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Man finds his wife’s wedding ring amid wildfire ashes

Man finds his wife’s wedding ring amid wildfire ashes

a man was stunned to find his wife’s
wedding ring amid the rubble of his home after it was torn down by the California
wildfires Jake Olson described the discovery as a miracle as he his wife
and their three children thought they had lost everything in the devastating
blaze as well as their home in the city of Paradise mr. Olsen’s parents home and
his in-laws house were burned down he was sifting through the remains of the
family home with the colleague when they found the ring which his wife had left
on a counter mr. Rolston said I just didn’t think we were going to find it
but we had to try she told me where she left it so it’s pretty cool earlier in
the day the Fish and Wildlife Warden helped to evacuate a retirement home
gramming for pensioners into his truck after finding the ring he called his
wife and told her it’s something he added you can’t understand it until
you’re here because you can’t fathom it in your mind
it’s too much to take in friends of the family have since started a GoFundMe
page to support them with the fundraising surpassing $20,000 fifteen
thousand five hundred pounds in less than 24 hours more than 6,700 buildings
in Paradise including the hospital were wrecked by
the flames the death toll from the destructive fires rose to 23 on Saturday
as more bodies were recovered there is little hope of containing the flames
soon as the National Weather Service said strong winds and dry conditions are
expected throughout the weekend mandatory evacuation orders have been
issued for more than 52,000 people in the area

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