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Mahoutsukai no Yome / The Ancient Magus Bride – FINAL WEDDING SCENE ep 24 SUB ITA/ENG/ES  魔法使いの嫁

Mahoutsukai no Yome / The Ancient Magus Bride – FINAL WEDDING SCENE ep 24 SUB ITA/ENG/ES 魔法使いの嫁

I’m sorry Elias I wanted to come back as soon as possible, but… why are you wearing that dress? it isn’t the same you were wearing this morning well… it’s a present from Stella… and the veil? the veil is from miss Angelica… so that’s what you call “beautiful”, isn’t it? and then these… what’s wrong? enough! give me your left hand! the left! that’s the right! and pull out your glove! yes, ma’am a ring…? this is mine they are made so that if something happens, the other can be aware of it in this way, well… I thought it could be a good way to give us some relief I heard that you should wear your faith ring on the left ring-finger… A year just passed… but from the day you bought me, lots of things changed. I met lots of people, and most of them helped me. the world is bigger than I could imagine…. I don’t want to say I feel reborn… even now, I’m not sure if I like having a body like this or not… but now I think that… if I’m here now… it’s because that day I decided not to jump. it’s not only you… that lead me to this conclusion. but without you, the rest would have not been enough. it would have been useless. probably, you’ve already forget about it… I… I… don’t want to do something that could hurt you anymore. anyway… having to deal with you, means I could become monstrous again. are you sure I’m ok for you, even in this way? Stella told me… words don’t exist to understand each other, but to compare, isn’t it? if we will ever fight or misunderstand… let’s talk about it together. so that we can find a meeting point Elias… From now on… can I have the pleasure to walk alongside you? of course you can after all, you’re my bride, aren’t you? yes

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  1. エリアス~空気よめ~(笑)発言が一言二言無駄に多い所が、うちの旦那とよく似ているよ(笑)

  2. Fuck me…… You guys made me cry again. Seriously balled my eyes out the first time i watched this 😭

    Just too precious ❤️

  3. Mom: I'm home from the grocery store and I bought some onions!!!!

  4. I always forget just how tiny she is unless she's right next to him XD so petite next to our monstrous Fae lad

  5. 0:21 It was not the moment I fell in love with her, but it was the moment I realized I had. That is an amazing shot! Elias is right, she is beautiful!

  6. This is ending scene?? After married?? -,- no more again ep? -,-

    I hope the creator this anime/manga have alot ep like new some enemy the witch hunter :V

  7. We see anothet version of a 'beauty and the beast' with different characters, story and plot. Which I love so much. Inspired but original all the same. It was a pleasure watching this anime from start to finish. I hope there is a special OVA or movie in the future. But the ending is already enough on its own

  8. Aawww, in the beginning we all find Elias mysterious and in the end we liked him so much right. What a great creepy but beautiful couple. Elias is a gentleman and Chise is so feminine. Both have a lovely character. Definitely one of the best Anime’s on my List i’ve watched. 💕

  9. Don't worry guys,there will be have season 2 of mahoutsukai no yome,it will be opened the season 2 in September!

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