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Inviting Engagement

My name is Diane Holtam. I teach third grade at Blount Elementary School
in Montgomery, Alabama. When the Hyundai plant opened, we received
a large number of children from Korea, and many of them did not speak any English. We were able to create a special Korean support
meeting, and we were so surprised because we had about 76 Korean parents that attended. At the meeting, we had a translator that was
able to explain to our parents from Korea that we were just so pleased to have them,
and we wanted to hear any of their concerns. We were also quite delighted to be able to
take that opportunity to ask them if they could come in and help us in the school and
volunteer as parents. We had several Korean parents that expressed
that they were so shy about coming in to help with the classroom because they felt like
their English language skills were so poor that they would not be able to help out very
much. We were able to share with them that there
were many different jobs that we could use them for, such as helping to check out books
at the library, to work at our library book fairs, to help copy papers for teachers. Another use that we found was that they were
able to help take the children from Korea to go to the ESL classes and escort them there
as well. There were just many different ways that they
could volunteer and be a part of our school and feel a part of our community, and everyone
was able to feel at ease and comfortable, and everyone felt very welcome.

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