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Just Married Things – S01E01 | The House Husband – Part 1

Just Married Things – S01E01 | The House Husband – Part 1

It’s quite tasty! Hmm.. Why are you smelling it? I find South Indian spices quite fascinating. Since when?
– So how was your day? It was usual. Same old. This guy Ahuja, he is really getting on my nerves. He is saying that I can’t take any leave for a month now. I think it’s time to switch my job. Appy, this Rasam is complimentary right? Mani, Rasam is always complimentary. Thank God. Anyway, what were you saying? I was thinking of switching my job, I think I’m not made for 9-5. Now, what happened? What have you ordered? Idli! Idli, Idli, good, good, good. Good choice. What were you saying? Mani, where are you lost? Actually, I really like Idlis, that’s why I was lost, I was just lost in my Idlis. Okay, the thing is that even I’m not meant for 9-5. So? So, I left my job. What? Actually, these people were not giving me creative freedom, so I thought let me just experiment. You could have consulted me once. These decisions impact the both of us now. You also leave your job. And then? What will we do? Farming? Actually, it’s not that bad an idea. Partho, was telling me that he wants to raise a cow in New Zealand. He was saying there is a lot of cleanliness there and peace of mind too. You know.
– Mani, why? Chill! Chill! We will do whatever you will say, okay? Can you get me some Rasam please? Muskmelon seems overripe then also Rs.60 per kg? No, no, no no. Put some extra coriander leaves. Put it in a separate packet. Give this bag to me, not a problem. Mani? Yup.
– You told me that the economy is deflationary?
– Yup So why is Mamta asking me to increase her salary? She is asking for a ten percent raise. When I have got a five percent raise, then why the hell should I give a ten percent raise to my maid? Exactly! What?
– No need to give a ten percent raise! What do you mean?
– Infact, forget about ten percent, you save the entire amount Rs.1800. What?
– That means, from tomorrow Mamta out and Mani in. No way!! I am at your service. And what do you mean by tomorrow? Notice Period? I have bought out the notice period, they will adjust it with my leaves. Mani, you are simply so— Please listen to me! Mani, I’m increasing Mamta’s salary from tomorrow, you go and serve your notice period. Appy–
– You can find another job while serving your notice period. This is not done, Mani. Please listen to me. Manav, we don’t have money. I don’t want to interfere in your professional life, but I can’t let you be irresponsible. We have our bills to pay. Okay, I understand. But you just give me one month, I’ll figure out what I want to do with my life. And, actually the problem with these creative agencies is that they are not at all creative, even the travel agents are more creative than them. And that’s why I don’t want to serve my notice period. I’m so bored. And what if you’re not able to figure out what you want to do in that one month, then? If I’m not able to figure out something in a month, I’ll definitely take up a job in some agency. I promise. And in any case I don’t think we will be short of money even if we need it.
How and why? My Grandma had given me some money in college and I had put those in a fixed deposit. I guess the amount would have grown quite a bit by now. I think, if we would need money, I’ll take it out from there. And, the best part in this whole proposition is, that we will save Rs.1800 and we will have beer from that amount. Because Mani, the house husband is going to break all records. Let’s see
– So is the deal on? We will think about it. Oh c’mon, please. Just one month.
– Let’s see. Mani, Mamta is about to come. What? You have not fired her till now? I have to leave early for office, call me if you need any help, okay? Okay, bye! There is no garbage today, come tomorrow. We don’t need fruits today, come tomorrow. We don’t have any clothes for ironing today, come tomorrow please. Mamta? Okay, come, come!! Come!! Hi Appy! Ya, cleaning is done, I have filled the water tank, and I asked Mamta to leave the utensils, which I have cleaned myself. And, I am going to meet Gulla. You know, what happens is when you are working you don’t get time to meet your friends. Hmm.. And when you come in the evening today, you do an inspection of the work I have done and give me marks accordingly. Okay then, bye, see you love. Bye!! Ohh that’s great, you left your job. Gulle, it’s 2019, we are not living in the era of 9-5. You know, creativity is very important for the soul these days. And where would you get the money that the soul requires? Without passion there is no money. Infact, without passion there is no life. And how would you buy wheat flour and Basmati from passion? Basmati is in any case a luxury. Are you mad? How will you buy wheat flour and rice without money? Think practically! What are you doing? What kind of man are you? You have just been demotivating me from the time I have come. You know what is the problem that we millennials face? We listen to the talks of Elon Musk and Steve Jobs and stop using our brain. Listen bro, I am your friend, that’s why I am giving you a reality check. You continue your passion bro, but you should have another source of income. Listen to me, I can help you! How? You don’t know bro, since when I have achieved financial freedom. You? You poor man, who drinks tea from a tea stall in Amar Colony, you will talk about financial freedom? Bro, these are my austere measures. Bro, I don’t believe in showing off. Bro, I have a business of luxury brands, it’s doing very well. You have smoked up or something? Can you see this? Japan, China, Singapore! I have been to all these places, bro! It’s a flourishing business, bro! You should always be down to earth, bro! Bro, investment of time and money is minimum and return is mind-blowing! Then you continue your passion, bro! Bro, richness and creativity is an amazing combination. It’s perfect! Let’s go for a round bro, I’ll explain you about the proposal also. What are you seeing bro? I told you, I’m down to earth bro! Never forget your roots! Come sit. Mani, you are so innocent. He told me, that investment of money is minimum and the return is maximum. Maybe, we will be able to fulfill all our dreams. This is called multi-level marketing. I think I overestimate your intelligence. But, Has Gulla been able to fulfill all his dreams? Tell? I guess you’re right! I got a bit carried away. I got a little enticed by this proposition. And please remember, you’re on this break to get to know yourself better and not to learn how to make a quick buck. True. Anyway, you did a good job cleaning the utensils. Whatever work I do, I do it with passion. Your non-sense talks have started again. Should I fire Mamta then?
– With immediate effect. And what if we are not able to find a maid after one month? You fire her, we will save money and this house husband will take care of everything. Amazing! Thank you so much.
– You’re welcome. Listen, why are we sitting here, I have to buy vegetables for tomorrow. Why are you doing over-acting?
– Get up, get up, let’s go!

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  1. So, the β€˜House Husband’ starts his adventures!
    What did you like about this episode?

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  2. Another superb video gabblin
    The thing i like the most is ur script and ur team work so keep it up guys and i wish u get 1 million subscribers soon.
    The answer of ur contest ques is MAMTA.

  3. Couldn't watch this episode because of my exams. I watched it today and must say you never disappoint your viewers.
    Great work. Keep it up. xD
    Answer of your question is: Mamta

  4. Unique thinking by this episode is osm yar ……. House husband ….sunke ek dam naya feel agaya

  5. The look on his face when that guy arrived on scooter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£ damn funny…… dude…🀣🀣 supercool.

  6. I really wanna do this :
    "even I'm not meant for 9 to 5, isliye maine apni job chor di." deal with it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

  7. I hv fell in love with ur webisodes…u 2 are just awesome….first one i saw was abt ur boyfriend balding…and now this…omg..cant tell how beautiful i feel watching this…completely relatable completely enjoyable..a big thankyou guys fr giving such pure clean fun….ans to ur quiz…maids name is Mamta…..want to be part of ur family hence responding..

  8. I think this the only webseries in which the couple's are actually very relatable!! I am glad that the main husband character is bald.

  9. It's 2019 9-5 ka zamana gaya.. Creativity is everything these days…
    Tho atta aur chawal kaise karidega phir???🀣🀣🀣🀣
    True very true..!!!

  10. The girl looks weirdly beautiful…… Good acting too.
    Watching this webeseries feels like childhood Doordarshan malgudi days…I don't know why.

  11. Really nice. Particularly dialogues and the pauses. Overall production quality is not bad, may say good 😝. Try not to go for melodrama style.

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