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Malayalam Full Movie 2017 | Celebration | Malayalam New Movies 2017 | English Subtitles

Malayalam Full Movie 2017 | Celebration | Malayalam New Movies 2017 | English Subtitles

On the basis of
strong evidences.. to prove the defendant
didn’t do the crime the advocate can’t
prove that Court realized that he
is the culprit Accoridng section IPC 302
and 417 the punishment is hanged by the neck till death then ok.. Do whatever I said ok sir You stay here
ok sir see you tomorrow Go and come
back soon Pappa… Pappa… sir… sir… sir… Good morning Kochi To spread colours in festivals and making music feast
by words and lines… with lots of gifts…
Green FM 99.5 let us find that lucky winners
within hours The tour package conducted by
Green FM and Green park resort the winners will be found
within hours please listen with full
of music in mind and full of gifts in hands…
Green FM 99.5 I’m your own Priya Hi this is Hello god morning I’m your own Jolly You can share your memories
by calling me..0471292422 Ananthapuri is in leap with
joy today’s dawn…. It is the celebration of 100 th
Day of Vijay’s Movie Kathi In this celebration Green
FM 99.5 also join with it. The programme conducted
by Green Park and Green FM You may be the winner
of this contest You heard about what
will the prize ? It is a big tour package to
beautiful Green Park Resort near Ashtamudi Lake
for 7 days How is it? please listen with full
of music in mind and full of gifts in hands…
Green FM 99.5 hey wait for
Dennis Brother It set fire only after Dennis
brother arrival No need to wait for him
who is he…? Dennis brother is very
close to Vijay Sir Dennis brother….. You are the first person asking
about me from Tamil Nadu I already committed If once I decided, I won’t
change even for me.. just open it.. let make way for him I’m right person
to do light up the grand celebration of Vijay’s movie I’m here give me match box
very good boy Hey cheater.. oh my god
she get me Are you hiding from without
giving the rent? If you’ll not give
my money… I’ll lock the house
with another key how are you sister? Is this film actor..? Can’t you go any job? get lost Hello Sanju say dear.. when is it ? 10 ‘O clock? Is it in the night..? He is Dennis He went to Chennai with
lots of expections in acting At last he return to
Trivandrum without… suppressing his passion
of acting In Dennis’s opinion the best
actors in the world is in Malayalam only.. But in Dance and Music.. our Small Dalapathi
Vijay is the best If he known as intimate
of Vijay in his village… but he didn’t see
Vijay till now come..come inside come on what you want..? you can check these Back street boy’s… what is that? That is a hit album CD Are you searching for
the DVD of new film? please leave us…Don’t
make a problem here That is a pop band Is there any way to get it? I don’t know about that Here one boy is here, who
is working in the TV Aju… That CD, which they asked
availbale anywhere here? sit inside.. The back street boy’s album
is available here? Yes, Is it hit album released
by back street boys? I will arrange it You are music lovers, right? Pop Music Are you familiar with him? Bob Marley..
yes..yes.. He is the acutal person of trend
maker of new generation You know he is the real singer
in the back depth of music Are you mad to hear this.. what a nuisance is this? Hi are you? Is it in the night 10 ” O clock
ok..dude what are the things needed? This is Ajmal, He believed Bob Marely
is the world of music not only that he is best flutist I told many times
don’t use that word.. Call me as Flute Scholar yes..tell me That is the matter Dennis and Ajaml are united with
the coming of another person Today they have
a programme of their own Band’s
programme Hey..
what’s the matte sir? You told to start programme
befiore 10 ‘O clock Now it is 11′ O clock
yes sir But Sir, we have
already started what did you start..? where is your singer, Sanjay? Sir, he is on
the way No..No excuse If you will repeat
this again.. we’ll find another option
in next programme. Now you wind up.. I’ll manage the programme
in the another way please sir Don’t speak too much Please leave this place
as soon as possible This is Sanjay, I told before He called upon
them to here He would like to be a famous
singer in South India But it was a dream
in his life Because of his
father’s liability he degraded as
a bar singer hey This is not the first time
you did this That is the only livlihood,
missed because of you You told everyone to
come early….. but you came very late That manager will not give
any programme there I told you know, I started
early from there…. that time my sister
called me for telling… that lender Seithali making
quarrel in home I returned to home and
if ask him to 2 months time to pay the money,
but I have to give .. the chain of sister for
survive from him Finally when
I reached there.. whatever it is. we’ll not get any
programme coming days come on.. come on Eat and walk..
stupid get in fast Then programme…. Look there….
what’s the matter? They are the obstacles
of our job. yes… You should see the fire rain
falling in the sowing seeds It is like this… They should know
who we are Today they should
realized that Yes ..Dude Are you not coming?
Can I..? Are you not coming? Denni..want to me come? attend this
cheap case No Dude..they are
small children You watch from
the gallery let’s go Dude..come with jeep….
they ran come on.. they want from me You have cigar
with match box..? I think he is
a communist It is the dialogue of
movie Lal salam No way of earning money
only begging we don’t even have
a programme that livelihood also
cancelled Don’t speak too are
the reason for that how can laugh after
doing all this? He is justifying that Its not justifying…
you think about it In our life anything
value is there? Hey Dude..he started
philosophy Take that bear
go yaar say Dennis, you loved cinema and
believed to become an actor Ajmal is in a dream of world
music in his heart and have lots of
opportunities … the this unlucky Sanjay, even
he is a singer…. our endless dreams
like this sea let’s go to a trip to Goa? Goa, Bachelors in Goa Will your grandpa give money? You only bring me know Even don’t have money to
buy one bottle then he wants to go to Tour wae are also the winners
of the lucky contest….. ……conducted by Green Park
Resort and Green Fm we can enjoy 7
days in Resort when will we win that? One of my friend given
me from Green FM This is the coupen You got coupen also? Noone win that contest But we must go and enjoy
without any expenditure But there is nothing
to see who told to you? A good climate..sometimes
will get wild meat also This is beautiful resort
near Ashtamudi Lake when we will go there? let’s go now itself yes..why not? If so, our jeep with
song sing by you… song for what..? is must In travelling song
is must Guys..are not coming? I will surely sing we will suffer it… dude..come here
what happened? You take the vehicle
I want take rest lets’ go you got it I’m very hungry anyway it is very
good Is there noone here? Oh God..what wil happen here Beautiful place I think they will not give But this is not fair, if have
this much facilities This is outside….
we are going to in… whose…? someone is coming he is like owl with bindi welcome sir
welcome I’m Balan Kammath,
the Resort’s Manager Take this
thanks thank you This grass is for me.. Welcome Sir
please come I want to go Help us to take
that bag I heard this dialogue
somewhere else please wait for me..
wait for me… wait for me what is the matter brother? Trecking,safari,Camp
fire with Music we are providing
like these We also providing something
in small amount… without disturbing anyone.. Brother, small
amount means… we will tell like
that only That is the instruction
from Management if like youngsters
like you.. but we allow in
small amount yes..we will allow But that girl’s matter
remove from your mind Take this SIr Kaumudi you bring
them to their room Is it Kamuki.(Lover)..? not kamuki..
she is Kaumudi this girl is…
for us.. go with her good children Oh my this van
get into my body beautiful why are you coming late? I will bring key Take fast Your name is Kaumudi, right?
yes Sir Nice name These people will make a
problem here also You only told here
will get wild meat It will get Anyway..celebration
will blow up Sanju,they came for
our time pass Dude..our entry
is correct who will give the entry
of this tour package? Not only the entry
timing also correct Don’t look there..they are
not good people correct ..correct .. Do you know before them?
No…..never let’s go my phone number is what are you both doing? You try to be decent
like me Dude..please move
I want to get in Sir, 2 rooms allotted
for you we want… who is staying that quarters? Don’t look there sir.. One mother and their 2
daughters very dangerous people Kaumudi are
you Tamilian? yes..but I know Malayalam
My native place is Kambam so it is Kambam.. not Kambam…
it is crackers Very dangerious Denni.. May I go.. Thanks for coming Where are you going?
go inside… get in get in Dude..close the door
yes yes Other wise he’ll
run from here very nice..not expecting this
much.beautiful what happened to him? hello.. why are you sitting here?
so what man..? what so what..get up
from there.. 1…2….,3, what is this? Did you take
only underwear? I bring only this you take other
dress,right? No..we’ll that also oh my God ! My dude..Am I forget…? You are real friend
pour it.. for whom..? If anything left over after
me you drink it Actor Mohanlal saying
not simply like.. Miser always
be a miser Mammukka is also said don’t
send sand to Rajasthan stop you stupid.. saying
by Madhu sir what is that..? Don’t tell anything by
Actor Vijay should be afraid… My Kaumudi… Don’t waste time..
pour it dude will be boozed
by drinking Everyone says that …
regularly use medicines Saya… Saya… Saya… go inside mom..I.. only obey what I said Dude…I like it go inside man you will take from me.. This is the reason for
rape case in Kerala correct how can leave
without touching? who want to touch ? you….? I want…not only touch… want to kiss me..? sweet boy who is this item? This is very difficult
to get it Celebration just started
balance is more…. come on..welcome I’m Balan Kammath, this
Resort’s Manager in charge Thank you I’m Daliya from Chennai I’m co-ordinate the programme
conducted by this resort ya..ya Sir told about
this through phone You are the Private Secretary of
Krishnam Menon Sir,right? yes,I think I am in
right time vedenkidi..Venkiti…
coming sir Mdam your room is ready
please come with me ok Yes sir.. Take this luggage and
keep it in ma’am’s room ok sir go with her Oh God …. give
me control if we can’t meet
each other…. my mind is saying
she is beautiful Not she only..there are 3
persons you saw the items for
drying it, right? Yes dude. 3 are in
3 different sizes please look dear Ajmal P E, a big miser can’t you neatly dressed up? get lost..go from here His pride because of getting
free drink thank you thank
you very much please leave it..let it dry Its full of holes…it shoot with
bataan tank? Are they put it? lover…disappointment
lover… hanging legs Laila exists
without Majnu Majnu exists
without Laila oh my god what a handsome I will broke your thing.. don’t do..don’t do Bloody’re going to take
cinema with mobile what…? don’t tell like that This is my passion Denni you won’t be
an actor with… by seeing Vijay’s movie
and this mobile For that luck
is needed I want to see her I’m eager to
see her Is love this much
beautiful..? I can see through
my eyes.. Hello..what happened Love at first sight, right? without seeing
that properly I can see her
through my eyes who is she..? in my
my my thoughts… It have visual logic… You check who is
knocking… Time is going..They called
may be to check… we are here or not we are 3 gents know, they may
be think something else Especially You.. It might be my
Kaumudi go bastered who are you? I’m
service com cook Here don’t have
any problem… In Night…
night…? what you want to eat
in the night? then afternoon..? That restaurant
will provide I want wild meat Sir,That is not
available here Now you give what is
available here. not like that sir. what you want to eat,
we’ll prepare for you.. Chappathi, Fried rice, Meals,
Kuboos, Tandoori Fish wild meat fry.. Anything will happened..? close the door and
go inside man My god this called
celebration? Eat, drink and sleep… What are boys are them..?
what a change in lifestyle? They are new generation..
what is his….. It was a bad
experience You only told to buy
wild meat from here Not me..that is him me..? why did we buy this? You will get its curse are in full
set up, right? Hello Sir..what you want? 4 set of Chappathi and
chicken chilly All are ok with it..? Its enough for you..? enough..enough..
ok thank you sir bring fast They are coming..where will
go they are there leave them..look there what a person you are? Good afternoon sir Good afternoon
Good afternoon Sir,meals ready
to eat bring fast.. You can bring.. what you want..?
nothing.. Dude… It will not
be right come store room
if anyone see… 6 meals and 4 set chappathi
take fast… Chappathi will be delayed
have to preheat very good..there have
only 3-4 group 2-3 families will
come now. You are wasting
time with him Preheating chappathi is
not a big problem.. than deliver 8 babies Its no need to
deliver chappathi Pappa… well done Thankam… what is the matter sir? You give birth to 8 babies.. Don’t praise her…
praise her husband why..? I told you many times.. what Pappa? You should restrain
to the gusests Pappa…me
shut up what is the problem? Whatever it is tell me.
We’ll solved it. In which matter
you solve it? 4 years ago her mom
went with a Tamilian who came here for
enjoying the vaccation Can you solve that? After that incident I’m scared
when every season came Pappa, you don’t worry
I won’t go like that Vigneshwaran
come here Kaumudi is our child. we know her very well she will not go
like that Chapathi is ready
to eat Aviyal, thoran, Kitchedi
which one I have to make? First you make
some curries after that I will name it will get its cow dung.. you eat that get lost If you go Bihar anyone
make you as curry, I will kill him Hello… please tell me
wait one minute I will come now.
where are you going? He went to follow her ya ..I many times
I called you I came in the morning he is going like a dog Yes..want meals, right?
yes ok Your plate also have don’t tease me move there..
You bastered.. This is the reason for refusing
meals and escaped from there what I will drink tonight? what happened..?
nothing we roaming here all this resort It is better than sitting
idle in the room how beautiful here nothing like that You went with that Dalia,
right? After that we didn’t
see you Did you go for searching
any wild meat? Not for wild meat…
My stomach is upset shame… that’s why I came here You need that You enjoyed by looking
all girls before meals. right? take that why are you looking here? Today my outing is finished have to drink 2 peg,take bath
and sleep Did you start new habits? not only him..
you also changed damn it..power s
hut down brother..please switch on
the solar light he obey us
mom… dude..
what… go man..
This is only for me only you…? my dear… ok sir will inform sir What you said it about cash ok..ok who is in the phone? That manager..he is asking
about the programme why did he search all
this by giving the ticket… …..for enjoying 7
days here..? where is Linto who went for
taking the beer? Did he trap in their hands? for what… who is there for
disturbing me? yes..coming Denni..please open it Good morning Good morning Look our Manorama came My daughter is it..? is it..? But can’t recognized If you want to
go outing… like trekking, swimming or
sight seeing… If not interested these,
here set a special meal. whoever not going out,
all they came for lunch..? they.. what they will eat? If so, we also there
for lunch See you on lunch Sir.
Ok Kaumudi. with pleasure
ok… Daughter..come on yes… go dear.. what happened to him..?
Is he mad? stupid…..lost it what happened..?
nothing Hey..Did you smoke
anything? I can see her whom…? what is this..?
He lost his….. what happened to him..?
poor boy Are you finished this? How can reach him
in his house? hello, I’m sanjay we’re staying in that
cottage who is this dear? who are you..? I
didn’t get you? I’m Sanjay Staying in that cottage for what..? we are staying nearer..just
to know each other Aunty is from
Kottayam, right? I’m also from Kottayam where is in
Kottayam? Pambaadi hmm ..sit here Thanks Aunty Anything else ma’am
No thanks we was in Chennai we are here since 2 years This is my elder
daughter Sandra Have it
Thanks aunty where is uncle? Pappa was in Air force When he is in service…. I’m sorry….
really sorry Its ok.. After that we
came here That time we won this
trip from FM contest we just want to change
the atmosphere why didn’t you sit in room
instead of going for an outing? But Mom doesn’t… why Aunty..? If you don’t mind, I’ll go for an outing today
afternoon with my friends.. Sandra may not come
Not only that.. How we’ll come with unfamiliar
people like you..? Where are you Sanjay
in Kottayam?
Pambaadi where is in Pambaadi? From Pambadi Junction
turn to south and North Is it North? East from Rubber
Plantation Our Oomenchandi sir’s
house’s west side Tea is very hot what is his programme? This is the time
for a song is correct, but in this
song have only me and she But don’t want backgraound
dancers? All that we can
apply in climax. Otherwise what about
item dance? what ‘s the need of
item dance..? Just close the door after
entering the room, right? How beautiful is
this nature? …like jasmine flower when will fall the
drops of mist…. I and she is alone here Director can decide the dancers
in the background who is that? Anyone in that van? let us ask by stopping it? Anything happened?
come and check will it became a problem..? may be…. They are coming… didn’t they sleep at night? Battery thieves..
is your aim is robbery? yes..robbery is your
father’s profession. please anything
left init.. what will do now? Nothing to do it..
move him.. You take our vehicle then..?
will go to resort.. in resort…?
There is no way for this Devils already saw us ya…if he died here, we’ll
be the culprit come It is clebration.. Move him there He is looking like
decent fellow leg..leg Oh my god He finished the bottle.
Did you search that also? If he is drink heavily, didn’t leave
his hand from steering. He is driving now Look..they are coming Anyway he slept.
Get down him fast. Oh my God !
He is very heavy.. hold him who is that? Didn’t he slept? Is this you..?
yes This is….? This is Sanjay’s uncle.
He drinks too much what..?Is this our
Krishnamenon Sir? yes.. Is he Sanju’s uncle? yes..yes Its and uncle come
for enjoy here,right? Can you took him to Cottage or
Did we help him..? what ..?quota of sir..? His quota is he
became like that.. I told about Menon sir’s
Cottage… He told to us Yes ..on the way
he is telling that till he faint He told many things
about you…. Is it..? He is very much
fond of me. He believed only me in
this resort. ok..can we move there…?
ok let him sleep our
cottage today. ok.. be careful not
fall down in water. stop there… Anything left in
his bottle..? Little bit left..if uncle ask for it,
I will tell you took that, ok…?…I don’t want
you may go Now too much
cold is here You want to get
him out… you wan to do that? go and sleep… Will adjust with the smell of
liquor..what I will do? Hold him properly without
fall in water. if he fall, will troll him
in the morning Ministers telling all Bar
is locked.but… ..they get the liquor
in correct time oh my god… Look, they are bringing him
into their room Open the door fast.. move..move.. do fast he is walking with
slow motion Is anybody see this ? careful..don’t break put him leg straightly remove it..your own uncle when he is in conscious,
that time only tell anything we’ll tell him what
happened there Dude..drink by
adding water.. If he didn’t change from his
unconscious stage.. what we will do? I don’t know
what will do? Three of us will be
in trap That is sure thing Let’s wait till morning Poor fellow…you can’t see how
your uncle is sleeping? enough… Sanjay,someone is there
come..come… what is the matter? who is that? May be that mad girl some people coming not
for celebration… but for other
purpose… something wrong… Our celebration will be finished
when he will be ok come on… That is fairy…
ya..correct Take this that mad girl.. Denni please check
who is ringing? Denni… Denni… get up look there… It became a big
problem He is missing where is he..?
look under the cot whatever it is check
who is there? Good morning sir
Good morning I called many
times Yesterday was little over, right?
yes..yes It is coffee….
enough They have some purpose
for coming as three unless, did they take a room
in any lodge of village something wrong
somewhere Is Vigneswaran know
he was here…? then go to toilet
and think Sanju..come here come come fast I think they are
his family ya..may be how did he reach there? Are they relatives
of him..? You are in judicial
service , right? yes..yes..30 years I started as public
prosecutor Finally became highcourt
division bench After that I resigned as
voluntary retirement. Now I’m going with this
resort and other …….. who were in your family? All were there. I decided live alone
after the partition If I want privacy,
I’ll come here whatever it is..
if lives alone.. I have lots of opportunities
but I choose this Knowingly or not I am
the reason for the …. lonliness of other people That’s regret…. why Sandra is not telling
anything? nothing uncle then..I’m leaving
ok I have an estate
near here I want to go there A formal visit in
sometimes do like that…
ok.. Thanks for the coffee Uncle…Here have a band team’s
programme in night see you that time
ok..ok Bring Sandra also
ok Good morning Father I’m here in the resort ok… Police…
vehicle also came Jamal Hussain how many days you
will stay here? .. some days.. for some business
purpose Benjamin Sir told me
about the relation… between his father
and you Now he is the only person
asking about me. can go.. If anything help,
I’ll call you ok
ok..Thank you Not for us..
They went. why did they come..?
go and check Dude..ask him let us surrender
come why did police come. ? My friend’s son
was DYSP here Now he is in Kottayam I have some childish
behaviour They came in search
of me we scared sir OK thanks…for bringing
me here I’m tired..I want to sleep
little time Ok Sir we’ll make more familiar
in the evening yes..yes..
ok I knew the incidents happened
in yesterday night Balan told me
everything we don’t know you are
the owner of this resort. ..without considering
your age.. My age don’t
take seriously are not
that much aged You can add me in your
celebration? ok..
ok..sir Thank you Dude..My soul relaxed now come… Saya… I’m searching you
in the morning. for what..? Do you remember your
actual place in Kottayam? Not that… someone having coffee in
the morning with you..? That is Krishna Menon Uncle You lying he is
your uncle, right? There is no way
to tell like that.. in yestday’s situation This resort is
Menon’s uncle Name-Krishna Menon
Age- 55,… ..retired Judge I know that.. He is the owner of kingdom
of business spreading here.. How do Sanjay
know this? Yesterday night I
checked his purse I just check for to
know who is he? what happened
to Sandra? She have an affair
while her study.. One Mr. Rahul But he is.. After flopped that affair..
she became depressed After that she…. why did you late to sleep
yesterday? what happened? I was watching a movie. which movie..? 22 Female Kottayam How’s new generation
Fahad Fazil’s movie? The story of a man, who
lost his …. Our china girl
is coming Hi Sandra.. Where is Sanju..?
hi.. hello Dude… where is he..? I’ll not leave
you without telling ? where is he? leave me Sanju..come here fast She is trying
to rape me Sandra.. Sandra.. what happened..?
I don’t know anything Take and bringing there Anyway you stand here
I will drop them in cottage fast we came this resort for
weighing the weight of all? Is she Nagavalli’s sister? you stand here..
I will come back ok..when she is in conscious,
give kick to her head She is violent yes.. she is mad… check it Hello .. Someone is waiting
for see you who..? One Pisharadi Mythri Pisharadi.. Are they reached
here? where are you going? Pisharadi..
who is that? come..will tell They came we are there… He is waiting for you
long hours ago we are talking long time
because he is an advocate S..Sir told me ..about naughtiness of you and
your friends’ what he want to tell? Nothing come sir Don’t make me a fool Your wish will not
work here is he your relative? You didn’t tell anything
about like this person You don’t know me..
I’m from Chennai An old company You come sir..
let’s talk there for what..? They also should know
your smartness. Didn’t you expect
me here..? you come sir leave me..
come sir where are you bringing me? Do you want to kill me
by drowning water..? Its only left.. I searched for you
since 4 years ago I can’t do it You both should look
after everything when Sankaran sir
was alive i will give some
days for you maximum one month Within that you should come
after complete everything Anything left…? whe you’ll….tell the excuse to
this Pisharadi You should understand
one thing, The case against
cheating is…. the same IPC in
Kerala and Uttaranjal I will finish my work in
proper time This is promise otherwise….we will miss
everything for our aim… I know that I will be in Kerala
coming 1 month Not here ..It is in Mythreyan’s
set up what is your problem? Why did Advocate come
for searching you? what is the realationship
between you and him? If it is not a secret.. Are
you allow me to hear? Nothing Sir.
some doubts.. My friends are asking
about that like police But I didn’t see anything
Police system? we started our friendship with
him since last 4 years But we never see
like this person we’ll share if any
problem is there But he is something
hiding from us we want to know that thwen how can tell we
are friends..Sir..? only 4 years completed Before that another
Dennis is lived That he couldn’t tell
that A lots of changes will happened
in one man’s life. In those times, I’m searching
for some faces After that I got these
2 best friends … are you don’t speak too much we are not interested
to hear that You should know that..Long
years ago.. I reached in Chennai with
the help of one of my friend He make ready a job in
new music company.. ….named Blue Magic
in Chennai I was a good drummer.
The company assigned me to compose an album It had to be completed
within 3 months and did agreement and
bought advance also I reached in Trivandrum
for shooting and….. make a subject for it But even after few
months I couldn’t… find a good topic for it Not only finished my
pocket money … but also the agreement
period I couldn’t pay back my
money to company…. so I migrated to Chennai
from Trivandrum. But company didn’t
leave me Company asked the advance
amount 3 lakh rupee with … its 5 times compnesation The couldn’t find me,so
the company will took action.. …against the person who
gave me that job Mythrayan came for getting any
way for escape from that…. He gave one month
period for that… If can’t pay the money
within one month…? I will accept their
punishment. Why you didn’t tell
me about this? we don’t have money
even for food… how can think
about lakhs..? You have one month
time, right? Let me try to contact
with that company. Then will decide the
problem to be solved Why all are you
looking far..? Nothing… Is this not a
award film..? You came here for
celebrate,right ? Uncle celebration just
started only… There is enough time
for that.. when we all will celebrate… this child is standing
away from that… That is my only sorrow who told Sandra is
not included in it? In all celebration
my sweet sister will come along
with us…. she must have
to come.. This is not a field..
bu my heart.. Its not a rice- buds
but burning wish.. then you take my liver… its not river…celebration
is full…. I can understand
your feeling I will give how much
money you want… Don’t even have a money
for buy an underwear…. then how can think
about crores? get lost man… Otherwise I will kill him.. good idea… and I will go to jail
for you… If so, I will
also come Give that glass and check
who is there? Pour little more also what a greedy is this..
finish it.. Don’t break the door
coming…. Sir… come inside sir Dey..sir is coming sir…sir… Can I join your
celebration? why not sir… can you drink
with us…? All are coming here
for celebrating sit here sir..
give to sir Take another glass no problem…
let it be… Thank you cheers I heard someone
is singing here That is Denni I just recite a poem But our Sanjay is
very good singer. not like that.. The last day of
this package… Sanjay will sing
and dance me too.. If you want I will sing
an old song… Oh my god ! what happened..?Anything
wrong with me? Sir, didn’t see my
dance, right? Denniss…. There is a big relation between
liquor and poem…. Moral Police can’t do anything
this immoral traffic what you are saying
is correct. what correct..?
yes dear… The realtion between
liquor and poem are forever and honest and it is not a rumour
or forcing by someone Denni, what is this ? You can sing as
you like it who forced to you ? You are right Some relationships are
like that, Sanjay for example.. I came to this resort for
celebrating this vaccation.. ..but now I’m standing
here..right? but sir.. That is the matter
I told If anything happened to
me in this resort naturally you also
will suspected… we didn’t understand
what you said it what will happen to you
in this resort? Are you afraid of anyone? yes It is in between my
service and now…. I know death scared
me here also very good I can smell it Thanks for the drink You go to bed.
See you tomorrow. good night please hold me we are in his resort.. He is telling …he’ll
killed by someone He don’t have that much
capacity like me we saw your capacity..
like a bat… Did you tell witness
against….? Advocate sir is coming Johnson killed his
business partner… ..Sreekumar for
money. IPC 302..hanged by the
neck till death Correct sir..
let it be.. go from here dear… Hi Sir Sir, didn’t sleep
till now? No.. Your new project’s
plan is very good. It is giving little more
benefit to resort… let’s walk..
sure sir come on we’ll discuss afterwards
about the …. implimentation of
this project ok sir But sir..this programme’s
full credit…. goes to Jeeva, in
Green FM Are you free
tomorrow? Attend that oh No..its ok Jeeva will come tomorrow
for see you They have many ideas
to discuss with you… Ok I will be here then see you tomorrow
good night Good night sir I will sing another song stop it man.. People like you will spoil
the value of music I didn’t learn music
from musician I can this much only If I have a big tank
like this in my house, …I will become
a big singer Look Deavadas
is coming Finally his liver will be
damager after drinking come….if anything
will happened..? what will happen? Your love…
go man.. May be it will
expired soon what a plan was…7 days
celebration…, wild meat…how many
expectation are there…. But finally I have
to satisfied.. by seeing your bath come…I’m
very hungry Eat..making love..don’t you
have another job? Give me the towel..
take it Here I’m managing
you both How are you dudes? I leave him..otherwise.. For what..? Do you want to get
anything from them? Here no water and
no grass….. Someone’s good time Look there..
very good Can’t you see there is
2 couple is sitting? Let them love
as your wish…. If know the room
number,we can… see and enjoy
its balance They want that thing..?
what..? That thing with you shame..bring him
come here Are you waiting
me long time? No..I’m watching the
beauty of this resort . Here is very beautiful Fantastic construction
work,right? I’m doing as Jeeva said Don’t have any
doubt about that? No..we planned
correctly till now I’m doing this for
trust on you You don’t worry You will get good remuneration
for helping me I want only that
promise.. but…I didn’t understand
your purpose Rest of the life want to settle
in European countries… Heaps of money.. Every day starts with
a new celebration… Sir will search me. Let’s go to Menon Sir’s
Villa. Good morning sir
Good morning … Daliya told about you… Jeeva is telling about our
resort’s construction… It took long time to
complete construction You are a designer too I like very much
this place I heard about you.. Daliya told more
than that Is it good..? About your business Its correct.. But now I’m thinking
no need for this My 4 months pregnant
wife’s death….. hurt me too much when
I was Prosecutor. I undertake all this
after her father’s death sorry sir…I memorize
your old stories… Now I’m thinking this
all for somebody else.. Without having a
legal heir I want to go
to somewhere You carry on.. Make a plan about pending
matter of project yes After that we’ll discuss.
Sure sir. ok…
ok… ok sir we understood from
the words of others… there are many people
lived before us.. They showed some
proofs. The beauty when looking
through eyes is different Please don’t disturb me If this is disturbance.., we can’t enjoy the
beauty of this nature Mutual relationship. may be friendship or
blood relation… whatever it is… we know that more
in this world mutual relationship is
not aware of the world it destroying it I’m not standing for
thnking deeply… for forget everything try to understand
my mind Do you think you’ll get
relief from that? You begin to love by holding
the old memories…. It is a different
experience It helps to heal your
injuries automatically and can forget
everything That day..I unknowingly… I’m sorry phone is ringing.. who is calling in this
morning? It is that manager why did he calling now? That peope did anything wrong
against us..? No…they don’t have time
for that.. All of them are busy
with their romance.. why did he call? He wants to know
about our programme. Look there… Don’t you have shame
for fishing? she has your kid’s age, right? get lost… Hello sir Anything wrong here…? No sir..his sister is mad..
telling about that If you are free ,we’ll go to
somewhere tomorrrow… Sure sir..we’re free then see you tomorrow. ok sir Didn’t you search anything
about that boy? No sir Sandra also not
interested in that. once she cheated by him..
again… ya… this age we
can’t trust anyone You can think about
another proposal? She is isolated after
that incident… She changed a lot
after came here. that what happened dear? I’m scaring.. what is this..? Palace..can’t you see Many orphan kids
are here Father Dominic is
relief to them I will give my part
of income donating… like this orphanage
and children. I’m living for
them only good morning Father Praise the lord Praise the lord I’m searching of you Here budget become
vacant The donation to the god
also delaying. Its ok father..I will arrange
tomorrow itself I’m proud of you
asking about this Many people are coming here
in the name of charity They want publicity by
taking photo with kids what are new things
are there know..? Face book and whatsaap yes it is..they want to know
how many likes will get..? They didn’t understand
thes kids are…. lost their happiness I forget father… They are my intimate
children I tthought acquaintance them
with father,when came here happy to see you In this age you are company
with these people? That father… Its good Our mind became young, All are telling my character
is like children….. what about Jancy’s
condition? No change My only relief is you will be
here after my death we can’t leave you
like that You should be here
along with us…. I have only one wish I want to see her son
Christopher I want to give
Jancy to him we can find him He will come in search of
me at any moment. Jesus..may see him Do you want to
see Jancy? hmm come on You should reach resort
in the morning. I’ll be here ok ..good night welcome sir.
how are you? fine sir When you transferred from here
you forget us Our changing polital parties
are playing on us. If today is here, tomoroww
in another place. wherever it is, we should do
our duty honestly. Normally, the incident happened
in the house same as in Niyamasaba People can see that
through channel.. Leave it..which is sir’s Villa?
I want to see him. he is in that
old cottange. That will not give
to outsiders how are you man..? Your drinking is
little bit more..? I became aged.. sir I’m living by doing
some other works No sir..He is like a zero
ie….without change You are lucky because sir is here
otherwise zero will show you… Jamal you back to station,
I will call you later. ok sir You are not a zero If you come I’ll show you
percentage I will …
get lost.. right..go back..bak…. go anywhere Hello sir
have a seat.. thank you I remembering my old friend
when you are coming… Now you are looking
weak than last time Last time means..before
one year.. when you called at night,
I thought something urgent she became grown
up now. Sir is telling I’m
a small girl. Some doubts
may be real But one thing sure.. He is here itself I don’t know what is
his purpose. Let me check. I will also with you in the
coming celebrations. Don’t see that
Vigneshwaran. You give to me If Menon sir will know this
he will dismiss me. You leave your job.
I’ll give you nice job. Work in the kitchen… drink slowly…your liver
will damage That is fake.. Somras for Deva
Brandy for Humans that much only give it.. Is this your job here? when celebration discussion
is going on there…. are you drinking here? Sir, I came here because he
called me,don’t complaint I will complain ….till he get out from here get lost.. It will finish now If you want take one we will give complaint later. he have readymade glass He is telling simply..
give one more I like the person is vomitting
when he is drinking with me why? liquor will be left over Its like an open bar
which is locked before Are you going to
open the bar..? Let’s go and drink
from the bar first you finish this finish this Hello..
what is your decision? I’ll come I want little more time. Some works have
to finished My coming days
is in Chennai. who called you..? That Mythreyan for settling the cash as
soon as possible what will do for it? relax dear… Let’s discuss with Menon sir. Are you mad..? how can ask him
this much money ? what Dennis told is correct. we’ll go tomorrow
from here… .. into our problems and
difficulties.. If will get Chicken Biriyani
everyday…. sir… sir… what happened here? Don’t know anything.. No one is not telling
anything clearly.. Rumour is that something
happened to this owner Krishnamenon sir They are like insulting us
after inviting… please forgive to us We can’t allow anyone to
go outside .. without the permission
of Benjamin sir please tell sir..what happened
to Menon sir? These Police didn’t allow
to go to his room. we are ashamed in between
this guests.. we can’t tell anything to them Tell me sir..who is responsible
for Menon sir’s death? Daliya is working with him since
many years ago,right? Do you know about
his other enemies? I don’t know..No one.. So….you are the man
behind this dirty game. come Are you familiar
with this Jeeva? Yes..he is the marketing
head of Green FM I and Jeeva co-ordinated the
tourpackage of this resort. Only that much familiar…? Sir told us to plan the new
business proposal. Our Marketing plan was
successed here. Sir gave a strong support…
that much only If I tell you also supported him
for planning this murder…. No sir..I don’t know anything ok..I will tell what
happened here Mirash Swiss Business
group in Chennai want to capture
this resort For getting that they offered a
good commission.. But Menon sir is not
interested to sell this So Jeeva decided to
accompany with Jeeva for getting
help for that… Daliya fell in that trap. When Menon sir is
not agree to sell this.. ..they decided to kill him This is the only solution
to you… This is happened
here, right? No..I don’t know I didn’t do this
You said it right But..I’m not involved
in this murder… Sir… Daliya told the truth I only did this murder.
yes… she is innocent.. I want to know from
your mouth. I know you only
did this. But one question
is left Jeeva… why did you do
kill him..? tell Mr.Jeeva Tell fast bastered… No Jamal..Jeeva will
tell now.. I didn’t think to kill him.
but it happened… Is it happened..?
Is this not a planning? This is a resort and not
a police station. Don’t irritate Jamal.. I will make him to tell will make…
shut up If can’t require a resort, how
will reach in a murder… I can’t believe this If I tell this murder
is a revenge … of a court’s judgment
long years ago Tell Mr. Christopher.. That old boy, who went out from
Father Dominic’s orphangae I want to hear your
interesting story till get that fake
name Jeeva In the record of the orphanage
have your other name.. very interesting… so tell me what is your motivation..? for what..? In our small world including me,
father and mother… Criminal Lawyer Krishna Menon
distroy our small world when he killed my father’s
friend in front of us ..he accused my father as
murder of that crime He was happy about my father’s
court judgement , hang till death Father Dominic protected
me later why are you sitting
away from them? I want to see my parents They will come soon
to take you.. come These children are
like you… Look their face..
are they sad..? If anything lost in
this age.. we should make a powerful
mind to get anyhting Go and play together come I want to kill him.. He ruined my parents. I will
find and kill him at any cost I am always with you Firstly we have to
escape from here jump from here I came out from the
orphangae with the strong revenge
against him That time there have a man
for helping me as God.. With his support,through my life
I recognized one thing Menon is out of
my thinking After long years..
in search of him I realized that Menon took
voluntary retirement and undertaking his
business If I tried to reach him… I can’t get anything more
about him.. But Daliya came for
helping me Even this resort is
not famous..,we planned a contest in this
resort for that.. I can finish him
before this.. I know he scared
about his death… That is my need I came here to see
him with….. the memories of
my lost parents … But before that.. he killed by someone should find
his murderer But surely he also have a
painful lonliness story Great… interesting story.. You are very smart to
perform a story what do you mean..? Don’t tell like cinema story
of father, grandpfather… In father Dominic’s
orphanage… the boy left by a woman
called Jolly… when he grown up and telling
this story in front of me… she left in your 10 years and
married another man look she your
mother..? you tell that.. She is the mother of Christopher
in your story Christopher who came out
from orphanage with you.. She is Jancy… then..why did you
kill Menon? For money or your
intimate friend..? say… where is Christopher?
Yes… I’m Christopher yes sir..Jeeva is
Christopher Jeeva told me
everything shut up..move there where were you yesterday
after the programme? we have a unit yesterday. Are they did this? shut up Christopher is here
itself Menon sir’s killer Kaumudi, this is the person
saw yesterday night? I didn’t see clearly If know that
tell to him Menon sir is our God You saw this rascal
yesterday..? I didn’t see clearly because
of darkness… An innocent father hanged till
death by a fake case Mother is paralysed… lonliness in childhood Anyone can think
this revenge But he regret about
his mistakes.. and he is doing atone… He give to her a good
treatment in her severe condition and bring
to her a new life He searched everywhere
her lost son.. for forgiving and to
return his mother we can’t bring back
whoever missed.. He regretted too much about
his mistakes.. Without knowing this..
a programme planned.. in Menon sir’s resort in the
name of FM contest the master plan
of this murder … is greatly done
byChristopher.. Is this your purse..? No.. yours…?
No.. you….? Is this your purse, right? is it..? Thanks for the drink go to bed… good night is this not your
purse..? Mr. Christopher… yes… I’m Christopher I came here for
killing him I lost my father and mother’s
love in childhood… I came here for years of
revenge against him I did this drama
for this But the revenge of someone
everyting broken down Everything lost Jeeva and Daliya come
for helping me he killed by someone someone is there you move there nothing happened to
these people leave them Jeeva will look
after my mom But I didn’t understand he
is protecting my mom Everything was
broken down Everything was lost.. Not broken..broke
by somebody Mr. Christopher became
Dennis now.. when reach your advocate
Pisharadi.. half of your plan
was missed.. His unexpected arrival
is obstruct your ways In your drunkard
condition, Sir got… anyone of your purse… Sandra bewailed when
she saw something in front of Menon sir’s Villa He doubted because
someone of you come for taking that purse But he can’t recognize
the owner of that … purse in 3 of you For assuring that he
bringing you to father’s Dominic’s
orphanage.. From there he understood
that you are…. Christopher in 3
of your group Father told us about
your secret arrival for seeing your mom who is there? For assuring that sir told
me to come here…… Pisharadi is taken
by my people I have pending to do
years of revenge…. without keeping any
evidences I will come You come fast here otherwise it will become
a big problem if couldn’t
save him,right? I couldn’t kill
him also Now I don’t have
its pain because he suffered too
much as he can… for giving protection
to my mother… if he regreted
his mistakes… I may be forgive him He got punishement
of his all sins He have a lot of
enemies like me… If you should
find his killer otherwise you can
blame me… I will suffer… I will suffer… Jamal
Sir.. Hello.. Do you want see the
killer of Menon sir? You can punish me
for my mistake But God took the life
of my wife and … the baby who can’t
come by birth. Now I’m doing penance
for my mistakes. I searched for you
and your mother But I find only Jancy. Now I’m telling
sorry for everything If you can forgive
everything… It will remove my all
guilty feeling Now you are the owner
of my all wealth I will not blame you You are the helpers
of him ,right? You thought I had gone.. Sir, don’t tell
like that You are my all… You can allow these
guest to go out We have some
formalities.. I want to take these
3 in station… you forget it Like this celebration
never happened.. This is my request. ok sir.. Jamal..let them
go out All of you can go dear son… we are going to
make a get together with bottle …and
celebration Is it Rum sir..?
keep quite.. we are ready for
anything may be someone’s
marriage celebration when you come this
resort for celbration finally you steal the
manager position if you go with
anyone… my daughter will not
go like that.. you sing that song sir..that song by me…
ok hear this…

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