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  1. If she had married Abhishek she would have been happy wonder why she broke up with him. He’s such a beautiful person and a gentleman

  2. Karishma Kapoor is beautiful, talented, successful and one of the most highest paid Indian actress. Love you karishma❤️
    I love karshima and Abhishek Jodi♥️

  3. Though Abhishek looks happy in the pics, she was surely not made for him. Aishwaria is the right choice. Let them be happy always

  4. Karishma lost it due to her foolish mother. She could not take her own decisions. Her mother hated dusky people n not so good looking people.

  5. wow, so beautiful together….he's so handsome and she's so beautiful…. perfect match but sad they are not together.

  6. First or second , Babita always wanted very rich husbands for her daughters after her own failure in marriage . Babita didn't care for love , only secure life for her daughters . A practical woman , she broke the engagement of the first daughter with her childhood sweetheart Abhi , and didn't approve of second daughter's love and lead both of them to very rich but divorced men . Babita mastered the game of life by no dreams , no assumptions and no divorced men syndrome . Her life is reflection of practicality that came from intense suffering .

  7. Karishma , Bachhan k ghar me bahot hi khush rehti hoti but Aishwrya really deserving….best bachhan bahu

  8. Always toxic comments dnt know why so much possessed bout ppl whom you see on screen..they entertain jus enjoy.Grow up

  9. Aap log jo bhi kaho par jodiyan upar wala banata he..aur hamse better Janta he sab .jesi uski marzi Wahi hota he duniya me.

  10. karishma is very rude n arrogant not a family person lucky she also out of ajay devgns life kajol best for ajay

  11. Abhishek is a gentleman, her life with him would have been happier, had she married him… Both suits each other

  12. I think Kareena kapoor would have been a better wife / daughter inlaw of the Bachchans as compared to Aishwariya Rai

  13. Abhishake nice person and gentelman h usme koi kami nhi aishwerya lucky jo aisa sweet husbund mila and karishma ki us samay akal kam thi

  14. Yeah I agree Nd as I know that Abhishek is perfect for Karishma I don't understand y they broke up they both were perfect for each other as Abhishek is still perfect Nd settle with Aishwarya…

  15. If Krishma Kapoor had married with abhishek Bachchan today Bachchan family would have grandson with last name Bachchan would be continued

  16. Abhishek bhut lucky ha …unko Aishwarya jaisi most beautiful wife mile. Aishwarya unlucky ha kunki uska hsbnd abhishek ha….amitab.bachan ji ki bjah sa uski pehchan ha….km sa km Aishwarya na amitab.bachan ji ki respect krke ussa shadi to kr li jo karisma na nhi ki….

  17. Hamesha naseeb mein jisse hum Sacha pyaar karte hein woh pyaar humse during chala jata hein aur usse hum apna bhi nahi bol sakte anjaan bante hein.

  18. Я люблю Амитаха Бачана таланлив красив и в паре с Ашварией Рай они оба хороши как дорогой товар

  19. If these are ENGAGEMENT PICS then what on earth are FILM PROMOTION PICS??. These pictures prove beyond doubt that the uploader is a BAFOON of the lowest order, for whom engagement means showing off clothes while baring teeth at each other (I guess maybe thats how Bafoons get engaged)

  20. I didn't ever know these 2 was engaged to each other lol seems so weird that she was part of there fam.

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