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Making Of Phoenix | Worlds 2019 – League of Legends

Making Of Phoenix | Worlds 2019 – League of Legends

Working on Phoenix this year’s Worlds
anthem has been such a surreal experience. This song is so dynamic and
so special. It’s soft and introspective and quiet but then it’s
empowered and strong and vibrant. That first line, “What are you willing to lose?”… That hit me right in the chest.
I was like, that’s incredible. Sounds great, right? The song kind of takes you through this
progression of it’s all in your head. These monsters that you have to get over
and finally conquering ourselves and validating ourselves. Two singers really highlights some of that polarity
that is the central theme of this song. Having Calin take the quieter, lower parts and then have Chrissy slam in on the big choruses summons all those things that we were reaching
for with Phoenix. You’re good. You’ve got to conquer the monsters in your head. And I’m just like… that’s so applicable to everyone. In League of Legends, it’s all about standing back up
every time you get knocked down. You’re never going to reach the top if you don’t keep climbing. Chrissy she sounds like a powerhouse. We’re both really strong female singers who love what we do. This song, it was writen for something so much bigger than me. People aren’t there just for the song. They’re there for the game, and the atmosphere and the whole energy that goes along with it. And it’s just electrifying to feel a part of it. You just want so much to do well by it. I just wanted to do the best job I possibly could do.

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  1. meh boring homogenised formulaic comercial dribble.. sounds like a millions song written before it in the last 10 years. meh the music industry has gone to poo or maybe they just catering for peoples lack of taste these days.

  2. I love the song and it is in my top 3 worlds song from riot. The only thing i fear is the live performance. It is not that the singers are bad but the song sound so……made in studio if i can say that. I am not sure the singers would sound live like in the song.

  3. curious why the moderators never use the material they recorded during the singer live studio performance and they choose to go for the playback play…

  4. Another one of the companies that's actively censoring HK protest talks. I guess we are just gonna throw human rights out the window…

  5. "This song is so dynamic and so special"
    Me: This is probably the worst worlds song so far. It's not dynamic, its not special, and its bland overall. It has no power to it whatsoever and it is completely and utterly smashed by all the previous songs. By trying to make this more of a female sjw song it causes it to lose itself when compared to all the other songs.

  6. straight up i am so happy that they brought back chrissy costanza for the worlds anthem. great move. and props to everyone involved in making the song. It is absolute fire. its only missing someone like Dax or NF. Lol jk

  7. i feel like it would be great if league made songs that were slightly more vocal/acoustic
    that being said i respect the effort and the genuine heart that you guys put into it
    still liked it lol

  8. Really like the song, but the clip is only good if you know the context behind it. Luckily it's the first comment. Love you Chrissy!

  9. I'm still waiting for the new update of Fiddles sticks. And Voli bear. Oh! And i would love to see a party pool Thresh! Skin! Riot Games. Thresh wearing sunglasses, while his hook is the lifeguard round floaty ring. With a tied up rope attached to it. Idk how the ult would look like. But come on! It! be! Real! Cool!

  10. girl: "i just really felt like, it was the female's time to shine, ya know? Go Batwoman, new series so cool, we takin' over!"

  11. Honestly they should do more music/animation/videos cuz they not making any big new games as far as we know that graphically dope and league will stay the same for the most part Soo.

  12. This seems more like a review and breakdown of Pheonix and not a full Making Of 🙁 I miss those mini documentaries.

  13. Tbh the song was made well even if it wasnt pump up material. Even though he was using ableton. But the Video was really confusing and poorly made

  14. Alex Seaver (Mako) Participating in As we fall, RISE, and Phoenix too, as well as Chrissy Constanza was the singer of Legends never die.

  15. sana mapansin nyo to sana po maibalik nyo ulit ung one for all na paborito namin laruin abang na abang na kami sa pilipinas… sana mapansin nyo

  16. i have played since 2012 but everytime you loose you would keep coming back until you reach glory 15 tournaments champion (philippines)

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