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Kimmi Demands an Apology | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network

Kimmi Demands an Apology | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network

KIMMI: Sometimes when you
get into your planning mode– MAURICE: Uh-huh. –you’ll, like,
only say Monster. You’re feeling like
I leave Jalen out? KIMMI: Yes.
– Really? Yes. Even on the conversation
of Kiowa coming and Monster coming, I feel like
y’all are so focused on the three of y’all, y’all
forget everybody else is here. And I don’t want to keep having
the conversations about asking you to kind of involve me. What it sounds
like is, Maurice, I know that you apologized, but
I want to make sure that you’re very clear that you need to talk
to me first before anyone else. You said that well. And I think there’s a
whole bunch of apologies that need to go around. For what? For Kiowa!
What do you mean, for what? MAURICE: Oh, you’re
saying that– oh, that she needs to
apologize to you? Yes! I feel that I was wronged
over the past seven years. I believe you were wronged. It ain’t gon’ kill
nobody to say I’m sorry. I think I had a
conversation with my sister and she had said,
like, you know, so who’s here to defend you? You told Nikki that
I don’t defend you? This is your job. This is what you’re
supposed to do. I’ve been defending you. I’ve even asked
her to apologize! It’s an apology that I don’t
believe that you may receive. Maurice sometimes feels like,
why fight a battle that you know you’re not going to win? And that’s just not me. I fight it until I lose. MAURICE: I’m telling you that
the situation is if you’re asking someone to
have some remorse, they may or may not have it. KIMMI: So for the rest
of our relationship, I have to balance
you defending me in conjunction with
all the other things that go on in your life? When it comes to prioritizing
people in his life, it’s Monster, then
it’s Kiowa’s feelings, and then I’m, like, down here. It’s three. It took a really long time
to feel like people had any of my interests at heart.

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  1. What I didn't like is that they were having that conversation about the child's mom and he was close by. Monster was headed back in the kitchen and h.e. turned around because that were still taking, plus Kiouwa's name came back up. Kimi says that Monster and Kiouwa comes first. Well… you knew that before you married him, you knew how he was when it came to those two so why did you marry him? Did you think things would change? Not saying Maurice is right but Kimi, did you really think things would be different? I'm just saying🤷‍♀️ Just my opinion

  2. Kimmie is right. Her husband has to put her feelings first, and discuss with her first what he's thinking about doing regarding his son and ex-wife before he makes a decision. They should be in agreement with whatever decision is made, and that decision should be made together.

  3. I think she needs to pack amd go
    This man has not and will not put her first
    He feels so much guilt that he would do whatever his ex wants him to do
    He has a child and an ex for life

  4. Why do you want an apology that’s not sincere???? Kimmie you need to accept the situation for what it is. You and Kiawha will not be singing around the camp fire together any time soon.

  5. This should’ve been dealt with long before they got married. They had 7 years to get this together before making that huge commitment

  6. She crazy that apology isn't coming lol. So stop. You talking about his mom while he here don't you think the boy telling the mom that. 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️ Second you were friends with a married man . Like would you be cool with your now husband having female friends… Like sis you delusional with this apology request… If you demand respect moving forward that's reasonable

  7. Maurice should have a relationship with his son. He had a plan, he put that plan into action: 1.HE wants his son to live with him permanently.
    2.HE plans to let ex wife and her husband live in one of his houses FREE in Huntsville.
    3. HE has not talk to the new wife until ex wife agree with his plan.
    4.HE did not ask the son what he wanted at all.
    HE really didn't let anyone voice their opinion.
    Kimmie let your voice be heard.

  8. Kimmie, do not hold your breath for an apology from that angry, bitter, immature woman. You have to do what is best for you and your son, since clearly that is what he is doing, unless he is willing to come together as a unit.

  9. Blended family…get use to it…boundaries should of been set and followed prior to them getting married…too late now

  10. He cannot only put her feelings first, he didn't even want to pick up dinner for her son. Granted he is 20, but he lives in that home. And she is making accommodation for his son, just incentive.

  11. I can understand Maurice putting his minor child first. If I were married or in a relationship right now, my youngest daughter who is still a minor, would come before that man. Flat out! Because a man can or may decide to start lying and cheating, but I know my child will always love me❤️

  12. Kimmie that woman is never going to apologize so let that go. Maurice only thinks about himself. He puts his son and ex wife before his new wife and that is dead wrong. If he expects Kimmie to care for his son and be on board with this. He needs to respect Kimmie and show his son that he respects her because if he does not, his son is not going to respect her either. With the way his mom feels about Kimmie and how she disrespects her he may think it's okay to do so. I wish that Monster was not there during this conversation because when he goes home he is gonna tell his mom that Kimmie wants an apology. Then that woman will know that she is causing a wedge between them and she is going to keep doing it. I wonder what her husband has to say about all of this?

  13. First off…. forget about the apology. Both parties have played their part. I'm sure she spoke down on you but if the shoe were on the other foot, wouldn't you? You had apart in the downfall of her marriage. There is no being "friends" with a married man. Secondly your issue should be with your husband. He should have consulted with you before he did anything. And he shouldn't be telling you the bad things that she says about you. It's simply being messy. He should be trying to stop the beef not add to it. There is a child involved. Grow up and be mature about the situation. Both parties need to suck it up and move forward for the child and their marriages.

  14. this is too much for someone to be dealing with that just got married, this is why some people don’t like dating and marrying people with kids from previous relationships. It’s the ex’s job to make your life a living hell.

  15. She knew how strongly this man felt about his son when she was dating him and when she married him he's to passionate about the situation for her not to have known ijs🤷🏽 she thought she could change how he put his son first and she failed that's why she's upset🤷🏽 because putting her first isn't about monster its about his ex keep it real Kimmie😙 maybe in her head by putting monster first really means putting monster mother first either way she might loose this battle it seems regardless of what he's all about his son. Mmm mmm ion know we shall see🤷🏽🤣

  16. If she waiting for a woman to apologize for statements she made when your man was still her husband wait on that. To also say he put his son before you and yours. That won’t change either. I feel bad for her but I don’t think he cares clearly.

  17. Kimmi is giving the ex-wife too much power.She doesn't understand that she has already been blessed. Don't let this show help end your marriage.❤

  18. Kimmie needs to stop with the crying ! She not gone apologize cause she wants what u got she jealous u married her ex! So kinmie tell him ur babymama has no respect for me so therefore as of today I will have none for her and u will not be going anywhere with her and ur son !! Only you and ur son and me period! End of discussion are u can have ur son and ur whole ex family back I can bounce ! I'ma be respected one way are the other!!

  19. Kimmie is right! It's a discussion and he should be consulting his wife over such a big decision. His son doesn't even want to move yet he's doing all this.

  20. Kimmie accepted that behavior to get him and now wants to change the game. This should have been resolved a while ago. Just saying.

  21. It seems as though kimmie is searching for an apology so she can truly enjoy her marriage since they were “friends” during the divorce period. She did not give him time to get over the first marriage!!!!! She accepted it and like many have said, they had seven years to work this out prior to getting married. The issues before marriage come right on in. Also, if her son is there why wouldn’t his son be at the house too? Looks like she is searching for the “family unit” she missed when her son was younger. I really don’t foresee this getting better because now we know she came along before the first marriage ended.

  22. Kimmie loves to talk and ain't nothing coming out but air.  She's 50 years old for goodness sake.  All this harping on an apology from an ex-wife ain't gonna happen.  Kimmie's problem is that she wants to run the show.  She should've married a man with grown children, who didn't have an ex-wife, who was cheated on with her.

  23. Interesting I see so much in common. I own a Credit Repair Company and Real Estate Company. Men like to keep peace especially when they don't have custody and want to remain in their children's lives. Took me a while to learn this and I felt the same way. Now you should've known what you would've accepted prior to marriage. I made sure we resolved our problems before tying the knot. I wasn't going to allow his ex-wife to disrespect me and my children. I told my husband if he did then we didn't have a future. We have remained united and our needs first. She used to come in and demand we drop everything and it was all about her kid. I love my stepson but I have two other kids who matter also. She had no problem telling her son to disrespect and mistreat my kids. You have to meet folks where they're at. I don't expect any apologies from a bitter scorned woman. No matter how much I love her son. Becareful who you vent to. Go to God and talk to your husband before family and friends.

  24. She was being petty when she was worrying about a 21 year old man eating. Second the two parents decide what dinner is not the child. Third, when Maurice decided to marry Kimmy he should’ve realized his wife come first if not should’ve stayed single until his son was grown.

  25. The OWN channel is terrible so far as mens imagery they make men look so weak and cowardly. And how do the females act??? I have yet to hear any black woman appoliges for anything.anytime! for any situation that could've been handled better or different

  26. You are a third Wheel when you marry a man that truly honors his words to love and cherish to death due us part. Because he divorced his ex, but his words are still good. And yes his son must come first till he's grown Kimmy

  27. This is a big mistake women make. Every good man isnt good for you. Hes a goid provider a good father figure and leader for you and yours. But you forgot he is that man for his child and dear mother first and foremost. You already know he's that type of man.

  28. Kimmies problem is that she should’ve never married a man with a child in the first place cuz she clearly doesn’t want to be bothered.

  29. Kimmie doing this while the child was there was totally disrespectful…. I see why Kiuwha says and does what she does. You disrespect my child and make him feel uncomfortable or unwanted ,there is going to be an issue. The Husband should have shut that down immediately, but he actually seems to keep up drama. I think he gets off on feeling like two women are fighting over him….

  30. Black men can't win. We're generalized and stereotyped as no good deadbeat fathers but when a man prioritizes establishing and maintaining a good relationship with his child you don't acknowledge it. He may have not handled it perfectly but she's being selfish in not acknowledging and understanding the difficult situation he's in trying to facilitate the living arrangement as well as the new dynamic of a blended family.

  31. It’s not about you and your son; it’s about this man wanting to make the best decision as a father to his son. Her jealously is interfering with this mans relationship with the mother of his child and his son. I can assume she wanted a house for her and her son with the attention coming from her husband.

  32. LMAO YES, U SHOULD PROBABLY CONSULT UR WIFE FIRST lmao actin like its a big deal to consult ur wife on decisions, r u fing kidding me. What a loser husband. Throw him out.

  33. Listen…that last part!!! Moved me in my seat and spirit!!! I’m proud of her for giving voice to her feelings.

  34. Shes not going to get an apology from his ex. She needs to let it go. She married Maurice. His ex owes her nothing. Thats his job to make her feel a certain way. For all we know he many have lied to her about how soon his divorce took place.

  35. I 100% agree with Kimmie and understand where she is coming from but a shared understanding needed to have been in place BEFORE monster moved in. Unresolved issues = Unresolved Tension the way he did the matrix out of that room means he knows what’s going on

  36. This conversation should've happened elsewhere so Maurice's son didn't overhear them. This child shouldn't have to overhear Kimmi speaking negatively about his mother. That young man will tell Kiuwha what Kimmi said, rightfully so. Kiuwha will have another reason to dislike Kimmi. Apologies are essentially futile; they are only words & they never reverse the actions that were executed that ultimately prompted the apology. Kimmi shouldn't be foolish enough to want an empty apology from a woman that will never respect her.

  37. Okay Kimmie his son should be his priority. As a parent I'm sure her son is hers first. She thinks it's all about her. But, I'm not married for that reason which is fine because my daughter comes first before any man.

  38. Why is she competing with Kiauha and monster when Maurice is obviously and very much with her and he married her. Let past stuff go and live in the moment and be happy. Kimmy is making herself unhappy. Let it go!

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  40. Gurl you will be waiting till death comes before you get an apology from someone who feel they have wrong you. She has the same issue Gul

  41. Kimmi I feel sorry for you because you will never win this battle.Girl you are in the wrong place.Some where you got in this man life the wrong way now your reeping it.

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