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  1. hello, steel rings you create yourself, do you order, if you are creating yourself, please ask for some hints on how and exactly what. Regards

  2. It's not glow…. Almost all you're videos are clickbsits I subbed you're channell and then after all the click baits I unsubbed u what's is the ducking God damn point on clickbait just stop it I really like you're art but fuck clickbait that's always waisting my time!

  3. This channel is actually so cool. Just stumbled upon it today. I love the idea, love the product, love the commentary and camera work. Its simple and effective. It just works. When I can afford to, I promise you I'll buy one of these rings. Very cool mah dude!

  4. I've always wanted to wear rings. As necklaces would make my neck go crazy. Bracelets come and go. Rings are so pretty but I'm really conscious about my hands because they're not the prettiest… But one day, I want to buy your rings

  5. In the diamond paste part he's just talking science stuff, while I'm just here like ._."Dude, ENGLISH PLEASE!!" lol

  6. I really want one but your prices are way to high for my parents been wanting one since I was 13 when I first started watching 🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. Have you tried crushing cubic zirconia instead? This would be easier to polish up, as it is a little softer.

  8. I’ve been using your method on my glow rings and it’s really amazing. I’ve been getting a lot of pitting that fills with residue from sanding and polishing. Any way to remove this?

  9. So do you have a small fortune all over your work space and floor from all the mess you left of the diamond dust? XD

  10. Я из России почему так дорого стоят кольца? изделия очень хорошие и красивые но цена слишком высока.

  11. You won’t believe how many people ask me …. why didn’t you show off the ring like intended. Did you click bait or just clickbait, I just see a ring that doesn’t glow. Amazing wow 😮

  12. Hey Patrick, I love the videos and instruction. I'm a recently disabled guy looking for a new gig, and I am fascinated by ring making. My question for you is, do you mind if I take your patterns/combinations/ideas and use them in my own rings to sell, until I get going and start coming up with my own ideas? I don't want to be a poacher!

  13. I'm just curious, are you using a regular super glue because I've been thinking of buying a few rings with hollow middle and fill em up with some glow powder. Thanks in advance

  14. Has he made a ring with a cherry blown design with a white background and the pink blossoms….because that would sound like an easy challenge

  15. Hey Patrick Adair what is the cheapest glow ring that you have? Also, can I try to make a simple version without diamond dust or those pastes that you used? Thanks.

  16. I would love to see the ring in the dark??? The photo in the thumbnail. Looks like a black light is shining on it.

  17. Three rings for the elven kings, under the sky;
    Seven for the dwarf lords, in their halls of stone,
    Nine for mortal men, doomed to die.
    One for the dark lord on his dark throne in the land of Mordor, where the shadows lie.

  18. I love the vidoes you have doing don't listen to the people that doubt you at all. All of your rings are amzing. I like your work because you pay attention to the close or small details man. You are amazing. I like how you listen to music and work man thats how i get to focus on things

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