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  1. Jenns engagement suprise is the cutest thing ever!! Made me smile so much and so happy for them. Sucks u were unwell steph, hope ur all fully recovered and have an amazing 2017!

  2. Oh my god when you count down with your mom on the phone and she's soooo happy to count down with you made me feel all the feels and tear up a little. Your mom is the sweetest! I'm so sorry you got so sick but I'm glad you're feeling better! Much love 🙂

  3. Ahh I got strep throat during Winter Break too and it sucked! Cute that you got to countdown with your mom though 🙂

  4. i cant stop tearing up i followed you guys eversince and I'm so happ seeing you grow up and enjoy your life <3

  5. This was super awesome! Wishing you a new year full of epic blessings! Thank you for sharing so much awesomeness with us! Feel better soon! Happy New Year!

  6. Oh this was so lovely, I definetely teared up a couple of times. You have the most awesome group of friends, it makes me think that there is a silver lining to growing up. Even though now life doesn't seem the best for me, I'm sticking it out because I look forward to living that stage of life when I can have those special moments with my friends and celebrate like that. And your phone call with your mom was so precious. Thanks for sharing Stephanie <3

  7. "It's real Segundo hour, it's my turn to party!!"
    * Films a really long limo, condensation on a window, some drunk guy wearing a wig's outfit, a wasted Amy Pham*

    You did good Segundo, you did good lmao

  8. shitty things happen on new years eve in Vancouver, BC too.. bought tickets for a NYE downtown party but all of a sudden there was a snow storm??? Couldnt even make it to the party THEN got sick at 10pm…. hope youre feeling better soon!!!

  9. Awww so sad that you got sick but I hope that you will bounce back and get back on your feet!! Loved seeing your vlog and I can't wait to see what you will post in the future!!

  10. this was so great !!! love watching 2 YT friends with all their friends just having a good time ! 🙂 congrats again Jen ! & hope you're now feeling 100 percent better Steph !

  11. Girl I feel it, I had strep throat for 2 weeks on Christmas and literally felt like I was going to die it was horrible. I hope you feel better soon!!!

  12. I'm in love with those Prada eyeglasses! does anybody know the name of the style and/or if they're still available? thanks loves! 😙

  13. I hope you know how much your comment about "join the sisterhood no matter your gender identity or preferred pronouns" means. <3 Love you Stef.

  14. I had strep throat & needed to see a Fijian specialist, I was on so much medication & I didn't go to school for so many weeks and I missed a lot of work 🙁 so igi

  15. Congrats Jenn! 😃 been following Clothesencounters since her uni days, can't believe she's getting married…and owhh, I like your friendship with Segundo, wish I had a friend like that 😆😀

  16. hey stephanie happy new year, i was also bedridden for the countdown – i actually missed it cuz i was knocked out after taking nyquil lol i woke up and it was the new year lol it can only get better from this for us right 😀

  17. i love your videos!! ur so awesome! i missed ur meet up in montreal last time you were here, hope you come back soon!

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