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Lulu’s Haul: Vacation Dresses for Italy Try-On Haul

Lulu’s Haul: Vacation Dresses for Italy Try-On Haul

hey guys it’s Riann and today I have a
Lulu’s haul for you I am headed to Italy in a couple weeks and I wanted to place
a Lulu’s order because I always find that Lulu’s has such a great selection
on dresses and last time I was in Italy I was I just remember being so hot and
so humid during the summertime and that’s obviously when I’m going again
and so I wanted to pick some dresses that would be comfortable to wear in
those conditions but of course these dresses would be awesome for anywhere
for any appropriate season so yeah let’s go ahead and I’ll show you guys what I
picked up I unintentionally totally have like a color scheme going on here but
let’s see where should I put these first thing that I picked up is this super
lightweight gold maxi dress I really really like this because it’s a wrap
dress and it’s very flattering I love how easy dresses are when you’re
traveling because you have the whole outfit put together and with just one
piece so that’s always a bonus and I just thought this was the most gorgeous
color love the lightweight fabric because I will be able to stay nice and
cool on a hot summer day and yeah I just thought this would be super cute I am
going to have to take this to my tailor because it is a little bit too long for
me but that’s because I’m a petite person I’m five one and a half five two
this next dress is so comfortable it is a black wrap dress but it is just made
out of this super duper soft material that’s very breathable I think this is
gonna be just something that I’m going to absolutely be so comfortable in in
Italy I think I’m going to wear this next dress to Vatican City because when
I was visiting the churches in Italy last time I was there they really would
like you to have your shoulders covered and your legs covered so this is a maxi
dress and it has a cap sleeve so both your arms and legs are covered but again
this is super comfortable I really like this fabric this is made in this fabric
is incredibly comfortable it’s nice and thick and I really really like it
so I’m really excited to wear this to Vatican city I’m pretty sure I’m
totally obsessed with this dress I think it’s such a Positano look and I am
heading to Positano but basically it is this striped off the shoulder dress I
absolutely love it the little tie that goes around
the waste and it’s just really lightweight and comfortable it is one
shoulder so I will definitely not be wearing it like when we’re going to see
churches and things but I definitely think this will be great for when we’re
in Positano or Capri this last dress is so cute and on-trend and it had rave
reviews online and it is this black dress it has these really cute buttons
going down the side which is very on trend right now it also has this little
feature in the back which ties into a bow the only thing about this dress and
a lot of reviewers did say this too is that these straps are incredibly long so
I have to take these to my tailor to have her make these a little bit shorter
so it’ll fit me but other than that little alteration this is so perfect and
it fits me so well and I’m so excited to wear it in Italy so that brings me to
the end of what I picked up from Lulu’s from my trip I still have a few more
outfits to figure out but I’m so excited about having all of these options I hope
you guys enjoyed this video thank you so much for watching and I’ll talk to you
very soon bye guys

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  1. So beautiful! I love your videos, I’ve been looking for girly dresses, comfortable etc. I work all the time and im in scrubs 24/7 so it would be nice every now and then to dress up.
    I’ve been taking supplements for skin hair and nails, could you do a video like that if you take anything? Your hair is so pretty!

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