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Man divorces his new wife 15 minutes after being tied together in marriage

Man divorces his new wife 15 minutes after being tied together in marriage

A shocking incident has occurred at a wedding in Dubai. A couple has gotten a divorce fifteen minutes after they tied the knot. The groom had reportedly asked for the divorce after his brides father insulted him by demanding for the bride price at the wedding. The groom had agreed to pay a bride price of Dh100,000 (N9,814,000). It was gathered that the groom had agreed to paying half of the bride price Dh50,000 (4, 907,000) and pay the other half later. The groom kept up the end of the bargain but the brides father grew impatient and asked for the other half. Family and friends of the couple who had accompained them to the Sharia judges office to witness their union were left in shock after the groom demanded for a divorce. The groom who was insulted by his father-in-laws demands had told him he would go and get the money in his car and bring it to him, but the older man refused, asking him to either pay or send a friend to retrieve the money while they stayed inside. He felt insulted and embarrased by the series of demands and called off the marriage fifteen minutes after signing the contract. According to the lawyer who handled the case, the groom had stated that he was no longer interested in the lady. He said: He told the bride’s father that he did not want his daughter as his wife and divorced her in less than 15 minutes from signing the marriage contract.. It was gathered that despite the fact that it was strange to divorce 15 minutes after marriage, the incident was not the first to occur in Dubai. In 2012, a groom had divorced his bride because the father demanded that she be allowed to work after marriage.

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