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Iowa Central 2017 Graduation Ceremony

Iowa Central 2017 Graduation Ceremony

you yeah you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you please remain standing for a moment of
remembrance honoring faculty staff and students who have passed away during
this academic year and for those who have died in service of our country please remain standing as the national
anthem is sung by our Iowa central vocal jazz jazz ensemble you you you see my dawn’s early light what so
proudly we lost last week me whose broad stripes and bright the star-spangled Oh you may take your seats welcome friends and family who came here
this evening to honor these graduates for their academic accomplishments thank
you for attending this evening at conclusion of this ceremony I encourage
you to join us in the Triton Cafe to honor our graduates in our annual
graduation reception at this time I’d like to take a moment to recognize a few
groups first the faculty administration and support staff that encouraged and
guided your achievement to this goal we have an outstanding faculty and staff
who we are very proud of with the faculty staff please stand we are pleased to have all our faculty
and staff that example by the college value of the student first philosophy
here at Iowa central we also have a number of alumni devaya WA central an
attendance this evening I’d asked that you stand so you can be recognized on behalf the Board of Trustees
administration faculty and professional staff staff I extend my congratulations
to you graduates this ceremony today is to celebrate your achievement and we are
pleased to be here to help you celebrate as you leave Iowa Central today and go
out into the world for the careers that you studied for here or continuing
education at the knacks next level we invite you to return to Iowa Central
even though you will now be alumni from time to time we’d enjoy updates on how
you are doing I encourage you to stay in contact with the college and the faculty
staff that you’ve come to know here through the reach Studies so even though
you’ll be graduating we are sincere in saying you’ll always be welcomed at Iowa
Central and part of the Trident family we wish you well and success now I’d like to introduce the platform
this evening so please stand as you are recognized Alex Jackson student speaker Ben Kenobi student speaker Bailey Porter
student ambassador miss Connie Smith trustee mr. Jim Kherson vice president external
affairs and governmental relations dr. Dre on Johnson vice president
instruction Missy Angie Martin vice president business affairs mr. Tom
chelsa Vick trustee mr. mark kremens president board of trustees and mr. Tom
Beneke vice president Ruhlman Management and Student Development at this time I
invite mr. Crimmins to the podium you this is my 22nd year on the board and
the ice give me a script and for 22 years it’s been exactly the same I don’t
read the script I’m here to welcome everyone on behalf of the Board of
Trustees so on behalf of the Board of Trustees I first want to welcome our
graduate I want to thank you for entrusting Iowa central to be part of
your education we’re proud of you we’re proud of your accomplishment and I would
tell you this this is our fiftieth year so both the stage and the graduates are
kind of celebrating a milestone this year with your successes and our 50-year
anniversary so welcome on behalf of the Board of Directors on behalf of the
Board of Directors I also want to welcome the parent the family the
friends the spouses whoever comes here to support our graduate we to thank you
for trusting us with your children with your spouse’s sending them here it’s our
hope that when you leave here today and as the years go by you will look back on
Iowa Central with some fond memories this further our hope that you will look
back and think that we had some in some way a way or a part of shaping you and
your future again thank you for coming here thank you for trusting us and
welcome to Iowa Central Community College graduation hello my name is Bailey Porter and I’m a
student ambassador I’m here tonight to award our second annual golden Triton
award the golden Triton award is given to one faculty member and one staff
member each year in recognition of their excellent service to Iowa Central
Community College students the recipients of this award are nominated
by current Iowa central students this year’s faculty nomination shows
characteristics of a true Triton he is quote always fair honest very courteous
and is always there to help you at any time of the day he isn’t here for the
money he’s here to help students succeed graduate and is even there for students
who have graduated isn’t that what being a teacher is all about congratulations
on being the 2017 recipient of the golden Triton mr. EDD Vig this year we had many staff nominations
the nomination that stood out the most spoke of a staff member who quote truly
cared about each and every one of us as a musician’s person and student he gives
us the guidance we need to be successful in and out of the classroom his love of
Iowa central shows it is my honor tonight to present this award to mr.
Jeromy Smith good evening graduates friends family
staff faculty and administration of Iowa Central Community College I am Ben
Kenobi and I have had the honor of serving as your student body president
this past school year I would like to start out by saying how proud I am of
each and every one of you for accomplishing your professional and
personal goals that you have set for yourself and how these make you a part
of the Titan family did you know Iowa Central was organized
51 years ago in 1966 and on the firm foundation of three junior colleges they
were Fort Dodge Webster City and Eagle Grove we all know Iowa Central’s mascot
is a Triton but how many of you truly know what a Triton is let’s take a trip
back to mythological times it starts with Poseidon god of the sea Poseidon
and his wife had a son which made them a family of three they named their son
Triton which means messenger of the sea Iowa Central is famous for being
associated with the iconic symbol of a trident which is a three-pronged fork
for example oh excuse me there are multiple symbolic reasons regarding the
importance of a trident for example our days are broken into morning noon and
night the three L’s live laugh love beginning middle and end and the Triton
also represents past present and future in some way shape or form
our paths have all crossed past with each other if it was coming to freshman
orientation moving into the apartments standing in line at the bookstore or
getting lost at least five times in the first week of classes whatever this
whatever the scenario may be at one of those moments we became a part of the
Triton family and regardless of our past endeavors whether they are positive or
negative that made you sitting where you are today and that leads to my next
point we are all currently sitting here in Hodges Fieldhouse it might be a
little warm in here or that could be just me graduates I want you to stop and
look around you may see the face of your friends family or even a complete
stranger honestly it doesn’t matter who you made eye contact with because
there’s one person who decided to stay motivated
even though we all said I’m dropping out and that person is you so be proud of
yourself I’m going to be honest with you the word future sends chills down my
back because that means I don’t know what will happen but whatever I whatever
does happen I know I’m grateful for my experiences at Iowa Central all of us
have different places to go in the future whether it’s to transfer on go
into the workforce or even travel the world but who knows our paths might
cross again in the future but whatever it may be embrace every moment to your
fullest potential as I bring my speech to a close I want to say how honored and
humbled I am to be given the opportunity to speak to you today I’m sad to say
that this is the end of my journey at Iowa central it’s been a great three
years and I’m really going to miss it I want to end with a quote with a little
twist on it Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter from the Harry Potter movies once
said while we come from different places and speak in different tongues our
hearts beat as one as a part of the trenton family thank you god take a
selfie so I bet this feels like high school
again right y’all sit in there and your caps and gowns being forced to lit I
mean blessed to listen to somebody behind a microphone for a few minutes of
barely well-written babbling however this moment is different and frankly so
much more incredible than back then we’ve all congregated to this bustling
metropolis of Fort Dodge Iowa or deserted village for my friends over
there in Chicago for what to look out the windows and see corn every day or
soybeans no we all came here to further our education whether it’s to help us on
to a four-year university or to dive directly into the workforce essentially
we all get the slip of paper with dr. Kenny’s impressive italic signature and
move on as more esteemed citizens in society but what else one to potentially
three years for a simple piece of paper and a societal popularity boost it seems
kind of anticlimactic not that dr. Kinney signature won’t be
one of my most cherished possessions but for me I realized that the real success
the pinnacle of our collegiate achievement lies not within a degree but
within the relationships we’ve made along the way the people here they care
about us they open up about their lives for us to help and open our own pathways
in life how else would I have grown in my faith in college if it weren’t for
Rachel Black’s incredible contribution through University how else would I know
how to save my pets from please if it weren’t for doctor and veterinary
background oh and most importantly how else would I know what to get at
Starbucks if it were for my coach Brown recommending a mm-hmm
triple venti white mocha with six pumps no milk no whipped cream and stirred
please and the students these professors
advisers and coaches encounter are second to none Iowa Central is such a
blessing with its presence of diversity in such a
tight-knit small community feel in an eight-hour span of my typical day I see
peers from all around the world the Dominican Republic Canada Colombia and
England to name a few and then my teammates from Jamaica Kenya Poland
Barbados Australia and Ethiopia oh and I’m telling you guys if you haven’t
eaten Ethiopian food yet you haven’t lived so go find a guy named Asher Roby
in the back I see him there ask for injera inj er eh you’ll thank me later
trust me so good and with the people I’ve met in these friends I’ve made I
have more incentive to go travel the world because now I have some friends to
see wherever I land and who knew that that would come from here in Fort Dodge
Iowa now while many of us won’t pack our bags buy a plane ticket and flaunt our
shiny new degrees around the world we will all experience a significant change
in the near future no matter what and the people that we’ve met on this
journey that close circle we’ve made with our best friends we need to cling
to them now more than ever as we venture into new jobs new colleges and new
cities heck we truly don’t know where we’re going to end up and that’s why we
need these relationships so don’t burn any bridges even if you are a pyromaniac
I’m so thankful that I’ll always have a familiar face around the world even if I
find myself in southeastern Australia Poland Spain Israel or some village
called Lorenz Iowa population of 20 been 30 okay it’s only them there’s so much
change to come for all of us and and for what what are we reaching for anyway and
why are we reaching for it well to answer those questions I would have to
know the meaning of life and that’s a question for the big guy upstairs but I
can make an educated guess on this by reflecting on my own life experiences at
my wise old age of 20 so take it with a grain of salt I believe that we’re here
for a reason and we’ve all been given inherent talents gifts and a
ladies that may be either active or dormant at the moment therefore whether
you know your passion your talent your gift or not just go start working hard
and whatever path is lying before you in my life the most joyful journeys and
moments stem from putting dedication and effort into improving these abilities
and not just alone but with other like-minded people and that’s the key
after two years of running alongside incredible people on the Tritan track
and cross-country teams and performing alongside the most talented and genuine
people in the performing arts department I can confidently say that the people
around you and your passions will contribute most to your joy your
happiness and your success so like any renowned speaker which I am NOT I’m
going to leave all of you with a challenge and if you take anything away
from this speech which is gone for minutes or so I didn’t really time and
I’m lying take away these next three sentences one embrace everything as if
it happens for a good reason to seek happiness and joy in all that you do in
the Monday mornings and the long lines at lunch and on the rainy days where you
forgot an umbrella three get lost in the beauty of every moment as the famous
Canadian philosopher Eminem once said lose yourself in the music the moment
you own it don’t you ever let it go you only get one shot do not miss your
chance to blow this opportunity comes once in a lifetime
yo so graduates let’s take our shot and as
Percy blank Andy would sing never hold back your step for a moment never doubt
that your courage will grow hold your head even higher and into the fire we go
god bless thank you all right so that was a very it’s an old
farewell song is popular in Scotland and Ireland before auld lang syne was
written it’s a happy and a sad song because on one hand we’re saying goodbye
to our friends and wishing each other well however we’re not sure if we’re
ever gonna see each other again but we’re gonna make it the best of the time
that we have left this is the parting glass of all the money that a de hija I
sent is good and all the horn I’ve ever done it was to none but me and all i ha we call so fill to me the parting glass
good night and joy be so fill to me the parting glass and drink ahead whatever
falls and gently rise and softly call good night and joy be to of all the comrades that hair I had
there sorry for my going away I had they wished me one more day to say but since
it fell into my thought that I should rise and you should not I gently rise
and softly call good night and joy be to die I die die die die die die die die die
die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die
die die die die die die die ha but since it fell into my lot and I
should rise and you sure but I gently rise and softly call good
night enjoy me too all so fill to me the parting glass and
drink aha what a B balls and gently rise and softly call good I had to good I have an important task to do but
before I do that I gotta make one quick observation there can be absolutely no
question in anyone’s mind who mr. Jackson’s mother is I met she’s our
director of theater here and I met with him before the graduation at the dinner
and said are you as long-winded as your mother and he’s not but he’s equally as
dramatic as she is so well done now the important things and I have to use my
script for this it is now my privilege to present the graduates for the
conferring of degrees with all graduates please rise dr. Kenny on behalf of the Faculty of
Iowa Central Community College I present these persons as candidates for the high
school equivalency diploma the certificates and diplomas and degrees of
associate of Applied Sciences associate of Applied Arts associate of
Professional Studies associate of general studies associate of Sciences
and Associate of Arts as each is identified in the official commencement
program by authority vested in me by the Board of Trustees of Iowa Central
Community College and contingent upon successful completion of all coursework
I here confirm upon you the high school equivalency diplomas the certificates
diplomas and degrees of associate of Applied Science Associate of Applied
Arts associate Professional Studies associate of general studies Associate
of Science and Associate of Arts you may be seated you oh testing okay will the candidates for
the high school equipment equivalency diploma please rise and proceed to the
stage for the presentation of diplomas Kayla Ellen Deanna Chamberlain Brooklyn clumb Lizabeth Escobar Tana
Gamache Elsa Gonzales saw a plea who Connie Lamone Z Maria Dylan mirror Jessica Monta Griego Preston Mosley Christopher Niemeyer Kendra Peters Abby
piak Opta Alexis Porter Christian James Skelly margarita Vasquez while the candidates for certificates
diplomas and degrees of associate and Applied Sciences and associate of
Applied Arts please rise and proceed to the stage for the presentation of
diplomas McKenzie Madson Seth Christianson Bradley Godwin Benjamin shavers Joe Heckman Manuel
Magana Jeremiah Medina Deon Parkhurst Antonio Rios Spencer simp
key Cory Schaeffer Aaron : Spencer Burley Brian Joseph Carol Samantha P lens Megan Elizabeth Martin Dale eirick Joshua Pepin Hagin Catherine Sanders a more Taylor Cassidy
Karstens Kaylee Nunnally Katie stellar Margaret Williams Jessie
Furman Kathleen Ferran Wyatt lawmen ed guar
Naggar teh Tara fortune Kelsey Richardson Abby
Schaffner Kaylie Smith Bethany Brown Gibeon bet Michelle Kelly get zip afire chap 1:9 mooch guy Beth do
with Paris think Lea Catherine hovel Richard Juma Catherine Boog wha Cassandra Mendoza kimra Mayer Melissa
dentling er Rockwell nájera Aaron Webber Joshua Nathaniel Baker grant Helle su-lin Paul David Miller Adam Morgan Louise Santen Shanda talk Noah Thurston Cameron young Kimberly Arnold Kimberly Garcia Taylor Griffin Rebecca Hardin Morgan Lumbergh Cassandra
roost Jakob Keller Colton Lumbergh Elizabeth
and Erlich Lisa Anderson Maggie
Anderson shall be Babcock Lindsay Bruce velvet Buford Melanie Downey Britney Theron Samantha Ferran cop Katie Flanagan Nicole foot Winnie guitar Dominic gleeko Lauren Halden Amanda
hammer Tiffany Hefner Stephanie hoppy Chantal
Jensen Elena John’s Tori Jones grace carbo Isaiah
Cabrera Zainab Khalif Leonard curium ah Stephanie coal ash chalene Craig all bliss crews Amanda
more paska J Myers Douglas Oh Nagi Alain Oaks Sara oak my immaculate Oh Massa Thomas
on Dora Shelby Paso Stephanie Peterson Jessica Piper Liana Powell Jenna Ramirez hey Lee Richardson Kyla Rogers Dominic
Saverio Shem Nehemiah Megan Simpson Tabitha Stouffer Rebecca sunken Courtney tae-hwan Torres Casey Baba Lacey Vasquez Elizabeth welke Theresa winger Mikayla white more cat
Jackson Dietrich keys Shane Sternberg Brady flowers Andrew
Thomas Raymond Clem Elijah the wet Derek Levesque ah Lucas O’Conner Andrew quano nez Wyatt Swanson Austin gene Bohr Brandon L Jones Preston Kamara Kyle or Austin Schwindt Shawn Valley Antonio Guevara Greiner Teresa warden Morgan Lister Christina Brooks Austin Hurley Chelsea Jones Devin Taylor Jason Hicks Colton Manning justice Peterson Travis Stan Berg Daniel black Calvin
campy Brandon prema Gavin frakking one Garcia Tyler casera Nathan McFerrin TN win Lucas Risha V Ruby Celia deonda Hannah
Hoffa Colby Halliwell Matt Kennebec Michael Mills Daniel Ramirez via josef
rosales Aaron Beck Bronk Cameron Fitch Mackenzie Ariana fountain Christie and
Jergens Lexie crush wits Bailey porter Jacob meskhi to Kwan Schumacher McKenzie Schwenke Michelle Taylor McKenna Anderson Macy DeVries Pamela hunter Shannon Kennebec Emily
Moran Arianna Norum Bailey Peters Kate Sternberg Kendyl Bacchus Gregory Bergen Alex blim Jesse bogan
grief Matt boating Bret Eugene crease Alexander John Davis Scott denckla Kobe
Everhard Harrison gaber’s Nicolas Henry Jacob Kaiser Mitchell class Trevor
Larson Braden McClenathan Lynne Mulholland Blake Nelson Levi no vents
key Jacob Paulson Damon D Perry Logan Douglas Prime Jonathan D frisky Buster Lee pit cocks Isaac sour Justin K Valentine Brody vas key Adam
boss Jeb Weingarten Evan wolf Graham Cole
young Dale Brandon Michael Archibald Brady cotner David James Epps mark bag Ernest Gaytan Gonzalez Tyler Jacobson Spencer
Johnson vanalai k apana shellman mark alina Nicholas Neeson William row Derek a prelim Blake Porter Riley Ricker’s Austin rossabi Jacob schwinkle Joshua
Robert sprinkler Justin Olmstead Andrew week Minh Cal be one cell Riley crook justin has a back Simon naxi shirt sure a Robert shower Elijah one Carthon Yanis Olivas Kyle
Wenger Rachel McIntosh Brandon Lucas wrecker Charlotte web Michael Brown boy when Justin main Amanda Frazier Haley Hill Monica Hughes Courtney Little
John Jodi Messerly Sarah Allen Dyke amber Paul’s McKenzie Paseka Shanna Margaret Sanderson Melanie temple Michelle worked Jess JC crafts Josie Lynne Ferrari Lynn groves Aviva
leudtke Dallas Smith Carissa Warren Kelsey West Garrett Armstrong Alexander Markov Cassandra Rose Taylor
Akeno Stephanie Luth Charlene bass Michaela Schneider Teresa
Thomas Crowley Marissa Anderson hastin Dunaway Jeannette govern Brooke Hill Savannah Jacobs Tyler
mccurdy Madison Rufus Hana shipler Brina Wignall Elena McDonald Carter lake Dianna M famine Benjamin Hartman Thomas
Miller Ted spark Ryan weird uh Zachary young Michaela
Brinkley sites Sarah Camden Hinda mort’s page seaward give me a little water break
will the candidates for certificates diplomas and degrees of associate
applied science and associate of Applied Arts please rise and proceed to the
stage for the presentation of diplomas I think I missed it I think I’m missing no I think a degree of a
I think I did that wrong Tom hold on well the candidates for the degree of
associate of Professional Studies is that where we’re at Thank You of
Professional Studies it’s my first time here okay well the candidates for the
degree of associate of Professional Studies associate of general studies
associate of Sciences and Associate of Arts please rise and proceed to the
stage for the presentation of diplomas Ashley Albers Angela been filled page
birdie Robert Bodine Megan Boyd Courtney
Carlson Jordan Cleveland Debra cook Maria Cortez Seth kraut Hamill Katya Gonzalez Marcus
Inman Tanner Kehoe Michael Gerber Jenna craft Shane Procop Stevens Daniel Phillips Cara Salinas a Leo Sangha Genesee Sankey Katherine
Elizabeth shown Cassandra chemin Shannon Joanna Mickelson Sarah Rasmussen Danielle and the Swartz Ashley Smith Mary McCune Maria Magana Molly PTIN Aurora Rodriguez Rebecca Wilhelm Amanda Bachmann Aaron Mitchell Natalie
Craven’s Jessica Gunderson Jason McVicar Tyler Alex Stephanie Allah nice Jared Amato Marisa Anderson Riley Ballantine Jordan
Jermaine Baldwin Guadalupe Baltazar Laura J Baltazar Sophia baraz Kareem
Bartley Robert Adams Jacob Becker Francisco Balam deja near
Brown Elizabeth Buckingham Wesley button Bach chase almond Sara browning Dylan burr
guard Meredith Callahan Chelsea car Carlos champagne Hannah
Chai’s Peyton Christie evany Colby Brady cook Danielle
Cordia Nome a leandro cruise Cynthia Cruz Falcon Sydney Edward Davis Keely Donaldson Darren Dubois Jade
Fitzgerald Claire flattering Julia Fletcher Saida Garcia a Brill Garcia war
ass Eleazar Debray John Garber Miriam Courtney Gentry Alisa
glaza Stefan gray Cassie green zimmi green Cheyenne broght Alexandria guten
cough – Eva halt Megan Hammond faith Hanson Abigail
Harbert Ashton hattingh in Hensley koi Wong the queries Hollis Garrett ho top Alma Howard Oh Waldo hot roll Alexander Jackson Cassady chanson de Nikko Johnson Kaitlin
Jones Jessica Juarez Kylie Kelling Jeremy
Knutson hailey conditioning shoot air con Jessica Kraus Kylie calper hardy Kume so Anthony labor Yesenia
Lara Sarah Renee Larson Xavier lavender Ethan ley de Boer Hannah Lynch James
Lovell Karina Mellinger Preston Manor neck Abdul I men’s Aram Dottie man’s array Wendy marques Allison Martin Molly
Mathis Keaton McNeely Brenda marrow Lance Miller Alyssa Montoya Lexus Hmong
na bong Brandon Miree Chloe Narborough Nicole Navarrete angel
Neiman Linnea Newell ashlynn Nicholson troll Khan Newell mercy neon Victor
Oh gotcha Kimberly Oliva Mariah Jade Olsen Daniel Anya Goren Brandi Osbourne Alicia
Osbourne Darius Palmer Cody James Park Alexandria Paulson Colleen
piece Alexis Lynn Peterson Jessica Pierce Marquis Chabot
Pierce Ryan Pitz Amanda Propst Marik Purcell Jordan
Rasmussen Austin reading Danielle Riggins Mateo Rodriguez Sophia Rowland de meet
rose Madison rusul Oh Logan sappers the vota
P Sangha Kelsey Scott Amelia cipher kiante Sherrod Kourtney
sherburn Jenna short Mercedes siling Parker Joseph Slagle Heather Spangler drew Spencer jameelah
Chang Hong Austin Sorensen Kayla strand Brandon Scott store Laura tails Garcia Christian stock Dion Tobby guitar hunter these fell Joshua till giuse Benjamin Thompson Cassandra Kevin Armando
Torres Jose Trinidad kou bang Lindsey Velez Elizabeth Ray Wagner Cassidy Wahlstrom cray Washington Kylie Wendelin Brooklyn Eileen went Nicole Wentzel Quentin Rin Nathaniel yet Mar Olivia
young promise Zuo dr. Kenny this concludes the
presentation of all graduates graduates you may switch your tassels
congratulations in celebration of our 2017 graduates and
families please join Iowa central faculty and staff for reception and
Triton cafe immediate following the recessional we do request that you allow
the procession of the platform guests faculty and graduates to exhibit to exit
the Fieldhouse first family and friends please exit to the East doors and
proceed to the reception at the Triton cafe where you’ll join your graduate our
commencement exercise for today will conclude with a special tribute to our
graduates from the entire Iowa Central Community College family brought to you
via the video presentation and we ask that you please remain seated while the
lights go down the images will appear on the east and west walls of field house
representing our student body from the participation in different student
activities and events throughout the 2016-2017 academic year Thank You
students for representing Iowa Central Community College and for those fond
memories that we have and now in dedication of the 2017 graduates of Iowa
Central Community College the presentation congratulations you open you take that jump don’t feel open
crowd screams out screaming your name hope if everybody runs you too sister hope that you fall in love and it hurt
so bad you can get it all you but you don’t suffer the take open the
morning comes you say this I swear I lived hope that you spend your
days but they all ladder you we’ve a
run till my mom comes I’ll say I swear Alan I swear I swear I I swear you you

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