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Kristen Stewart wanted to marry Robert Pattinson?

Kristen Stewart wanted to marry Robert Pattinson?

Probably one of the few topics that never
gets old is Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s love story! This Hollywood couple made headlines
when they started dating, then when Kristen cheated on Robert and now, and 9 years after
their breakup they are still the hot topic! So now, let’s see what Kristen Stewart said
about her relationship with Robert Pattinson that made headlines one more time!!!
So the other day, Kristen was at The Howard Stern Show to promote Charlie’s Angels and
of course, she talked about all sorts of things that had nothing to do with her movie! I guess
when you get in a relationship as legendary as the one Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
were in, you are going to have to answer questions about it FOREVER! Especially if you were the
one who broke off the relationship! That is why in every interview that Kristen has, something
about her past relationship comes up! No one even cares that she has come out! Rarely do
they ask anything about her new relationship! And since she is the blunt one, she always
has something to say about it! The same thing happened in this interview!
When Howard Stern asked about Kristen’s relationship with Robert on the set of the
Twilight, she said that it is weird to talk about it because she was never able to say
what had actually happened! They were together for years and he was her first serious love
as she claimed in this interview! To my surprise, when Howard mentioned that Robert is a charming
guy, Kristne agreed and said he is the best! But she also did mention that it was hard!
That people wanted Rob and her to be together so badly that their relationship had turned
into a product! It was not real life anymore! People had taken so much from them that the
couple didn’t feel comfortable talking about their relationship in public!
As uber-famous superstars, they deprived themselves of so many experiences! Even the most basic
ones! Like they would be walking down the street without holding hands! Just because
they knew this was what the paparazzi and the people wanted, they missed feeling the
most fundamental form of public effect for a couple! That part of being famous sucks!
That people are literally watching you all the time!
Stewart believes that one of the main reasons that ultimately led to their breakup was the
excessive tabloid coverage of her relationship with Pattinson! But of course, another reason
was that Kristen was caught making out with Rupert Sanders, her Snow White, and the Huntsman
director! But I said all of this to get to the most
important question that was asked on the Howard Stern! If things between Kristen and Robert
had gone differently would she have married him by now or not! WHAT! Why would Howard
ask such a question?! They haven’t been together almost forever and she has been dating
ladies since forever! The whole world knows how comfortable she is with her sexuality!
Guess they ask any questions that make the hottest headlines anyway! Now to answer this
question, Kristen said: “I wanted to … yeah! I don’t know, I’m not a super-duper traditionalist
but at the same time … every relationship I’ve ever been in, I thought that was it.
I’ve never really been the most casual person.” We all know that happily ever after never
happened and now she is in a relationship with screenwriter Dylan Meyer! So the marriage
question works here better! On the same show, Kristen said that she cannot wait to purpose
to her girlfriend! Even though they have been friends for six years, they actually started
dating when they bumped into each other at a friend’s birthday party! And after two
weeks, Stewart knew that she had fallen head over heels for her new partner! One day that
they were sitting in an ordinary bar, she told her that she is so freaking in love with
her and from then one, things got even more serious!
Kristen was so excited about the show that she went on and talked about her proposal
plans! She mentioned that she had a couple of plans that are just the coolest thing but
she wanted to keep it as a surprise so Meyer wouldn’t find out about it! But she did
mention that because both of them are from L.A, her proposal plan has something to do
with their hometown! After all, she did mention that she wanted to have kids with this girl
and that she literally drew her in a dream! It’s like her dream has come true so maybe
this new relationship lasts longer than her previous ones!
Honestly, even though still there are fans out there who want for Kristen and Robert
to get back together, I feel like she is in a way better place right now with her partner
and getting back to her past relationship would be a huge mistake for her! But then
we don’t know what these celebrities do, right!? What do you guys think?! Do you believe
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson should rewrite their love story and give it another
chance?! She would have married him if he had asked after all! Let’s talk about that
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