELEBRATIONS 2019ഓണം കൊടിയേറി മക്കളേ🎈🔥

alarm rings good moring music hi friends welcome back is me alameen {tom} iam on my way to college at the morning time, i didn’tsee the shoe polisher someone picked it up and threw it on the floor the shoe polish is all over my dress hey bro. give me a tea[caya} ] in college ,the grooming is really very strict bros i hope today is a good day let me show you some good shots at a good angle the five-star hotel on the left is the uds uds this is our real college the second floor is where we want to go there are only 20 people in our batch we are a very small batc it’s our classroom everyone in our class is there

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