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  1. I really admire Jim Parsons. He’s just amazing the way he described love. We can clearly see love for Todd when he described. I don’t understand the people who hate gays.

  2. Way to go Jim and Todd, congratulations! I can understand what Jim was getting at when he talked about difference when you actually marry. My partner and I married last December. We were both pretty relaxed about it all, joined on the day by friends and family. All going well right up to the point when the celebrant said repeat after me.. I lost it. The fact that after 29 years I was actually allowed to say those words. It was a brilliant day 😉

  3. Some gay couple pretends to go to church every sunday,preparing a script on their "lovestory" and the whole world os fascinated!
    Oh how simply these simple minded americans are to manipulate.

  4. So I've been trying to catch up on BBT since it's ending soon. My only regret is not getting to know the actors better, specifically Jim, because he seems like such a genuine and nice guy 🙂

  5. Jim is so nice! And this comment section is so heartening too. Sometimes we get so caught up in our anger against this administration and what they’re doing that we are forgetting why we fight. This reminded me. Peace and love to everyone ✌️

  6. Love. It's so nice to find someone who goes deep regarding love. I feel that with my husband and we're together a long time. I'm agnostic so no god involved. It's like a connection. I imagine it like a neuron connecting to another neuron. And warm… ❤️❤️❤️ I love you my Eamon!!!

  7. I felt the same way after getting married! It was the Resonance of bonding and the journey of love expanding!

  8. He is such a sweetheart 😍❤️ Let’s take care of this world, it’s the only world that has Jim Parsons

  9. I truly do wish the better or worse thing were true. Sadly, not true for everyone. I'm so glad it is true for a lot of people.

  10. Jim Parsons is the Yoko Onk of the Big Bang Theory, just as Yoko killed the Beatles, Yoko Parsons killed this show all on his own!

  11. if he gets married, at least he can BURN IN HELL with his co-sinner…….

    GOOD LUCK, JIM!!!!! good luck roasting in THE LAKE OF FIRE!!!! 😉

  12. Stephen says… a sense of eternity, God is eternal. Jim says, a sense of divinity, God is Divine. Jim says light, God is the Light. Jim says the close he can get is God, God created marriage, and His followers will one day be married to Him when He returns again. Then Stephen says it is love. God is Love. Agape Love.

  13. Ya’ll must not read the Bible, because GOD looks on this sin as “detestable in the eyes of GOD”.
    I do like watching the show and James character.

  14. There is nothing romantic about two men being together in this way. No matter who says what about it . No matter who accepts it .it is perversion in the eyes of God and any normal thinking person. It is not legal no matter what so called law was written to make it so. It is not supported by the constitution. The constitution still recognizes marriage between one man and one woman. The constitution makes no law concerning marriage. The supreme court doesnt make laws ,they only rule whether or not something is constitutional if a law is made. Regardless of what he or anyone else thinks, he is not married. God created marriage for one man and one woman and it comes from God. God said that homosexuality is an abomination.

  15. My wife and I got married after 11 years together, same thing, it’s difficult to describe whats different and better about legit being married. I think Jim did a good job explaining it.

  16. Yeah he tried to put that into the love is eternal for some was thrilling to u know sheldon saying all those words..but yeah u feel extremely happy for him..n smile as he explains it.Love you Jim!

  17. Since when are marriages in Hollywood ever for eternity? At least these days anymore. Seems like 10 years is about as long as they last.

  18. Omg jim Parsons ilove your personality you're amazing as on tbbt also as a human with a huge heart dear. Take care. Love your fan Thamara(Tammy Lopez

  19. I wonder does he ever do Sheldon on just for fun when not on set. Its like he's two people it really is. He's so nice and natural with all those home thoughts and family. Lucky guy he has it all, talent, career, family, charm and sincerity! Sheldon has to be the best comic characterisation ever.

  20. Having gone through Hurricane Katrina with members of my family in Mississippi and Louisiana, Jim Parsons absolutely got the feeling right when describing his family in Hurricane Harvey. I also spent hours watching coverage with a welter of different emotions — but mostly being frantically worried.

  21. Am I the only one that might have liked the character Sheldon to be gay. I mean when the show started cuz of how Sheldon was with women I assumed he wasn't too into them; it was an idea I liked even if they didn't travel the route.

  22. Really Harvey situation was dire. I've seen with my own eyes elderly ladies, in their nightgowns being airlifted by the coast guard 50 miles inland. One scary and dangerous ride. Tall trees and live wire electricity…. Houston was a dangerous place even several weeks after the storm.

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