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Making Tiny Diamond Rings Smallest Engagement Solitaire Ring

Making Tiny Diamond Rings Smallest Engagement Solitaire Ring

ladies and gentlemen I’m jeweller Barry
Roberts welcome to my jewellery company Roberts and Co here in London today I’am going to share of you how I hand make one of the diamond set gold rings
available in the Roberts and Co online shop small and dainty jewelry has always
been popular however I think it’s more popular than ever right now in fact I think
the smaller we make something the more popular it becomes and this is one of
the smallest diamond set rings available in our store a 2 millimeter round
diamond bezel set in gold on a 1 millimetre wide band so I’ll jump on to the
bench and share if you exactly how I make these the component parts we’re
going to need are some gold wire for the band today I’m going to be making the
ring in 9 carat however we also make these in 18 karat and other colors as
well white gold and we do some red gold rings and we don’t just do diamonds either we do other gemstone to but today is going to be a 9 karat yellow gold white round
diamond so wire for the band tubing for the setting and some 2 millimeter
round diamonds so let’s jump onto the bench and make a ring okay first of all I need to make the
band for the ring and make it the perfect size then once I have the
perfect size band I will add the setting will make the setting from tube add the
settings to the ring and then once the ring is complete we can set the diamond
in the setting then it will need a clean and polish and be ready to go to the
customer so let’s start with the band (Music) okay so now we have our ring soldered
together we can make this round and the perfect shape and size by hammering it
on a steel ring making tiblet then once we have the perfect shape and size we
will make the setting from tube and that needs to then be soldered onto the band so I’m gonna get on with making this perfectly round and the right size and then I’ll
share with you making the setting okay so now we have our perfectly formed
ring its the correct size and I now need to add a setting to the ring for the diamond for
that we’re going to be bezel setting this diamond so I’m using a piece of tubing
I need to file this off and make sure the ends perfectly flat for that I’ll
using a steel clamp and then we can use a tube clamp and cut a small piece of
tube off which we can then solder to the ring and set the diamond in so let’s get
started (Music) okay
so now we have our band ring Made from gold wire and our setting made from gold tubing gonna solder the two together and then we’ll have a ring ready to set a diamond
into (Music) okay so there we have our setting soldered to the band ring now this needs a clean and a polish before we set the diamond
because if we set the diamond first they’ll be areas of the setting that won’t get
cleaned so clean and polish and then I’m going to set the bench up for stone
setting and we’ll set the diamond in the ring okay so now we have our ring and
setting ready to set with a diamond and for this I’ll be using very traditional
techniques and hand tools however to be able to see this very small two
millimeter diamond I’ve swapped out my traditional bench beg for a GRS bench
mate and one of the most modern additions to the jeweller’s bench a
microscope so we can get a very close-up look see exactly what we’re doing but
apart from these two additions be using very traditional tools and techniques
first of all I need to cut a seat in the setting for the diamond for that I’ll be
using a stone setting burr so that’s the shape of the diamond and that’ll produce
a perfect seat for the diameter to sit in and then we can check the check the diamond
fits for that the best thing to pick up and put down diamonds is traditional
beeswax all natural just a piece of beeswax rolled into a carrot shape pick
up pop the diamond in test it for fit and if it doesn’t fit or if it does fit and
it’s very tight it would be very difficult to get it out without the
beeswax we can pick it up doesn’t leave any residue then once we’ve got a
good fit I’ll be using traditional hand tools to roll and rub the metal over the
top of the diamond so we can use a bezel roller a piece of steel smoothed and shaped or I might try my old set of betel rub over
tools then once we’ve rubbed the metal over and bright cut the setting with a
jewelers graver and then finally burnish it with a burnisher so let’s get on with
setting the diamond (Music) okay so there we have our diamond set
gold ring now this needs a clean and a polish and then it’ll be ready to go to
a customer so ladies and gentlemen here we have the handmade polished finished
diamond set gold ring a two millimeter round natural diamond bezel set in gold
on a one millimetre halo profile ring I hope you enjoyed this look behind the
scenes how at we make these rings and I’ll see you again next time Toodles! (Music)

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