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Josiah & Lauren Discuss Their Married Life | Counting On

Josiah & Lauren Discuss Their Married Life | Counting On

[MUSIC PLAYING] My favorite moment
was our first kiss. You can’t beat that. You may now kiss the bride. [CHEERING] My favorite amount
was hopping in the car and heading out just us. It was nice that
we could actually have some time to spend just
us two, no one else around. And we’re just excited
to be married now. Since our wedding day,
we’ve moved into our house and got some things set up there
and then getting ready to go on our big honeymoon. How many eggs do you want? Maybe three. My dad has had the Baylor
house for a number of years. We’ve always called
the Baylor house the Baylor house cause I
guess the original family was the Baylor family. And we’ve always been
just kind of working on it slowly but surely– more slowly than surely, really. Originally, we were
going to live in Baylor. But today, they are
still working on it, and it’s still not finished. So we needed a house. So praise the Lord, the Lord
blessed us with the house that we can live in now
versus waiting for Baylor. You know what’s funny
is you have a coffee maker but none of us drink coffee. I know. It’s for company. Oh, I was going to say. And we needed something
over there, yeah. Oh, it’ll just sit
there and collect dust until Ginger comes. I think the biggest
adjustment for me was I have to do
most of the housework because he’s really
busy with work. And he can’t really help me. So I was used to having my
sisters help run the house. So it’s mainly me. So some stuff doesn’t
get done, and I just don’t stress about it. JEREMY: Put the
toilet seat down. You know, I don’t know what
he does with his socks. But don’t throw your
socks on the floor. Come on, man. Think about that. You have to have the toilet
paper roll a certain way or else it just doesn’t work. I think that Kendra probably
had to adjust to my habits more than I adjusted. I’d set alarms, and
I’m a deep sleeper. So it takes me a little bit
to like wake up to the fact that, OK, my alarm’s going off. Like right after
Ben and I got married, I don’t feel like it was hard
and oh, such an adjustment, or anything like that. It was a breeze. It was easy transition. I grew up in a house
with four sisters. And there was lots of hair
clogging up the shower drains at times and the
sink drains and everything. And I mean, it’s my
job to clean it out. That was one of my chores, so. Be maybe a bit more neat
where you put your toothbrush. Clean up after yourself. I mean, she’s perfect. I just learned she’s perfect. That’s what I learned. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. "She's so perfect,She's so perfect"……as she squeezes the sh!t out of his arm and gives him that look like you better say what I told you to say or else… LOL😄

  2. seriously all the Duggar’s have amazing spouses so happy for the wonderful family wishing them marvelous memories forever and that they continue to be a fantastic family

  3. I would love to have a lot of kids in the future, but I want to foster/adopt. There's so many kids who need homes, plus going through labor that many times must be hard.

  4. Wholesome Christians = Omg they're crazy they are all brain dead idiots how strict and unreasonable. They dont wear jeans wtf

    Inbred violent Muslims that marry children, kill and torture women for honor, slice out little girl clits, throw a acid in the face of women for no reason and force them to wear burqas: Omg dont be a xenophobe this is their culture

  5. Maybe more later than sooner….but he will eventually come out. It’s just too obvious, religion has him eff’d up.

  6. Let's just wait until we get the news that Josh was in his pants and so many of his sisters. It's a crying shame that this happened but we can blame this on their religion. Is this the one who had all of those miscarriages?

  7. I doubt that this family really loves Jesus, that it's just a 'front' for fornicating and ruining the planet. And those poor Duggar boys are with little to no endowment, poor wives!!

  8. That creepy dad looking so closely at them kiss..I don’t care what anyone says, he is a major pervert!

  9. Biggest adjustment for me is I have to do all the housework because he's at work… LOL Guess what you will be doing for the rest of your life honey…. Housework and popping out kids! Just a question why do all these girls look at these guys with this look of please get me pregnant…. Its creepy…

  10. Ladies, you can definitely clean your own hair out of the drains. Gentlemen, you can wipe your beard hair out of the sink after shaving as well. It’s the little things.

  11. Anybody else think it’s creepy that the boys wives look like their sisters? Just me… 👌🏼 😎

  12. the strangest thing to me is that two people can get married without having really been in a room alone together……?

    and i've grown up religious myself.

  13. Josiah is gay he may not come out now due to his family’s strict beliefs but my radar is spiking every time he speaks and it’s never wrong

  14. After 15 years of marriage, 4 kids, 1 dog and a move across country twice… My husband still leaves his sox on the bedroom or dining room floor. I dont even say anything anymore, I just pick them up m keep moving. 😊😊😊

  15. Are there any pics of their honeymoon penetrations? I'd love that. I'm off to church tomorrow but doubt I'll see any duggar there to share my prayers.

  16. Love this couple. And now they're expecting. They may seem perfect, but like everyone else they also faced obstacles.

  17. I'm sure there are a couple of comments about her becoming a baby making machine. Maybe she is freak and wants all those kids. Ever think about that?

  18. Jeremy is the best husband ! He is still religious but respects his wife. They only have 1 kid after a year of marriage. He gives his wife the freedom to wear pants and cut her hair . I love jinger & Jeremy

  19. Before you buy the car you bring it for a test drive!,, These people run down the aisle! One of these couples will end in Divorce

  20. I’m really curious to see whether any of the Duggar children will rebel against their dating method at some point.

  21. I honestly think Lauren’s dress was beautiful! It was modest, elegant, classy but still quite a modern silhouette. She looked stunning! But I think she is a beautiful girl anyway, but naturally beautiful if you look at her. Like some girls are beautiful if they have a tonne of makeup on. She doesn’t look like she has that much on, just a bit. So she’s a pretty girl.

  22. "Be neat where you put your toothbrush". What does that mean? Doesn't everyone instinctually put in a safe spot? It goes in your mouth daily!!!

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