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Love & Marriage: Huntsville Returns on September 7 | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

Love & Marriage: Huntsville Returns on September 7 | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

NARRATOR: This season on “Love
and Marriage, Huntsville.” [INAUDIBLE] or not,
we’ve been, like, the faces of the Comeback Group. We all have been dealing
with the Comeback Group. I have the buyout agreement. We’re not going
to be bought out. I do recommend that we
dissolve the Comeback Group. I’m going to fight
tooth and nail. We’re not dissolving
the Comeback Group. So that my son can
live with us, we’ve been discussing Kayoah moving
to Huntsville permanently. (WHISPERING) I [INAUDIBLE]. Maurice’s ex-wife
does not respect the boundaries of our marriage. Kimmi, Kayoah. Kayoah, Kimmi. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] You want me to discern
things about my infidelity, almost as if y’all ain’t
cheated with 20 women. I haven’t! Your husband has made false
statements about Marsau. Are they real? Figure it out on your own. Is there any truth to what was
said about the 20 girlfriends? Baby, I can’t
answer that for you. You was with 20
different women? Baby, listen to what
I’m saying, please. I’m so mad at myself. I really want to be the
man you want me to be. His phone rang. When I answered the phone,
this girl is on the phone. He needs to be checked. I messed up! But look at all
the other thousands of things I’ve done right. But you continue to mess up. You’re a serial cheater! OK. Make sure you get
your stuff out today. We’re not going to
get a divorce, so it’s like, we don’t have to– [CLEARING THROAT] We don’t have to speak
about a divorce right now. Huh? I think it’s going to
bring us closer together. Does a child make a man
become faithful all of a sudden? Hell no. Well, I’m going to
file for my divorce. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [UPBEAT MUSIC]

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