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Looks Like Love To Me: Wedding Ring Story

Looks Like Love To Me: Wedding Ring Story

M: So we’re currently at a jewelers to get
our ring sizes, cuz we’re going to get wedding rings for the ceremony M: Now you color this in J: Let’s do this. M: Ok. Now you…go like this… D: You’re not doing that one Jon! You forgot! You forgot what finger it was! J: Just joking *laughing* M: *Singing* Rub it rub it rub it with the
sweet spot! D: Rub the sweet spot. M: A light touch is best you don’t need
to smash your finger on the label J: This is so much fun, get ready Brent and Jess, you’re going to get a lot of people that wanna get married with you D: They’re really nice. Lynn, the customer service lady…her and I chat about organic gardens J: Dude, it’s perrrrfect. Yeaaah! M: Same one, I love that one J: Dani’s is perfect. M: Wow, that’s pretty good… I can’t compete with that. Yours is like…*laughter* M: Shut up! *Laughing* J: What??…Coal factory worker… *laughter* J: Pretty good! M: That’s pretty good! J: If they can’t work with that’I don’t
know…Brent and Jess D: Dani’s card J: Jon’s card M: Melinda’s card D: Taadaaa! J: Wow… M: Opening the rings, M: With some special people around J&D: Oooooo D: Thank you, Brent and Jess *Crowd laughter* JA: As a token of the promises made, and as a symbol of their love for you Danielle, Jonathan and Melinda give to you this ring. *Music plays until the end*

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