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Mark Hamill & Carrie Fisher – Star Wars Celebration Europe | press conference 2013

Mark Hamill & Carrie Fisher – Star Wars Celebration Europe | press conference 2013

[MUSIC PLAYING] -2013 is the 30th anniversary
of “Return of the Jedi.” So this is a nice time to
celebrate the legacy of “Return of the Jedi,” which is not
only the conclusion of the six films of “Star Wars,” but it’s
the launch pad for everything to come. “Return of the Jedi,”
one of my personal favorite movies. But without any
further ado, I do want to introduce our special
guests if they’re ready. We’re going to open the magic
door and see if they’re ready. They don’t need any
introduction at all, but of course I’m going
to intro them anyway. Please welcome– well, some
stormtroopers as well– but please welcome Carrie Fisher
and Mark Hamill to the stage. Please welcome. [APPLAUSE] Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill. Come on over, guys. Yeah, come sit down. Whatever you want to do. No Gary? -No. -OK, well I’m going to get you
a couple of microphones here. I’m going to make sure
these are working. We do it nice and formally
here, as you can tell. -Very nice. -Is this on? Check, two. There you go. There you go. That’s for you. -OK. -So, welcome to Germany. -Thank you. -Yeah, welcome to Star
Wars Celebration Europe. Of course, you’ve both
been here to Germany many times before
for certain events. I know Mary Lou backstage
was telling me a story. Back in 1980, promoting
“The Empire Strikes Back,” you were here, I believe. Is that right? -Yeah, we were in Munich. And then I went to visit
an actor, Siegfried Ralph, who was in “Big Red One,”
in a little town in Bavaria. And Nathan’s first film
was Disney’s “Peter Pan” dubbed in German. With dialogue, [GERMAN]. I still remember that. It was weird, because
when there’s a little kid and he knows the story and
all the German dialogue’s coming out of the
mouth, for a while he thought he spoke German. He wasn’t really sure. He was very confused. But he’s better now. -So you’ve both now become
veterans of Star Wars Celebration, having appeared
in Orlando and other places. And certainly, you’ve done
a lot of Star Wars events. What is it about Star
Wars Celebration– -This is my fifth. -This is your fifth? -Yeah. Two in Florida, one in
England, and one in Japan. -Wow. OK. So this is your fifth one. And they’re obviously
very special– -Have you stopped counting? -I– I have no idea. How would you remember that? -I just remember because
Japan and England were exotic. And Orlando– -Was not? -Well, unless you’re– -It was hot. -Well, Disney World. There’s that. And there’s the park where
there’s the Harry Potter ride. -I thought we were a ride
on– I felt like a ride, I know– on Star Tours. -Yeah. Oh, that’s right. But that wasn’t a celebration. -Lets just go through
our memories now. -Well, there was the
“Last Tour to Endor” in 2010 at Disney World. I remember. Yes, Star Tours. I was there, yeah. -Was I there? [LAUGHTER] -I’m not joking. I don’t remember. -We’re going to ride
it, and they said, can we film you
when you ride it? And we said, no,
we know it’s going to turn into a commercial. -Get all the crazy faces
with gravity during its work and screaming and bumping. Yeah so– -There’s no dignity there. Don’t ever let yourself be
filmed on an amusement park ride. -Especially if you’re one of us. And I don’t encourage
that either. -Yeah, that just turns into
a GIF on the internet, right? Then an endless loop. -Everything turns
up on the internet. -That’s right. That’s right. So tell me, this is
the 30th anniversary of “Return of the Jedi,” and– -It is? -It is the 30th anniversary
of “Return of the Jedi,” 2013. Oh, and there’s a fly
here to celebrate. -That’s how old we are. -Swooping like vultures. -Do you have any fond memories
of “Return of the Jedi” now that you look back
and think about everything that’s happened. It’s been such a whirlwind
of fans and a legacy– -It was called “Revenge of the
Jedi” when we were making it. -Yes. -Right. -And then somebody figured
out, wait a second, Jedi’s don’t have revenge. -And it’s a negative thing. -Very negative. -It was so negative. -He had to save it for
“Revenge of the Sith.” -Was that a revenge thing? -Well, he loves that word. Because it’s a proactive word. -It’s good. -But you know what it felt like? It was the wrap up. It had this feeling of closure. Beginning, middle, and end. And there was a feeling of,
like, clearing out your lockers and finishing up. It was sad, in a way,
because you would never see any of these people again. -And here we are. -Why am I seeing you again? Oh, we’re here, that’s right. -So, did you ever
think back in 1983 that you would be here doing
a press conference in Germany? -Yes. -You did? Oh, good. -I knew that I would
be, and it made me sad. [LIGHT LAUGHTER] -I hope you saved up some
good anecdotes for 30 years. -Well, I’m psychic. And so remember, the whole
time we were making the movie I said, this is going
to be hilarious 30 years from now when we’re both
sitting on a stage in Germany. It was terrible, having
your memories early and then living them. It’s not a good thing, I
don’t care what you’ve heard. -And being escorted up
by stormtroopers, yes. -I knew that was
going to happen to. -You did? -Mm-hmm. -Well, it’s been really
amazing backstage seeing everyone together. And we do have a lot of people
here from “Return of the Jedi” that we want to have
join you on stage for a photo op for all of you. I think this might be the
first time in 30 years that there’s been
seven of you here, with Ian McDiarmid and Warwick
Davis and everyone here. So, really excited to get
everyone else on stage. I know you guys
have a lot going on. I’m sorry, you we’re
going to say something? -No, no. I was just scratching my face. -They’d rather hear
from you than hear from me, that’s for sure. -I don’t know what’s going on. -I don’t know what
I’m doing up here. But yeah– -Are all of you German? -Where’s everyone from? How many people from Russia? -Oh, OK. -How many people from Germany? -OK. -UK? What else, Mark? What else? -Australia? -Australia? -Spain? Canada? -Ireland? -USA? Oh, OK. -Wow. Amazing. -Supposedly everybody’s
happy that the Germans beat Barcelona? Is that not true? Somebody just told me backstage
that the Germans are all in a good mood because
they won in futbol. -I can’t make sports jokes. That was yesterday’s news. Today we’re all friends again. -Already old news, is it? -So you’re German then? Is that it? -No, I’m Spanish. -Oh, you’re Spanish? OK. -Oh, so you’re not happy. -I support Real
Madrid [INAUDIBLE]. So I’m happy. -Oh, OK. Good. -You seem happy. -We’ll put an end to that. -Well, listen, I know
you guys have a lot to do and you’re very, very busy. I want to thank you on
behalf of Lucasfilm, on behalf of all the fans, for
making the time to be here, for answering my questions. It’s a good thing I’m not a
huge “Star Wars” fan or else I’d be nervous up here. Oh wait! So thanks, you guys. -Thank you. -And we do want to have a
little bit of a photo op. So I want to invite some friends
up here so we can do that. And then I know you
have to be on your way. But thank you so much. -Thank you. -Thank you, everyone. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. the introduction of Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher was a shame: starship trooper puppets as if they are cartoons instead of persons.

  2. Yeah it's funny how everyone says when a person gets old wow does he look old lol. I have yet to see anyone get out of death it's coming for us all.

  3. Mark and Carrie are the best. They're so cool, they're a little meaty, yes. But hey, humans are made of human meat so if they weren'r meaty something would be pretty wrong. 

  4. God, I love these two but it's so depressing watching this. Mark just got heavy but poor Carrie…she's a shell of her old self. She's not that old but drugs, booze, cigarettes and plastic surgery completely changed her. Her mom actually looks younger the last I saw. Getting old fucking blows!! Thankfully I don't look in the mirror much or I'd realize I'm a bigger fucking train wreck than the two of them together.

  5. Holy crap! She looks terrible. PLEASE tell me she's not going to wear another skimpy outfit looking like that.

  6. I like that Mark just walked away from the glam of Hollywood so what if he looks old he should they both are old we all get old no one ever beat father time. He's just a regular guy who played a spectacular role as Luke Skywalker. It will be great to see Episode 7 I think it will be great because Disney took over after all if it wasn't for Walt Disney movies wouldn't be where they are today with the special effects and sound.

  7. I'm glad I wasn't there. Holy shit haven't seen anything more awkward in a long time!
    It's like the two actors didn't really wanna be there, the host didn't really have any new subject matter to talk about… and I think the audience was struck by a bit more reality than they wanted.

  8. I don't understand why so many people complain about the audience.
    This is a PRESS CONFERENCE, not a fan panel.

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