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Investiture Ceremony of President Kevin Satterlee

Investiture Ceremony of President Kevin Satterlee

[MUSIC ]>>ANNOUNCER: The Presidential Investiture
of Kevin Satterlee will begin shortly. Please silence your mobile devices. Thank you.>>ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the Idaho State University
Presidential Investiture of Kevin Satterlee. Please rise for the processional. [ MUSIC PLAYING — BRASS ENSEMBLE ] [ POSTING OF COLORS ]>>ANNOUNCER: Will the audience please remain
standing for the singing of the National Anthem by the Fourmatas. [SINGING OF THE NATIONAL ANTHEM BY THE FOURMATAS] ♪♪ O say can you see, by the dawn’s early
light, ♪ What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s
last gleaming, ♪ Whose broad stripes and bright stars through
the perilous fight, ♪ O’er the ramparts we watched, were so
gallantly streaming? ♪ And the rockets’ red glare,
— rockets’ glare ♪ the bombs bursting in air,
— in the air, ♪ Gave proof through the night that our
flag was still there; ♪ O say does that star-spangled banner yet
wave ♪ O’er the land of the free
— land of the free
— land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave?
— home of the brave? ♪♪ [APPLAUSE ]>>DR. LYN REDINGTON: Good morning. Please
be seated. My name is Lyn Redington. I have the honor
of serving as Idaho State University’s Vice President for Student Affairs. On behalf of the students, faculty, staff,
and administration of Idaho State University, welcome and thank you for joining us as we
formally welcome our 13th president. First, please join me in thanking the Fourmatas
again. [ APPLAUSE ]>>DR. LYN REDINGTON: Thank you. Acknowledging native lands is an important
way to honor and respect Indigenous peoples and their traditional territories. Today I
want to honor and acknowledge that the land on which Idaho State University sits is within
the original Fort Hall Indian Reservation boundaries and home of the Shoshone and Bannock
peoples. Now we will recognize our platform guests.
As I announce the names of our guests, they will stand and remain standing. Please hold
your applause until all of the platform party have been introduced. Staff Council President, Julie Van Leuven;
Athletic Director, Pauline Thiros; Vice President for University Advancement, Dr. Kent Tingey;
Interim Vice President for Research, Dr. Scott Snyder; Vice President for Finance and Business
Affairs, Dr. Glen Nelson; Vice President for Health Sciences, Dr. Rex Force; Mayor of Pocatello,
Brian Blad; Mayor of Chubbuck, Kevin England; Mayor of Idaho Falls, Rebecca Casper; President
of the Idaho State University Foundation, Dave Jeppesen; President of the Idaho State
University Alumni Association, Colonel Paul Briggs; director of the Idaho National Laboratory
— the presenting sponsor of today’s ceremony — Dr. Mark Peters; Executive Vice President
and Provost, Dr. Laura Woodworth-Nye; Executive Director of the State Board of Education,
Matt Freeman; State Board of Education member, Emma Atchley; State Board of Education member,
Richard Westerberg; State Board of Education immediate past president, Dr. Linda Clark;
Co-Chair of Idaho State University Faculty Senate, Laura Ahola-Young; Co-Chair of Idaho
State University Faculty Senate, Dr. Houssein Mousavinezhad; Chairman of the Fort Hall Business
Council, Nathan Small; Faculty Speaker, Dr. Karen Appleby; President of the Associated
Students of Idaho State University, Logan Schmidt; Lieutenant Governor of the State
of Idaho, Janice McGeachin, and Governor of the State of Idaho, Brad Little. And the 13th
president of Idaho State University, Kevin Satterlee. [ APPLAUSE ]>>DR. LYN REDINGTON: Thank you. You all may
sit down. On behalf of our campus community and the
Bengal family, thank you to each of our special guests for joining us for this memorable occasion
and a special welcome and a thank-you, for sharing him, to Kevin’s family. Over here. [ APPLAUSE ]>>DR. LYN REDINGTON: I would also like to
pay tribute to our university presidents and delegates from other universities who have
traveled to be with us here today. Our delegates include: Representing the Shoshone
Bannock Tribes, Lethaniel Loley; University of Georgia, Dr. Gary K. Bertsch; Brigham Young
University Idaho, Van Christman; University of Northern Colorado, President Andy Feinstein;
Northwest Nazarene University, President Joel K. Pearsall; Boise State University, Dr. Leslie
Webb; College of Southern Idaho, Dr. Jonathan Lord; College of Eastern Idaho, President
Rick Aman. Allow me to also recognize the sponsors of
this inauguration celebration week. Through these sponsorships and the support of all
those that attended our inauguration fundraising event last night, we raised $106,850 in scholarships
for first-generation Idaho students. [ APPLAUSE ]>>DR. LYN REDINGTON: Our partner sponsors
include the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine; the Pocatello/Chubbuck Chamber of Commerce
Foundation; Ed Snell’s Pharmacy; Bayer; ISU Credit Union; US Bank; Direct Communications;
Cole Chevrolet; Idaho State Journal; Bill and Karin Eames, and Simplot. Our benefactor-level sponsors include Bingham
Memorial Hospital, Mountain View Hospital; Transcendental; Affinity Partnerships; Blue
Cross of Idaho; Portneuf Medical Center; Idaho Central Credit Union; Hawley Troxell; the
Balukoff Family, and Premier Technology. And now I would like to especially recognize
our partner, the Idaho National Laboratory, who is the presenting sponsor of this event
today. The Idaho National Lab and ISU have had an
exceptional, long-time affiliation. Our deep-rooted relationship with the INL has provided our
university with an opportunity to engage in collaborative efforts and research. As one of ISU’s premier partners, the Idaho
National Laboratory has facilitated joint faculty and instructor appointments, provided
millions in scholarship assistance, collaborated with our campus on research projects, enhanced
community outreach efforts, and substantially supported our mission of educating students. Thank you, INL, for your more than six decades
of generous support of Idaho State University. [ APPLAUSE ]>>DR. LYN REDINGTON: Thank you. And now it is my distinct pleasure to introduce
the chairman of the Fort Hall Business Council, Nathan Small. [ APPLAUSE ]>>NATHAN SMALL: (Non-English greeting) Good
morning. On behalf of the Shoshone-Bannock tribes,
I’d like to have the privilege of introducing our Tribal drummers to give an honor song
for Kevin. This honor song is intended to recognize and honor Kevin in his new position
and to honor our friendship. When he came out to the reservation there
and we signed an MOU with him, he was given a — a wrist — beaded wrist bracelet. And
I showed him mine, and I told him the next time we meet and every time we meet, we — we
must wrist bump. [ LAUGHTER ]>>NATHAN SMALL: And this morning when I met
him, he was wearing it and we wrist bumped. So — [ LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE ]>>NATHAN SMALL: I’d like to — this honor
song isn’t just sung for any- — anybody. And it just — it isn’t sung at any time.
It’s an honor song. And a lot of times we — when our veterans
come back from serving or when they retire from the military, this song is sang for them.
So — And it’s also sang for other people who have
risen in the world to a point of where they have some distinction about them. And so this
song is an honor song that is also sung. So it’s a great pleasure to have our singers
and our group here to sing. I’d like to introduce LaGrand Coby and the
— and his singers from reservation here. [ DRUMS AND SINGING ] [ APPLAUSE ]>>DR. LYN REDINGTON: Thank you for that amazing
performance. And now I would like to welcome a very honored
guest, Governor Brad Little. [ APPLAUSE ]>>GOVERNOR LITTLE: On behalf of the State
of Idaho, I welcome you in this historic and exciting moment as we celebrate Kevin Satterlee
becoming the 13th president of Idaho State University. [ APPLAUSE ]>>GOVERNOR LITTLE: Today, President Satterlee’s
investiture is also a recognition of Kevin as the most senior president of Idaho’s four-year
institutions. The alpha and the omega. I could not be happier. Kevin brings both an experienced and a new
look into how we need to invigorate higher education in Idaho. I’ve known of Kevin for years during his time
at Boise State and while he served as the deputy attorney general. Kevin has perhaps
been to more state board meetings than anyone, and he should get a medal just for that alone. [ LAUGHTER ]>>GOVERNOR LITTLE: Kevin is a connector,
a listener, a leader, and a servant. I’ve become much better acquainted with Kevin
and Margaret since they’ve been her on campus: football games, president’s council meetings,
legislative functions, other ISU events both here and at the Meridian campus. We all can sense the excitement and anticipation
of what he has already done and what he will get done. Whether it’s excitement at a Bengal
game or tedious deep policy on the future of education, I had mind numbing but I took
that out. President Satterlee will serve the Bengal nation and Idaho well. Idaho State University has built a strong
reputation not only for its high quality education in training programs for students, but also
as a linchpin for research, solutions that support Idaho’s entire economy. And as we
were waiting outside he was downloading on the most recent things he’s done. Kevin’s natural ability to lead will only
intensify the strong reputation you all have built for ISU. I know we all share my goal of making Idaho
a place where our children and grandchildren want to stay and for the ones who have left,
to come back. Idaho State University and all of Idaho’s
institutions of higher learning are a fundamental factor in achieving that goal. Kevin, I am confident in you and we are all
proud of you. We are all excited about what you will accomplish in Idaho during your tenure. Congratulations on this memorable day. [ APPLAUSE ]>>DR. LYN REDINGTON: Governor Little, thank
you so much for your comments and your support for the University. With dedicated public
officials such as you, Idaho’s education system has a bright future. Allow me to introduce Dr. Karen Appleby from
the College of Education to present remarks on what have of the university faculty. [ APPLAUSE ]>>KAREN APPLEBEE: Thank you, Dr. Redington. I am honored and proud to stand before you
today to celebrate the investiture of President Kevin Satterlee. Today is an exciting and
special day to be a Bengal. Today we have the opportunity to officially
welcome a new era of leadership and to honor our past and reflect on why we chose to become
Bengals in the first place. Throughout the year, President Satterlee has
encouraged us to reflect on our WHY. WHY are we all here today? WHY is it so important
to clarify our collective purpose and vision? WHY is it so crucial for us to live out that
mission on a daily basis? For all of us here and especially as a faculty
member, it is easy to define our “WHY”. Our “WHY”, quite simply, is our students. At its most fundamental level, teaching is,
of course, about student learning. Learning matters. What our students learn
and do in the classroom will help them become exceptional mathematicians, physical therapists,
teachers, musicians, accountants, and law enforcement professionals. Our WHY, however, is often better revealed
to us as we watch our students defend their final projects, take their last tests, turn
in their final papers, and proudly walk across the stage at graduation signifying to the
world, they are here, they are ready, and they are well prepared. It is often in those final moments we have
with our students when we realize the privilege it is to teach a new and upcoming generation
of highly-skilled professionals. It is in these moments that we realize our WHY is not
just what our students learn, but who our students have and will become. My two most important teaching goals are and
always have been to provide my students with compelling and authentic opportunities to
identify their professional aspirations and to guide and mentor them as they travel their
academic journeys from engaged students to competent professionals to loyal ISU alumni. I know I have not been alone in these endeavors
because I see firsthand and on a daily basis how my faculty colleagues at ISU have served
their students in a similarly dedicated manner. On his day of investiture, I would like to
thank President Satterlee for giving us the opportunity and encouraging us to take a little
time out of our busy schedules to think about our WHY. In the past 10 months we have learned that
President Satterlee’s leadership is focused on creating a successful team and a collective
vision that supports our biggest and most important WHY – our students, their journeys,
and their bright and exciting futures. Thank you for this opportunity to share my
thoughts today. I am truly excited for the future of ISU under
President Satterlee’s leadership. And I look forward to our continued pursuit of our
WHY because, indeed, our students are why we Roar. And now is it my absolute pleasure to introduce
the President of the Associated Students of Idaho State University, Logan Schmidt. [ APPLAUSE ]>>LOGAN SCHMIDT: Thank you, Dr. Appleby. I am graduating this semester with a degree
in accounting. And within another year, I will be graduating with my master’s degree
from this university. During the past four years, I have had opportunities
to do things I never thought were possible. It is all because of this place, Idaho State
University. I have had a chance to advocate on behalf
of this University to elected officials, travel to Washington, DC, to present to Big Four
accounting firms, educate future Bengals about why Idaho State University should be their
home for the next four years, and made friends here who are more than friends. The Bengal
family is my family. I have mentors who have shaped me into a person
— a better person and have literally changed the trajectory of my life. I have been in the classroom with faculty
members who will in their spare time text me just to see how I am doing, faculty members
that have taken it upon themselves to reach out to me when I was struggling personally,
to take me to coffee, and to make sure I was just doing okay. They have kept me going,
kept me pursuing my future. I will walk across the commencement stage
next week because of them. Next week’s commencement might not have
been my path. If it had not been for my persistent mother who said I would — I WOULD go to college.
(Laughter) I might not have never — I might have never
had these opportunities. I might not be looking ahead at a future where I know that I can
do anything because of this university. I might not be standing right here in front
of the governor, our mayors, this Bengal family, and the president of this great university. I love Idaho State University. I love it because
it has changed my life. And I know it is changing the lives of other students. And I believe that this university is in a
great place because of a guy I met last May, a guy who doesn’t ask me to call him Mr.
President or Mr. Satterlee, just Kevin. When I first met him, he asked me what opportunities
there were for Idaho State. I was very nervous. I responded, you know, Idaho State’s — we’re
doing all right. We just need a little nudge. He responded immediately. He said, let’s
push. Let’s push Idaho State so every corner in the state of Idaho is striped in orange
and black. In his short time as president, he has done
just that. He has created a positive and exciting atmosphere for the ISU community. He truly is letting every inch of Idaho hear
our Roar. When people ask me about Kevin, I tell them. “We are lucky. We are very
lucky.” When I talk to Kevin and tell him what the
students are thinking, he really listens. He hears what we have to say, and he really
wants to make things better. And he does what he says he is going to do. So when Kevin says, “This state will hear
our Roar,” he means it. Get ready, Idaho. You are about to hear these Bengals roar. [ APPLAUSE ]>>LOGAN SCHMIDT: Thank you. Now I am very excited that we have Idaho State
Board of Education board members with us today. I have personally seen the university’s
governing board’s dedication to helping Idaho State University grow and thrive. I
am honored to introduce Dr. Linda Clark to the podium. [ APPLAUSE ]>>DR. LINDA CLARK: Thank you very much. Idaho State University has been served by
twelve administrative leaders since its founding in 1901. These individuals have all demonstrated
a shared commitment and resolute determination to provide providing leadership for this fine
institution. Today, we formally welcome to this distinguished
company, Kevin Satterlee. And I invite Kevin to come forward. [ APPLAUSE ]>>DR. LINDA CLARK: Kevin Satterlee, the State
Board of Education has chosen you as the president of Idaho State University. You will have the great privilege and responsibility
of leading Idaho State University to the fulfillment of its role and its mission. Established in 1901 as the Academy of Idaho,
Idaho State University has emerged as a regional undergraduate university. Kevin Satterlee, you fully realize that, like
your renowned predecessors, you must have the perseverance to maintain the pioneer spirit
in education that is Idaho State’s heritage. And now, by virtue of the authority of the
Idaho State Board of Education, placed over your shoulders is the great seal of Idaho
State University, the symbol of the office you now hold. On behalf of the Idaho State Board of Education,
I welcome you as president of Idaho State University. I attest our confidence in you
and pledge our support as you strive to perpetuate through the tradition of excellence that has
been Idaho State’s hallmark in the past and aspirations for the future. Ladies and Gentlemen, I now present to you,
the 13th president of Idaho State University, Kevin Satterlee. [ APPLAUSE ]>>PRESIDENT SATTERLEE: Thank you. I am humbled — humbled and honored. There’s
almost no other way to describe it, to describe what I’m feeling right now other than humbled
and honored. Governor Little, Lt. Governor McGeachin, Dr.
Clark, Mr. Westerberg, Ms. Atchley from our Board of Trustees the State of Board of Education,
to my colleagues, alumni, family, and friends too numerous to mention in the room today,
thank you. Thank you so much for coming. And to all of our students, our students everywhere,
thank you. And one last point, Governor Little, thank
you. Your presence here, supporting our campus as we move forward, it means a lot to me.
It means a lot to our campus and our entire community. So thank you for being here today. [ APPLAUSE ]>>PRESIDENT SATTERLEE: To be standing in
front of all of you right here on this stage in this amazing facility at this fantastic
university, it’s incredibly humbling, but it’s also a testament to what we do as an
institution and more importantly WHY we do it. I am standing here before you today as a first-generation
college graduate and as living proof why what we do matters, in short, why we Roar. [ APPLAUSE ]>>PRESIDENT SATTERLEE: I often give speeches
about leadership and the importance that leadership plays in every level of the university, not
at the top, but at every level of the university and how important that is to moving our university
and our mission forward. And one of the leadership tips, one of the
concepts that I talk about when I talk about leadership, is that for leaders, you can’t
fake passion. You either do or you do not have passion for our work as a university. Our students are why we are here. Our students
come to us to get an education. They come to us to better their lives. They come to
us to open up a world for them to experience and learn from. And to be a leader, at any
level of the university, you have to have passion for our WHY. You have to have passion
for this. [ VIDEO ]>>This is why we roar. [ MUSIC PLAYING ]>>This is why we roar. [ MUSIC PLAYING ]>>This is why we roar. [ MUSIC PLAYING ]>>This is why we roar. [ MUSIC PLAYING ]>>This is why we roar. [ MUSIC PLAYING ]>>This is why we roar. [ MUSIC PLAYING ] This is why we roar.>>PRESIDENT SATTERLEE: That is why we roar. [ APPLAUSE ]>>PRESIDENT SATTERLEE: You either are or
you are not moved by what you just saw. And every single person who works at the university
understands we come to work every day to be a part of that, to make that happen, to make
that experience happen for our students. We come to work and we GET to come to a university
to go to work. We GET to be a part of that. We GET to be part of having that impact on
the lives of our students every day. That is why we Roar. [ APPLAUSE ]>>PRESIDENT SATTERLEE: Next week at the commencement,
thanks to our faculty, we are going to recognize over 2500 students and bestow upon them, in
recognition of their hard work in your classes, certificates, associate degrees, bachelor’s
degrees, master’s degrees, doctorates, and professional credentials that will enable
them to go out in the world and achieve their dreams. That’s why you roar. [ APPLAUSE ]>>PRESIDENT SATTERLEE: And on the way, between
their March Through the Arch on their first day and when they march across the stage at
commencement, we are going to give them experiences that will stay with them forever, experiences
like just last month when our graduate students and graduate students from across the state
presented their masters thesis and doctoral presentations in the state’s first every Three-Minute
Thesis Competition. Imagine spending years researching and writing your thesis or your
dissertation and then having just three minutes to present your findings to a judge. I was so proud of our students and their performance
at that competition. Those are the kinds of experiences that our students are having at
Idaho State University. And students come to us for our Career Path
Internship Program. As many of you know in the audience, this is a fantastic program
that provides paid internships for Idaho State University students so they can go out and
not only get practical real-world experience while they’re a student, but they can get
paid along the way to help reduce some of the burden of the costs of college. This is
a fantastic program! [ APPLAUSE ]>>PRESIDENT SATTERLEE: It’s a program I talk
about wherever I go across the state because not only is it fantastic, but it’s one of
the things that distinguishes us as a university from other places. Students come here to experience international
night where they can experience culture from around the world, and it’s culture that’s
provided to them by their peers, by our own international students who provide the programming. Students come here to learn to make the world
a better place, like the students from our sustainability club, who want to use their
education to make a better, more environmentally friendly world for all of our collective futures. And students come here because of our debate
team. Now for those of you who follow our fantastic debate team, you already know this.
But for the rest of us, this year our debate team took their wins to a whole new level.
How about National Champions! [ APPLAUSE ]>>PRESIDENT SATTERLEE: Because it’s true,
Idaho State University debaters, Kaden Marchetti and Nate Mortimer, both Pocatello natives,
both current political science students, argued their way to the top of the public forum debate
in Pi Kappa Delta National Tournament held at Hofstra University in Hampstead, New York.
Our own homegrown National Champions! [ APPLAUSE ]>>PRESIDENT SATTERLEE: Yeah. That is why
we roar! [ LAUGHTER ]>>PRESIDENT SATTERLEE: Now to make sure that
our state and our entire region begins to realize why we roar, last fall, I made you
all a promise. Last fall I made you all a promise. And I said WE are going to start
talking about ourselves and the great things we do. And we’re going to start a new brand
image and marketing campaign to make sure this state hears our roar. Now many of you have seen the beginning, earlier
this month, of that campaign. But I want to show you how we are telling our story. I want
to show you the first few scenes we are sharing about Idaho State University’s story. [ VIDEO ]>>You’re going to miss this.>>What are you talking about?>>When you go off to that school?>>That school is Idaho State, man. Top-rated
college for skiers in the mountain west.>>Pow?>>Pow pow.>>Dude, I’m visiting you.>>I’m going for nuclear engineering, not
snowboarding.>>A nuclear engineer degree with a minor
in shredding. [ ROARING ] [ APPLAUSE ] [ VIDEO ]>>Last one.>>Everything’s the last this year. Last homecoming,
last football game.>>But you’re going to Idaho State to study…>>Psychology. Some day you’ll need an appointment
to see me.>>So you still get to do this.>>For another four years.>>Go Bengals.>>(Roaring)>>Is that the best you’ve got?>>(Roaring)>>(Roaring)>>(Roaring)>>(Roaring) [ ROARING ] [ APPLAUSE ] [VIDEO]>>Have you decided yet?>>Yeah.>>Man, I’m going to miss you.>>Ah.>>But I guess if you’re going to be a physical
therapist, Idaho State’s kind of the school, huh?>>Yeah. I want to do research and I can do
that as an undergrad at ISU. I can even help publish papers.>>I’ve got another year left, but let me
know how it goes.>>Do you even have what it takes to be a
Bengal? Bengals are fast?>>And they still let you in? [ ROARING ] [ APPLAUSE ] [ VIDEO ]>>Hey.>>(Roaring)>>What’s that?>>It’s a Cobb salad.>>(Roaring)>>No, I mean that.>>Oh. He got accepted into Idaho State.>>Oh.>>Says he wants to earn his PhD in engineering.
Get that?>>(Roaring)>>How long is that going to last?>>Let me see. You get your undergrad. You
get your Master’s.>>No.>>(Roaring)>>I mean that?>>(Roaring)>>Go Bengals.>>(Roaring)>>Go Bengals. [ ROARING ] [ APPLAUSE ]>>PRESIDENT SATTERLEE: Those are the moments
when a student decides they’re going to become a Bengal and what it means to them. And when that student chooses Idaho State
University, they deserve to know that we are all going to be there for them because we
are here — faculty, staff, alumni. We’re here for that student. We’re here for that one student who didn’t
even give me her name, but she walked up to me at the Student Organizational Fair in the
first week of classes. And she walked up to me and she told me she thought she was about
to give up, that she wasn’t sure if she was going to continue her education even though
she only had one year left. But she walked up to me and she said she wanted
to thank me because she had read the email I had sent out to students on the first day
of classes. In that email I had said this: I said, This
is the day where possibilities and dreams begin to converge. This is a day for fresh
starts and new intentions. This is a day to step forward into your life, to be brave and
resilient, to test the limits of what you think you can do. Today is the day to go boldly
towards the future you have always imagined. That was the message in my email to our students. She told me — she said, I read the message.
And I read it. And that message gave me what I needed to continue. I’m going to push through
and get my degree. She thanked me. And she walked away. So I was standing out on the quad, literally
tears welling up in my eyes, trying to compose myself, because something I said had made
a real impact on her life. And she was going to use that to complete her education and
better her life. That is why we Roar. [ APPLAUSE ]>>PRESIDENT SATTERLEE: Because our students
are here for one another. I know it and I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it in our student body
president, Logan Schmidt. Now about a month ago Logan was walking to
class, and he saw a person who was visually impaired having trouble navigating a crosswalk
on one of the streets around campus. Logan jumped in to help. He took the time to help
this person get to their destination. And he did it while no one was looking. He did
it because it was the right thing to do. Except, as it turns out, Logan didn’t realize that
one of our university employees was actually within earshot and heard the conversation,
just by happenstance happened to be close enough to hear it. And as Logan walked away
helping this person our employee snapped this candid photo. Student leaders like Logan and our students
doing the right thing even when they think no one is looking. That is why we roar? [ APPLAUSE ]>>PRESIDENT SATTERLEE: And our students,
they’re here for our future. Students like Bruce Blair, a first-generation college student.
And two weeks ago Bruce landed a Fulbright Scholarship. Yes, our very own Fulbright Scholar. [ APPLAUSE ]>>PRESIDENT SATTERLEE: He will study nuclear
materials repository in Finland. Bruce — Bruce said his mother cried when she heard the news
he got a Fulbright. Bruce is a doctoral student in political science. And he will join a research team for a nine-month
appointment in Finland to research the social impacts of nuclear materials repositories
because Finland is opening the first such site in the entire world and we want to know
what that means for our society. This is Idaho State University on the national
stage because of the actions of our students. That’s why we Roar. [ APPLAUSE ]>>PRESIDENT SATTERLEE: And now I have just
one last story to tell. Because I know that sometimes education is just about one kid.
And it’s that kid from small-town Idaho, a fourth-generation Idaho native, born and raised
here, spent all 12 years in the public school system. That kid who when he was in high school,
he asked his mom about getting a job in the lumber mill to maybe make a little bit of
money and his mom said that it was more important that he focused on his homework and his education.
And that in fact his real job — his real job was to get the grades he needed to get
a scholarship because she said to him, “You’re going to go to college one day.” That kid who ended up being a first-generation
college graduate, first in his family to get a Bachelor’s degree. And he got that degree
from one of our public state universities here in Idaho. And then he went on to get
his graduate degree from one of our other public state universities here in Idaho. And
then that kid later spends six years working for the attorney general, representing the
people of the state of Idaho where he learned phrases like “It’s easy to do the right thing
when everybody’s watching, but the real key is, do you do the right thing when no one
is watching?” And then after the AG’s office, he spent the
next 20 years working in Idaho’s higher education system trying to make it better, trying to
make a system where all of Idaho’s students will have the chance to better their lives
through higher education like he did. And then one day, this fourth-generation kid
from small town Idaho gets named president of Idaho State University. Getting named president of Idaho State University
is something that never would have happened if that kid didn’t go on and go on to higher
education. So, yeah, I’m pretty sure what we do in higher
education changes lives on an individual level. That kid is living proof — living proof that
what we do here makes a difference. And you know what else I know? I know that
kid is not alone. I know in fact that kid is represented on our own campus every day
by thousands — thousands of other students just like him from small towns all over our
state and our rejoin. So we always have to remember why we’re here.
We always have to be in the mode to help students better their lives. And I’m standing up here today to make a commitment
to that mission — a commitment that, as president, all of my decisions will be with our WHY in
mind, with our students in mind. Our goal is to help our students get an education
will be the basis for every decision I make in this position of high trust. And I get
to do that every day working side by side with a faculty and staff who have demonstrated
that they have a steadfast devotion to the concept and principles of a student-centric
education, where dedication to our students, dedication to our WHY is our calling. And
I know and have observed that I work where a faculty and staff and leaders of this university
are answering that call. So if you are a student and you want an education
at a place that understands you, at a place that understands our student-centric mission,
that understands our WHY and understands why we are here, then you have found your home!
You have found your Roar! Come join this Roar! Roar, Bengals, Roar! [ APPLAUSE ]>>PRESIDENT SATTERLEE: Thank you, Governor.
Thank you. [ APPLAUSE ]>>PRESIDENT SATTERLEE: Thank you. Thank you.
And, everyone, please join me and please remain standing while we welcome the Idaho State
University Concert Choir conducted by Dr. Scott Anderson to sing the University Alma
Mater. ♪♪ Hail to thee our Alma Mater ♪ Glorious is thy name ♪ Ever more thy sons and daughters ♪ Carry on thy fame ♪ May thy students e’er be loyal ♪ To thy memory true ♪ Hail to thee our Alma Mater ♪ Hail to ISU ♪♪ [ APPLAUSE ]>>DR. LYN REDINGTON: Please be seated. Through his actions and his words, President
Satterlee has shared his philosophy and vision for us and Idaho State University. Personally and professionally, I have been
inspired by his leadership and commitment to our students, our ISU community, and our
collective success. It is an honor and a privilege to work with
him, learn from him, and to call him my president. Following the ceremony, please join President
Satterlee at the luncheon which is located under the tents on the lawn. Our sincere thanks to all who have shared
their insights and wisdom this morning as we celebrate the beginning of a new chapter
in the history of Idaho State University. Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand for the
Investiture Platform Recessional. [ MUSIC PLAYING ] [ APPLAUSE ]

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