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Man Claims They Were Only Married For One Day (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may
be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
McKinney v. Davis.
Thank you,
Jerome. Good day,
everyone. ALL: Good day. Ms. McKinney, you are here
to prove to the defendant, Mr. Davis, that he is your
biological father. You say, after your
mother’s tragic death, and two recent
medical scares of your own, today’s results have become
more important than ever.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Davis, you say you are
certain that you are not the plaintiff’s
biological father. You claim you didn’t know
that she even existed until
a few years ago, and claim another man
raised her, and he is her
biological father.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. McKinney, you say
today’s results mean
more than ever. Please explain. Yes, Your Honor,
since I have got diagnosed in 2015
with ovarian cancer, I felt the need
that I need to find out who my children’s
grandparents are, so if, I passed away, I just want them
to have a family that… Loves them. JUDGE LAKE: I understand. How long have you
believed that this
was your dad? Well, my mother
told me, that her ex-husband was,
Michael Davis, the defendant
is my father. Er, also family members
have told me, that Michael Davis
is my father and also my
birth certificate
reads that Michael Davis
is my father. So… So your name
is on her
birth certificate? DAVIS:Yes, Your Honor.JUDGE LAKE:So, you did
sign her birth certificate?
get there? Er, she had to put it on,
her mom had to put it on
’cause I wasn’t, I wasn’t even around
or even with her,
when it happened. I didn’t even, like I said,
I didn’t know I even
had a daughter. MCKINNEY: I object. She never even explained to me. I object. Back then,
they were married. So by law, back then,
if you were married,then that’s your child.JUDGE LAKE:Then you
are the legal father
to a child born
in the marriage.
DAVIS:Well…Pretty much,
that’s what I was told. JUDGE LAKE: Yes. And you are correct.
I did not realize that
they were married at the time. So that shed light
on the situation. So, it was your
that during the time you were born
they were still married. MCKINNEY:Yes.JUDGE LAKE:And so…They lived together.
My grandparents bought
them a house. Because they were
pregnant with me,
was what I was told. JUDGE LAKE: All right, so, Mr. Davis, you were married
to Ms. McKinney’s mother
how long? One day. Well, I was with her
for one day. JUDGE LAKE:What!DAVIS:Yes.MCKINNEY:Y’all lived
JUDGE LAKE: You were married
for one day? MCKINNEY: But they
lived together. Tell the court what happened.
What are you saying? What I’m saying is the day we got married
I took off, and we got married
and I had to go back
to work. And so, once
I finished my shift and I went
back home, my house
was dark, and when I entered
the house, and… I turned
the lights on,
I… Acknowledged my wife
and two other guys, she’d been in bed
with two other guys. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Did you just testify that
on your wedding day you came home,
to find your wife, in the bed
with two other men? Yes, Your Honor. MCKINNEY: Can I speak
for my mom? And was that the end of your
marriage at that point? At that point,
I left. And, uh, I left, and I went to hot springs. I realized that
that thing was not
gonna work out. Because, the thing is that,
you know, I didn’t agree
with what she was doing. And so I left. And I didn’t see her
no more after that. So when was the first
time you met Mr. Davis? The first time
you met him. I found him, when I was eighteen. I was dating a young man
and one night he asked me, uh, we were
talking about family, he was like,
“Let me see
you birth certificate,” I let him see mine and he looked at me
and was like, “I know your mama
and your dad.” And I was like, “I don’t know
my father, I never met him.” He was like, “You wanna
meet your dad?” And I was like, “Yes.” And they called Michael
and told him that there’s
a young lady here that’s got a birth certificate
here with your name on it.And he asked them,
“Well, who’s the mother?”
And they said
Antigone. So the next day,
they came down, and we met. JUDGE LAKE: And so how did
that meeting go? Describe what
happened to the court. They embraced me
at first,everybody accepted
me at first,
as me being
his daughter.
And like a couple
of years after that, it just faded. I felt like when
my grandmother died, his mother, in which she also believed
I was his child.After she died
he was like
things changed.
Like all of a sudden,
I’m not like your daughter,
you tell other people
that I’m not your daughter,
but you tell me, you didn’t know at first,
you had doubts,
but then you knew yourself that
I was your child. JUDGE LAKE: And so, did you feel a connection
when you saw Mr. Davis
for the first time? You said you all hugged.
It seemed like they, embraced you. JUDGE LAKE: I know.
Just take your time, honey. At that time,
I looked at his mom
and his daughter and it just felt like
I looked just like them. I’d felt like
I had met my dad! Like everything had… Erased. I felt like I had
met my dad You submitted
the pictures
to the court, Yes, ma’am. Tell the court
who’s in these pictures? JUDGE LAKE:I see you.MCKINNEY:YesJUDGE LAKE:And that’s
Mr. Davis’ other daughter.
And when you saw
that picture you felt like,
I look just like her. Yes. But this is the first
time I felt that way. You also submitted
a picture of you, and this is
Mr. Davis’ mother. Yes. And you feel like
you saw a resemblance
there as well.Me and my
grandmother was close.
You were? Yes. And she
accepted you? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: And so,
when this meeting
happened, Mr. Davis, she said that she felt
at first that everybody
accepted her. And then
it just faded out. Do you remember
this meeting? DAVIS: Yes, Your Honor. I remember
the meeting. And truly,
I accepted Amber. But, a lot of times
you know, as children coming up,
you know, they listen to a lot
of stuff that they don’t get it
from the horse’s mouth. They get it from
somebody else. You know,
and I told her,
you know, get it from the horse’s
mouth, which is me. Don’t get it from
nobody else… I didn’t get it
from nobody,
I got it from… JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Okay.
But don’t talk in code,
tell me what do you believe
she was hearing? And what did you
tell her instead? What were people feeding her?
WHat were they telling her? A lot of people was feeding her,
from what I heard, that I was
her daddy. But a lot of people
didn’t know, what was going on
back then to make me feel that
I wasn’t her daddy. But I accepted her
regardless of that. You know
a lot of people, they get in your business
but they don’t know
your business. JUDGE LAKE: Right.
Did you ever, say to her, “I don’t know “whether I’m your father,
your biological father or not?” Or did you just allow her
to believe it at that meeting? Your Honor, I never,
I never did, explain it to her,
and her reason, I just… They tell me
that another man
had raised her. But I never have
met this guy. JUDGE LAKE: Who raised you? MCKINNEY: You know him. Y’all used to hang together,
Roger Williams is… He raised me. So anther man
raised you? to make me feel
that I wasn’t her daddy. Did he also believe
or were you ever told
that the other man could also be
your biological father? MCKINNEY: No,
I put that in my head. Roger never
told me that. Always, it’s always been
Michael Anthony Davis is your father,
from everybody. Even other men that’s
supposed to be the father, they always
say Michael Anthony Davis is your father. But Mr. Davis, you believe
that this man we’re speaking about,
Mr. Williams, could be Ms. McKinney’s
biological father. Your Honor, I’m not,
I’m not sure about that.
I don’t know. I really don’t know. They didn’t get together
until I was two. There’s only one way
to get a straight answer. He’s here, so I’d like
to talk to Mr. Williams. Jerome, please escort him
in the courtroom. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JEROME: I’m gonna have you
sit up right next to the judge. JEROME: Watch your step. Mr. Williams, thank you
so much for joining us today. I have a few
questions for you, regarding the paternity
of Amber McKinney. You raised her.
She testified that
you raised her. Yes. What’s the nature
of your relationship
with her? I was, I’ve been there
ever since she was born. I was there
in the delivery room
with her mother. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE LAKE: Did you believe
you were her biological father? What did her mom tell you
about her pregnancy? Well, after
we’ve been
together, and maybe
about six months, into the relationship,
she told me she was pregnant, Did her mother
ever tell you, you were her
biological father? No, her grandmother said
something much before. JUDGE LAKE: And what
did she say? That she looked
like me. JUDGE LAKE: She said that
she looked like you. MR. WILLIAMS:Yes.And when her mom
had problems and I left,
you know, before she
was about to… When she was
about eighteen, she lived around the corner
from me, and we didn’t know it, and we reunited
and we’ve been
together ever since. I still treat her
like she’s my baby,
you know. Mr. Davis, you brought
a witness today,
I’d like to hear from her. Ma’am, will you
please stand? State your name
for the court. Shauna Davis. You are Mr. Davis’ wife? Wife. Yes, Your Honor. All right, I thank you
for being here, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: You are well aware, that she asserts that
your husband is her biological father. Yes, Your Honor. When were you first
made aware of Ms. McKinney? Um, in 2000,
we got a call, from Amber,
and then we set up
the meeting, date and time whatever,
we went and met up,
and we never I never even doubted,
all we went by what she said
was on her birth certificate, that’s all I can do,
you know… She was already here,
what else can I do? And so, from then on,
even until now, she’s ours. Well, you’ve been
in this courtroom today, so you understand,
that your husband
has testified that he does
not believe he is Ms. McKinney’s
biological father. MS. MCKINNEY: Why you say that? Just a couple of days ago
you told me something
different. That’s what
really hurts me. Like… Stop lying to me. Just tell me
the truth. One day you say
“I believe it is,” then, “I don’t know,” then… You ain’t never,
not once told me you felt like
you wasn’t my dad. We never doubted
that she wasn’t
his daughter. DAVIS: Amen. There was no doubt. And you said, “Amen”? Yes, ma’am. Because, why? You say amen
when you agree. Well, But your testimony
is opposite of your wife’s. And at this point,
I know how you
feel, Ms. McKinney. I am here now
bearing witness, to the confusion
and the… I mean, the polar opposite
conversations and statements
that are being said, and that’s
emotionally traumatizing. And that’s why
I run away. That’s why
I leave. JUDGE LAKE: And all
you really wanna know… MCKINNEY: It’s not for me. Can I just say this? JUDGE LAKE: Yes. It’s not
for me. I wanna know for my kids.
What if I’m dead? Where they
gonna go? (CRYING) I have, I have first
stage cancer. What if I found out
it was second stage? Third stage? What are they
supposed to do? I understand that. And you deserve
the answer. JUDGE LAKE: As well
as your children. Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: I have those
answers for you. Jerome. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. In the case of
McKinney v. Davis
When it come to Thirty-two year-old, Amber McKinney, Mr. Williams, you… Are not her father. (SIGHING) JUDGE LAKE: The next result
reads as follows. In the case of
McKinney v. Davis,
it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Davis, you… Are not the father. (SOBBING) DAVIS: Amber… (CONTINUES TO CRY
UNCONTROLLABLY) Hey, we’re here
for you. SHAUNA DAVIS: It’s okay, baby.
We love you. DAVIS: Amber, we love you. I’m sorry, for putting you
through this. No. You have nothing to be sorry about
in this moment.
Nothing. JUDGE LAKE: Nothing. Nothing. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You were told
something as a child
consistently, and you needed
to know if it was true. I know this is difficult.
And I know this was not
the answer you expected, but at the end of the day,
you at least have the truth. JUDGE LAKE: Take care
of yourself. Take it one day
at a time, and know that
you’ve done nothing wrong. And everything
that has happened thus far, although painful, has lead to the progress
that we’ve made today. And we’re gonna make more.
One day at a time, okay? Amen. I want you all to go
talk to Dr. Jeff. I want you all
to talk about how to move forward, how to stay in contact. I hope you all see
this young woman
needs your help. And I hope you will
continue to be there for her. JUDGE LAKE: Okay? I wish you all the very
best of luck. I’m gonna check on you
all right, Amber? Thanks. JUDGE LAKE: Take care
of yourself. Court is adjourned.

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