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Market Basket worker, 80, gets lost wedding ring back after it fell into bag

Market Basket worker, 80, gets lost wedding ring back after it fell into bag

7/917:02:34 any more produce? For more than a year now? 58:46
Oh, bags and everything ?Janice
McGuire has been bagging
groceries at this Market Basket
in Lowell four days a week. 58:42 thank you, have a good
She says it’s changed her life. 8:35 what happens is you sit
there and you think, 8:39 oh
what will I do
today? Oh nobody cares what I
do. I’ll just sit here and watch
tv.’ NATS bags She admits she
may love it a
little too much?and can often
bag a little too quickly. 9:22 I don’t know what made me
look down, but I looked down and
I had nothing there. Only my diamond,
no wedding band and I said, oh
my god! I think my wedding band
fell in a bag.’
Distraught didn’t begin to
describe it. 9:43 I was uncontrollable
10:02 I was a mess all weekend
You see, Janice, now 80, is a
widow. She lost her beloved Donald six
years ago this month. 11:47 we had 53 years when he
passed and I thought, well now
I’ve lost everything.’ Days went
by and despair set in. And
then six days later? 10:37 I
said, did anyone happen to turn
I ring?’ and Britney said yes!’
anonymous customer had come forward. 14:54 gives you faith in
humanity, it really does Janice
will now wear the band on a
chain until she can get it
modified?because she has no
intention of slowing down? 11:04 I just can’t
get over it?11:08 doesn’t it do
something for the season? ?and
suspects her late husband helped
bring it back. 12:37 and I’m sure I’ll hear all
about it some day Julie Loncich? 10/ 17:7:29 they’ll probably
want my autograph tomorrow. Haha! WCVB NC5.

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