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JHU Graduate Program White Coating Ceremony | Amanda’s Story

JHU Graduate Program White Coating Ceremony | Amanda’s Story

[MUSIC]>>I’m just making my lunch for
the day. We’re about to head out and
get my parents from the airport. So it’s exciting. It’s the first time
they’ve been to Baltimore. Because we have the white
coat ceremony today, so that probably be
pretty exciting. My name’s Amanda Edwards. I’m a biomedical engineering
PhD student in the School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins and
I work in two different labs. I’m using robotic interventions
to help people with neurological deficits to move like
they’re supposed to. Ever since I was a little kid
I would come up with ideas for inventions. And my dad would write them down
in an invention notebook, so that way they were legible
because as a five year old, what you draw and write is pretty much stick
people and backwards letters. I wanted something that
was both creative and mechanical problem solving so that was the mechanical
engineering aspect and I also wanted something
that helped people and I was particularly interested
in neuroscience so that’s where the bio-mechanical
engineering came in. Salem! My parents have always been
there me really close and we do a lot of stuff together. So it’s nice that they
could be here and share this moment with me. So for medical students the
white coat has always been their right of passage. But as of the past year Hopkins
has been offering white coat ceremony for PhD students in
the school of medicine as well, recognizing their accomplishment
in passing their oral exam. It’s part of their path
to becoming a doctor.>>But I think that it’s actually the most exciting
time in your life, and it should be a time that you
should embrace and enjoy. So my advice to you
is to work hard. Have a lot of fun. And in the process get these
beautiful old white coats dirty.>>[LAUGH] [APPLAUSE]
>>My coat was actually in the rafters
of the big house.>>[LAUGH]
>>Research ethics, honesty, that’s the most
important thing, and that’s what this
coat symbolizes. So as you receive your
coat today don’t wait for months to figuring out. Figure it out today. Wear it to home,
wear it to bed tonight. [LAUGH]
>>Amanda Edwards.>>This is an important
milestone because essentially the students have shown
us that they can operate at a level that we’d expect
of a budding scientist and someone that’s going to join our
ranks as PhD level scientists. And the fact they take this
oath, I think is very important. Because everything
they spoke to, are really the core values for
being a good scientist. And I think it’s unique for
students to say those things out loud, even though it’s something
that’s kind of unspoken, is very important.>>This white coat ceremony for me is, kind of a marking
of a transition between coursework and those basic
program requirements and actually doing research and
being more of a scientist, and really putting all
of my focus on that. It’s kind of recognition of what
I’ve accomplished as well as a kind of transition to what I’m
going to be doing in the future. [CROSSTALK]
>>And it’s really exciting. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]

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  1. Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉You have looked forward to this for years. Great job.

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