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  1. get $10 free bitcoin when here fantastic show

  2. I would have watched if Beyoncé was part of the guests but naaah hahaha lol. I believe it was fabulous but not so mich for me to even follow it. Congrats on them. Come over to Tetiaroa The Brando hotel (French Polynesia).

  3. As I saw his face live while watching the wedding, I was thinking “ah yeah there gonna be a whole big discussion about his grumpy face, and he’s going to mention it in his show”

  4. Here’s the thing, when they keep talking of the “inclusive” aspect to the wedding I feel like it takes something away from the actual couple. I just want to ask: “you did this for love right? It’s not some celebrity marriage to make a point?” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that at all, but I’d be ticked if I were married and all the guests could talk about was the “inclusivity”, like duh doesn’t the couple themselves make that statement without people making a pc moment out of my wedding!

  5. Idk why..but I thought he was gay!?? The only time I've seen him, was on karokee show..i didn't know he was married to a woman lol


  7. I think they should be a Gavin and Stacey reunion and they should be another series but I am proud to be British💯❤️

  8. You have had many skits or times being photographed with flowers. Such a lame joke to make. Not funny at all. ''Proud to be British''……more like proud to be an expat of an imperialist nation.

  9. "One of the most beautiful ceremonies i've ever been to" I would hope so James, the tax payers paid millions for it.

  10. Most beautiful, wonderful, inclusive. Millions of people watched, Elton John, George Clooney …. blah blah blah. "think i'll rub it in the low life's faces". #whatever

  11. The facial expression is because it dawned on him he's sick of hearing about these people as much as the rest of the world.

  12. The British Monarchy is a backward institution and the expense of a royal wedding is a drain of financial resources on the treasury that could have gone to vital national services. Cordon comes off as rather a clueless and privileged sycophant in this unpleasant video.

  13. James is a terrible, egotistical, and stuck up person irl so I’m like 99% sure that this “ohh hehe I’m so cute and quirky I just had a lil sneezyweezy” is a coverup for his resting asshole face.

  14. the wedding was real lame, the magic of the royal family stands on elegance and tradicions, if you change that, people won't find them so special anymore, therefore the lack of interest compared to William's wedding
    all I can say, don't fix what isn't broken

  15. the days of talent have gone .. pure fluke or just good placing by shady bbc unloading this tub of cringeworthy lard on us

  16. Internal sneezes never work for me. My mouth ends up flying open then slamming shut and it sounds like Gabriel's trumpet too.

  17. Meghan is an opportunistic and parasitic former ghetto whore and has used men all her life. She has now hit the jackpot with Harry who is unfortunately not the brightest in the bunch and is emotionally fragile. Meghan THINKS she will be still able to say what she wants and go wherever she wishes but that is not the case. Like all minor royals, and certainly all those NOT of blood royal, she will be very closely controlled by the palace staff (courtiers) and simply not permitted to do as she wishes. Sadly, Meghan is quite unsophisticated, being far too uncouth and brash, with 'ghetto' attributes to comprehend her trashy slut like actions are not ladylike. Although it's understood she is finally being given “extensive etiquette, deportment and elocution lessons" the constant vulgar sexual 'touching' of herself ‘rubbing’ and 'scratching' (her ghetto EX CON Lesbian mother also demonstrates this – probably as a result of infestations) is particularly disturbing and repulsive.

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