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Jim Jefferies Compares Trump’s U.S. Naturalization Ceremony Speech to Obama’s

Jim Jefferies Compares Trump’s U.S. Naturalization Ceremony Speech to Obama’s

-We’ve got some good news here. Since the last time
you’ve been on our show, you are now
an American citizen, buddy. -Thank you. Yes. ♪♪
[ Cheers and applause ] Really, that’s fantastic.
-I feel fully American. I already hate other immigrants.
That’s a big thing. Coming over here,
taking my jobs. I’m American now. I can break laws. Because I had a green card
for like seven years, and the only thing
that’s different between being a citizen
and having a green card is — if you get caught with like
a gram of coke or some weed or you’re drunk-driving
or something like that, you can get sent out
of the country. And now I can do
all those things. I don’t particularly
want to do them, but it’s just nice
to have options. I can kill a person now. I’m just feeling
so good about it. -Oh, my God.
Is jail different in Australia? -No, I think I’d
probably want to go back to the Australian jails, just like the
English centers, you know? -Yeah. -I think that would be — I watch all
the jail programs here. They don’t look very friendly.
-Oh, yeah. You don’t want to
break the law here, no. -If you want to go to jail, you want to go
somewhere in Norway, where they’re just apologetic and they give you a bike
to ride around an island. -What was the
citizenship test like? -Well, the test is like — You
have to know like 100 questions, and 20 of those answers are
“the president,” right? And then other ones are like,
“Name the state.” And you go, “Denial.” You know, like, it’s all just — You go through all
these different questions, and then if you answer your
10 questions right out of the 100 —
they give you 10 questions, you got to answer them right — then, a few months later,
you get sworn in. And it’s beautiful. It’s, like, in a big warehouse. There’s like 3,000 people,
4,000 people behind you and some mayor or something,
somebody. I didn’t know who it was.
Eric something. And they stand up,
and you all go, “I promise to do A, B, C, and D, and not do
all these things wrong.” And then you wave
your little flag, and then they play… ♪ So you’re proud
to be an American ♪ -Wow! They really do?
They do it? Wow! Yeah.
-Like that. -Wow!
-And you wave your little flag. -Yes!
-Your juices get going. And then the president
gives you a speech on a screen,
and that’s a come-down. That’s about —
Because the mother of my child, when she did it like five years
ago — she’s Canadian — Obama gave the speech, and
it was beautiful. Obama gave the speech. “Thank you. Welcome to…” I can’t do the impersonation,
but he speaks so well. And I had Trump at my one, and
he just sort of went, “Hey, tremendous country.
Well done. Enjoy yourself.
Assimilate. Bye.” He was, like, standing
in front of a tree. -Like, he didn’t even plan that
he was doing it that day? -Well, I don’t think anyone gave
him the actual speech. He was winging it. He thought, “This will just
get played the once.” -But you’re a citizen now.
I mean, this is big. You’re an American.
I love it, yeah. -It’s nice.
It’s a nice little feeling. -Are Australians —
are they happy about it? -Not particularly, no. A lot of Australians feel
like I let the country down. When I lived there, they
didn’t like me. Now I’ve left — I just went
back recently to Australia and did a tour, and I was the best man
at me brother’s wedding. -Oh, how was that?
-Not good. Not good. A lot of people expect
a lot from you, when you’re a comedian, when you have to do
your best-man speech, because everyone else
gives sappy speeches. They do the whole — “Oh, when
Scott and Claire got together, I remember —
that was my idea of love. And seeing you together
makes me believe that, one day,
I’ll find what you have.” Everyone’s being sensible. And then I thought,
“I’ll get up and give it a go.” And I went — I go,
“Me brother Scott called me up two years ago,
and he said he met the girl of his dreams and he could never imagine
living without this woman. Anyway, two weeks later,
he called me back and said that didn’t work out. He’s met a girl called Claire.
Things are okay.” Right? But crickets. Crickets. And I just went — I go, “Well,
you know, I live in Hollywood. You know, your celebrity name —
Claire and Scott — would be “Clott.” And I go, “But, Claire,
now that you’re family, I’ll call you “Blood-Clott.” And then just nothing.
Just nothing. So I just started lying
and I just went, “When I see you two together,
that’s my idea of love.” -Yeah, absolutely. You have to —
-I didn’t even mean that. -You got to know the room.
Smart. -No. Those two have got a year, tops. They’re watching at home.

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  1. I think Jim's career just took a bath. I can see a few of these downloads disappearing over the next week or so.

  2. Mate , thought you were a top bloke that actually had some semi intelligent and occasionally humorous opinions to offer , but after seeing the hidden camera footage from your bullshit interview , I’m utterly disappointed with you. I’m glad you became an American citizen because we don’t want you back

  3. Jim you have been found out, your a wanker and just think what the Muslim community will do when they find out that your drew a funny picture of their profit and mocked them when you thought the camera s were off.

  4. Can we revoke his citizenship, we don't need him here in America. Send him to Afghanistan after the Avi interview. See how long he lasts….

  5. Ah whinge whinge Jim's a fraud, I want to blow Avi, fucking get a life ya bunch of sheep, Jim is and always was a legend.

  6. Getting citizenship of a country you clearly do not care so much about seems pretty dumb. I wonder if they showed the Ami video of Jim lying on his “special” about immigration in Australia, in case you haven’t here they are: last video first video

  7. America….. You can have him, such a show off and dipshit….he is such try hard…..obviously taking some substance, manic dickhead. Good riddance…. And your right Jeff, no one likes you here!!!

  8. No offence to any Americans but why would anyone want to become a citizen of another country? Never understood that myself.

  9. Anyone else here get blocked by Jim Jeffries on Twitter for talking about his recent exposure as a liar?

  10. Jimmy Fallon is a huge talent but he's so bought and sold… he's just a corporate robot at this point. sad story.

  11. Love Jimmy Fallon, but Jim Jefferies is a hack. Look up "jim jefferies avi yemini". Jefferies smeared Avi Yemini with essentially no consequences because he's got Comedy Central to back him up.

  12. He was willing to sell his soul to be on what he thought was the winning team. Now he has nothing and is souless.

  13. Another late night chump lapping up the BS. Jefferies plied a teenage girl with drugs so he could have sex with her. Also a closet racist who mocked Mohammad, thinking he wouldn't be caught. Also stole all his standup material from another comedian.

  14. But trying to find Düngung to do…. They really Just fuck me Up t für Things they did to me….. Again Abs again

  15. Awww Jim, why'd ya give up ya Aussie citizenship. I love the USA too man but Australia is where you grew up man!!

  16. "Jimbo" was and still is, a disgusting little bigot who has demanded assimilation his entire career….only NOW he's all 'tolerent'…lol…what a fake.

  17. as an American born kid living in Australia for the last 20 years, he rips into people exactly how a good Aussie does. there's no bullshit, and it's so ruthless you can't help but laugh.

  18. I have only just heard this and as an Australian Jim, you never let us down. We always considered you a liar and an arsehole and an idiot and you were at least that . Keep him America. Hes all yours.

  19. Well,just another left wing puppet.if it was a trump themed show he would have been slobbering all over kimmels dick!o.o

  20. Nooooooo, Jim!!!! You feel for the "greatest nation on earth" bullshit – being an Oz is much much better. When you change your mind, we'll have you back brother.

  21. He's the best. Saw him live 2x in Honolulu. Check out his uncensored material. His take on religion is the funniest thing EVER! >>

  22. Do yhe joke where the feral dog eats a Muslim baby and then the dog vomits lol…that's a classic why doesn't he use it more in his act

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